Hike to Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs

Utah Three Forks Trailhead

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This up to 10 mile round trip hike (during the winter due to road closure) leads past 3 scenic waterfalls to Diamond Fork's natural pools. Try to get to the springs early if you want a smaller crowd – be ready for nude bathers.

When you hike out to Diamond Fork aka Fifth Water hot springs, get ready for an amazing experience! The lower fall is visible from the main pool. If you want to continue to go further up the creek, you will run into the second fall, which is the most photogenic of them all. There are also two pools en route to the second fall. If you choose to continue a bit further, you’ll run into the last waterfall.

While in the pools, you can move around to different parts of the pool to adjust the temperature. The water in the pools is clean, but does have a slight stench of sulfur. Legally, you’re not supposed to take a soak in the nude, but be aware that some people go for it.

During the winter this is a great spot to head to. The snow is usually pretty packed down, so you won’t need snowshoes to make it to the hot springs. Keep in mind that you will need a 4x4 to get to the trailhead.

It can be accessed: get off on the state route 6 EAST towards Price, UT from I-15. Following this road until a turn off, on the left hand side called Diamond Fork Road. Travel about 11 miles to get the the trailhead.

Pack List

  • Trail Shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Snacks
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How to Get There

about 2 months ago

Really fun area

It can get very crowded during the spring and fall so get there early if you want a parking spot and a place in the hot springs.

about 2 months ago

5 months ago

Beautiful, totally worth the hike

I just did this hike twice in one week. The first time I hiked by foot the whole time, no snow shoes, and it was definitely worth the almost 14 mile hike! Three days later I rented a snowmobile and did the part of the closed road on it, then parked it and continued the trail head by foot. Again, totally worth it! I definitely recommend it, especially in the winter. They're way easier to reach in the summer (just the 2.5 mile hike in since the road isn't closed) but I think I'd still prefer them in the winter, since its way less crowded.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Worth the Winter Hike

I went five days ago and the gate was closed. It took me an hour and a half to get to the trailhead from the gate. 6 hours round-trip including the time at the pool. I'd probably consider my pace faster than the average hiker. Anyway, it was beautiful, especially with all the snow! We only ran into two other couples so it felt private and secluded. Definitely worth the time and effort if you're up for it.

6 months ago

7 months ago

Easy, beautiful, crowds are to be expected.

Easy to reach hot springs are always going to be more crowded than one might like. Diamond Fork offers many soaking areas so you can change up who you are sitting by or find a little spot on your own. Pretty, easy hike in makes this a great day trip for the whole family. Bring plenty of water.

7 months ago

7 months ago

Super fun! Beautiful location!

I have been to these springs multiple times and have really enjoyed them. The springs are really warm and multiple pools. The hike is fun. I am not sure if the google address has changed, but actually look up the step-by-step locations online rather than just putting the address into your maps app on the phone. Ours took us to the wrong place the first time we tried to go. The springs are a great place to just sit and relax at night or during the day. I had a nice picnic up above the falls as well. Great location. I would definitely recommend.

7 months ago

9 months ago

Beautiful Hike. Stunning Water. Breathtaking Stars.

Hiking the trail in autumn is a rare treat. Beautiful fall colors abound, while the river chatters below. A cool canyon breeze keeps you comfortable as you press on to the springs. Upon arrival, you will be stunned by the color and quality of the water, flowing through several pools and surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. Many pictures were taken that day! Stay late into the night, if you are able, to see the stars and watch the moon rise over the mountains, flooding the pools with an almost otherworldly light as it plays off the milky waters. While it does get crowded, there is plenty of space for everyone. Be aware that there may be nude bathers. Also be aware that officers have been known to pop out of the bushes and write tickets to said nude bathers. All in all, a wonderful experience, definitely worth a trip if you are in the area. And a special treat: if you do this hike at night, shine your flashlight up on the hills as you walk. Watch for bright yellow eye shine very near the ground. Just after dusk is when the giant wolf spiders come out. They are amazing!

9 months ago

12 months ago

Nice Hike With Rewarding Ending

It was a very nice hike. If you just follow the trail it provides some very nice scenery and a nice little river down below it. And you'll know you're getting close to the springs because the water in the river starts to become blue the closer you get the hot springs. Although I'm not sure if it's should be called a beginner level hike perhaps a little above that because I found myself a little tired at times. So if you're with kids go at a good easy pace and make sure to bring plenty of water because you will get thirsty! Oh and when there gets to a fork in the trail turn right (aka the trail that goes down :)

12 months ago

about 1 year ago

Crowded At Night

It was fun, don't get me wrong, but it gets super crowded after dark. I've done it thrice at night, from September through November, and it was crowded every time. Also, beware just how scalding hot the uppermost pool can be, especially as it get colder.

about 1 year ago

about 1 year ago

Nice Hike, Small Springs

To get there just take Diamond Fork to where it ends. The hike was amazing, the view is perfect along the way and nothing too hard. Make sure you go on less crowded time and day to "secure" a spot on the springs, they're pretty small and there's a lot of people. Overall great outdoor activity.

about 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Loved This

Loved this! The only thing was that the road up was closed due to snow so the round trip hike ended up being 14 miles. Luckily we love hiking so it went well. I'd recommend hanging out in the first springs you get to for a bit and then definitely going further up and enjoying those. Great place to go in the cold.

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Life Changing, but beware seasonal factors

Hiked this yesterday with my husband. WAS AMAZING and beautiful! I had read originally it was a hike for beginners, which I think depends on the season you go. It definitely didn't feel beginner to me and I go hiking pretty frequently. However, it's not something I would do again with snow on the ground because the roads were closed and we had to walk 4 miles to the trailhead, which almost tripled our total hiking/ walking time. Also- the winter conditions made the trail very slippery and difficult to navigate- I fell 4 or 5 times from slipping on ice. The actual hot springs were beautiful and the perfect temperature. I could have slept there for a couple hours but knowing we had a 7 mile trek back to our car dampened my desire to stay longer because it was going to get dark. I bet during the spring and summer it's to die for!

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Overcrowded with Nudests!

Way too many people there now, and many of them think it is OK to break the law and swim naked there. booooo!

over 1 year ago

about 2 years ago


about 2 years ago

about 2 years ago

Awesome hike! Beautiful on the way up and these photos don't lie. The colors you see in the water are breathtaking.

about 2 years ago

over 2 years ago

I finally went out to Diamond Fork in February this year for the first time, and had a ton of fun! There was some snow coverage on the trail, but not much. Where there was snow, it was more like ice, so on any incline/decline, we had to be very careful. Two things I would add to the pack list are water shoes, like Keens or Chacos (sometimes you step on a sharp rock, or worst, a hot water seep, where you can get burned), and a head lamp (obviously depends on when you plan on being out there).

over 2 years ago

Added by Jacob Moon

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