The Best Outdoor Activities in Cambodia

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Watch Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Cambodia / Angkor Wat

You'll want to leave your hotel or hostel in Siem Reap by 5am at the latest.

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Photograph Preah Khan Temple

Cambodia / Preah Khan Temple

Chances are the droves of tourist in Angkor will be trying to photograph sunrise at Angkor Wat. Use this to your advantage and shoot this temple first. It's best to be there no later than 7am.

Explore Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom

Cambodia / Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple was built in the 12 century and about 100 years after Angkor Wat. Bayon is in the exact center of Angkor Thom.

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Explore the "City of Women"

Cambodia / Bantaey Srei, Angkor

Bantaey Srei was built in 967 A.D. primarily of sandstone. Bantaey Srei is the name the locals call the site now. Translated this means "City of Women" or Citadel of Women.

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Find the Ta Prohm Stegosaurus

Cambodia / Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park

This little carving has become quite popular in recent years. Some think it is evidence that dinosaurs existed during human times.

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Hike the Outer Wall Trail of Angkor Wat

Cambodia / Angkor Wat West Entrance

I haven't seen this trail really called anything. The explorer in me likes to check out paths less taken. This is truly one of them. It could be that few people know it even exists.

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Explore Ta Prohm Temple

Cambodia / Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park

This is probably my favorite of all the Angkor temples. Ta Prohm is also referred to as Temple of the Jungle. Much has been untouched by Archeologist other than to clear paths through the ruins.

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Explore Baksei Cham Krong

Cambodia / Baksei Cham Krong, Angkor

Baksei Cham Krong means, The bird that shelters under its wings. The legend is that during an attack on Angkor, the king was sheltered by a large bird that spread it's wings and saved the king.

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Explore Ta Som Temple

Cambodia / Ta Som, Angkor

Ta Som is located along the Grand Circuit road after passing Neak Pean and was built in the late 12 century.

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