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    Top Spots in and near Spain

    • Torla-Ordesa, Spain

      Hike the Ordessa Valley Loop in the Spanish Pyrenees

      11.2 mi
      About a 4-hour drive from Barcelona lies the Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido. This incredible jewel of a park is definitely off the beaten path from the more popular destinations in Spain. There are a handful of different hikes in the park, the most popular of which, el Camino de Soaso,...
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    • Barcelona, Spain

      Take in Views at Bunkers del Carmel

      After you unload off of the bus stop, you begin to climb the stairs and ramps that lead to the top of the Bunkers. Once you reach the top, after the short trek, you are welcomed with a complete 360 degree view of the city. There are many places to sit and chill with friends up there for it was o...
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    • Monistrol de Montserrat, Spain

      Multi Pitch The Gorros, Montserrat

      4 mi
      The famous Montserrat mountain has it all.  With climbs varying from easy single pitch trad routes to big sport multi pitches, Montserrat could keep a climber entertained for a very long time. Upon dry, barren landscape is a towering, large, and beautiful mountain with endless rock formations. Wh...
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    • Madrid, Spain

      Run in Parque del Retiro

      2.8 mi / 200 ft gain
      El Parque del Retiro is one of Madrid's largest parks, located just east of Madrid's triangulo de arte and la Puerta de Alcalá. Home to many fountains, grassy meadows, and the iconic Palacio de Cristal, it's a lovely place to explore any time of year. Locals frequent the park in the afternoon, an...
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    • Santa María de las Hoyas, Spain

      Hike Senda del Río Lobos in Cañón del Río Lobos NP

      10.6 mi
      It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park driving from Madrid. Along the 200 kilometers between Madrid and the Natural Park, little towns in the region of the Sierra Norte de Madrid can be spotted from the car, such as La Cabrera and its granite massif of Paleozoic origi...
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    • Celorio, Spain

      Hike to Playa San Martin via Camino de Santiago

      1.5 mi
      You know those videos you see of people scoring epic waves in picturesque destinations with empty lineups. I can't promise epic waves but this adventure surely promises the same getting-lost and off-the-beaten-path feeling as surf videos represent. The journey starts in the small, deserted, beach...
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    • Sallent de Gállego, Spain

      Hike to Punta del Pacino

      5 mi / 2000 ft gain
      If you've ever been on an adventure in Europe you'd know that there is an overwhelming amount of trails and routes for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, climbing, and via Ferrata-ing. If you've never been, now you know.  While I would personally recommend a backpacking trip between the refuges am...
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    • Asturias, Spain

      Bike La Senda del Oso

      11.2 mi / -1640.4 ft gain
      Travelling and discovering new places to enjoy with my family is one of my hobbies. I love when you get to places and discover landscapes you would not imagine. That happens to us in Asturias, wich is placed in nort of Spain. This state combines the beach and high mountains in a short place wich ...
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    • Valtierra, Spain

      Bardenas Reales de Navarra

      24.9 mi
      Following the trails that are suitable for cars and the route can be loop, out-and-back or point-to-point, as wished. A military zone with no fence but marks should be avoided.The park can be traveled by walk, Segway, bicycle or by car. Cars can only travel on allowed tracks. Although it is possi...
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    • Queralbs, Spain

      Hike the Vall de Nuria via Coma de Vaca and Camí dels Enginyers

      14 mi / 5000 ft gain
      From Queralbs you'll be making a right turn at the harping left turn up towards the town of Queralbs. There'll be signs for Coma De Vaca. Drive down this road for about a mile where it ends at a parking lot called Daio. The parking lot in itself foreshadows the beauty of this hike with mountains ...
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    • Madrid, Spain

      El Retiro Park

      The "Central Park" of Madrid, Spain, this enchanting park is known for its regal ambiance, and rightly so, as it was once the personal gardens of King Philip IV, when he started "El Buen Retiro Park" in the 1630's. From then on it continued to be inherited by Spain's kings and queens, and was mod...
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    • Bizkaia, Spain

      Rock Climb Galdames, Basque Country

      This climbing area has about 50 routes ranging from 4c to 8b (equivalent to 5.6 to 5.13c), but the crag is extremely picturesque and secluded.  All routes are sport and the rock is barely-used, sticky limestone. The Approach: From the main highway, A-8, exit toward Ziebena/Gallarta.  Follow signs...
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    • Oviedo, Spain

      Backpack El Camino de Santiago (Primitivo Route)

      190 mi
      El Camino is one of the most popular treks in the world. While there are a number of different routes you can embark on for this trek, I recommend the Primitivo route as it is a bit more challenging, and has both fewer people and beautiful views. This route technically begins in Villavicosa, but ...
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    • Zubiri, Spain

      Hike to Pamplona via Camino de Santiago

      13.5 mi
      Departing from the beautiful and welcoming Hotel Txantxorena, we connected with the Camino de Santiago at Calle 4 to loop eastward before diverging off the village roadways. Zubiri, Basque for bridge, did not disappoint with several pleasing river crossings to adorn the 25 km walk southwest into ...
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    • Pamplona, Spain

      Explore the Riverside Walk in Pamplona

      6.5 mi
      The Riverside Walk carves through several different areas of the large city of Pamplona. It starts at the lush gardens and fields of La Magdalena and continues on for nearly seven miles paralleling the Arga River. The path connects several parks and offers wide river bends for fishing, as well as...
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    • Zarautz, Spain

      Surf Zarautz

      Zarautz is located in the basque country of Spain. It's roughly 30 minutes east of San Sebastian. Zarautz is a very popular summertime destination, but the waves really pick up in the fall and winter months.  This is a fun beach break with peaks all over the beach.  The wave is relatively soft an...
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