The Best Outdoor Activities in Colombia

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Trek to La Ciudad Perdida (Lost City of Teyuna)

Colombia / Ciudad Perdida Trail

La Ciudad Perdida is a stunning and challenging 47km hike deep in the Colombian jungle to a remote ancient city perched on a steep mountainside and surrounded by dense tropical rainforest.

59 Saves

Hike Valle De Cocora in Colombia

Colombia / Valle De Cocora

How to get there: From the nearby town of Salento, 4WDs leave from the main square whenever there are enough people to fill it.

24 Saves

Climb the Rock of Guatapé

Colombia / Piedra del Peñol

The most popular attraction near Guatape, you can pay $18,000 COP to climb the 740 steps up to the top of the rock.

21 Saves

Visit Guatapé

Colombia / Guatapé - Antioquia, Colombia

Guatape is a vibrant town of craftsmen and artisans a short day trip from Medellin.

14 Saves

Explore Barichara

Colombia / Barichara - Santander Department, Colombia

Barichara is a sleepy little town outside of San Gil. Wander the cobblestone streets and walk out to the viewpoint on the top of the town for magnificent views of the valley below.

9 Saves

Explore Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Colombia / Castillo de San Felipe De Barajas

Reaching the Castillo is easy. Just a short walk from the walled city (where most people stay), you can explore this fortress that protected Cartagena for centuries.

8 Saves

Walk the Camino Real from Barichara to Guane

Colombia / Barichara - Santander Department, Colombia

The Real is about a 10km hike, beginning in Barichara, and ending in the town of Guane.

6 Saves

Hike to El Cabo de San Juan

Colombia / El Cabo de San Juan Trailhead

There are multiple possibilities to start this hike, to combine it with longer treks and to stay overnight.

6 Saves

Hike and Swim at Balneario Pescaderito

Colombia / Balneario Pescaderito Parking Lot

The start of this hike is ~2 miles from the city center of Curiti. Once you get to the start of the hike, you will see the first swimming hole (and you might see some locals playing around here).

3 Saves

Hike to Pozo Azul

Colombia / Pozo Azul Starting Point

This hike starts on the main road, passing through the town.

2 Saves

Hike to El Pueblito

Colombia / El Pueblito Trailhead

There are several ways to master this hike, as a point to point hike from the main road or as as out and back solution. I will describe e point to point hike from El Cabo out to the main road.

2 Saves

Hike to El Aguacate Beach

Colombia / El Aguacate Hike

This is a fairly easy hike, the biggest hurdle is the coastal heat and humidity, so make sure to bring sufficient water! The hike starts at the soccer field in Capurgana.

2 Saves

Hike to Laguna Verde

Colombia / Laguna Verde Trailhead

The hike starts at the official parking lot at 3600m altitude. From here you start your hike and walk 6km uphill winding through the hills up to 4000m altitude.

1 Saves

Hike from Capurgana to Sapzurro

Colombia / Capurgana

Start your hike in Capurgana at the soccer field. Take the road that leaves at the corner between the soccer field and the right side of the airfield strip to walk towards the North.

1 Saves