Photographing The Sky Stone

Yosemite Petroglyph Parking Area

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Amazing Indian Petroglyphs. Petroglyph: a drawing or carving on rock, made by a member of a prehistoric people. Great Photo Opportunity to capture these artifacts as well as the landscape. Close opportunities for hi.

The Sky Stone Petroglyph is one of the coolest paces to discover and see. I have a small obsession with petroglyphs and prior to visiting, had heard rumors about the petroglyphs in this region.

The directions to find this are hard to come by and it's a little difficult to explain. That being said, we were able to find them on the first try at night, so it's not too hard. The exact coordinates for the Petroglyph are (37.415139, -118.468384).

Coming from Bishop, CA head North on US HighWay 395 toward Mammoth. After only maybe 6 or so miles Turn right on Pleasant Valley Dam Rd. For climbers, this is the way to the PIT campgrounds. Continue on this road for a few miles until you come to the point where the Owens River/Creek crosses the road. There will be a hard right-hand turn onto Chalk Bluff Rd, which will turn to dirt. Climbers, head this is the way to the Happies climbing area.

Now, it becomes a little more challenging to explain. The parking lot for the petroglyph is a small pull out; the coordinates are (37.411335, -118.465908). It is a mile before the Happies climbing area parking lot. From there the trail is across the road and goes up and left up the hill. Hike up and once you are on top of the ridge head along the boulders for about 200 yards. there will be some boulders that form a corridor, go through those then up onto of one of those corridor boulder is the Sky Stone Petroglyph. This will be an adventure, but a low impact one. It is a hidden gem and well worth the trip if you are in the area. Please don't abuse the ancient art work or damage it by walking all over it. Use Leave No Trace ethics.

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-Water-Camera Gear-Snacks-First Aid Kit-Friends

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about 1 year ago

Coordinates not cool

Please remove the directions and GPS coordinates. I understand The Outbound's premise but this is a holy site and it's vulnerability ought not be your prerogative. Keep the fun of finding it the old fashioned way alive and help keep the petroglyph safe.

about 1 year ago

about 1 year ago

Please Remove This

The Bishop Chamber of Commerce and the Bureau of Land Management have actively been trying to keep the location of lesser known petroglyph sites (i.e. excluding those on the BLM advertised "Petroglyph Drive on Fish Slough Rd.) off of popular webpages in light of recent thefts of petroglyphs involving rock saws, and have even gone as far as asking bloggers to remove the exact location of the rock in order to protect it from possible vandalism. While I feel that these sites should be shared, it should be in a way to protect these, instead of shouting it to the masses. It's fine to share the location with trusted friends who you know won't harm the site, but please consider before you post a very detailed description to its location on an easily accessible and fast-growing website where people with malicious intentions may find it.

about 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Attempted to go the other night-- some information you left out would have been helpful! I.E., how far do we go down the dirt portion of chalk bluff road before the turnout? Exact mileage would have been more helpful than coordinates. We ended up going to the Happies parking lot and then backtracking for a mile on the odometer. Additionally, the ridge is STEEP! While it isn't tough to climb if you have no fear of heights, the trail is somewhat difficult to see at night, and your above description doesn't accurately depict the intensity of the climb. I certainly wouldn't call it "low impact." We ended up turning back as we didn't have proper footwear and ended up with shoes filled with sand, and we deduced that the trip would take longer than anticipated. We plan on trying again during the daytime!

over 1 year ago

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I am a professional photographer/Film-maker based out of the beautiful state of Utah. I have always loved being able to create. From luxury furniture to adventure films. Creation is a huge passion of mine as well as the outdoors. Anytime I can't mix those two together, I am thrilled! You can find my work at and in social media @threepeakfilms

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