The Best Outdoor Activities in Chile

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Backpack Torres Del Paine's "O" Circuit

Chile / O Circuit, Torres Del Paine NP

The hike can be broken down a few different ways. The first and most popular is "W" (3-5 days), where you will stay on the frontside of the park and experience a lot of foot traffic.

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Backpack the W Trek in Torres del Paine National Park

Chile / Paine Grande Campground

The W Trek is a five day, 70k trek through the highlights of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile's Patagonia region.

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Hike Mirador Las Torres

Chile / Refugio Las Torres

This hike is truly awesome, but get ready to climb! You can park at the Hotel Las Torres, then you will see the trailhead right past the hotel, clearly marked. The hike is 11.

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Trek to Cerro Castillo in Patagonia

Chile / Cerro Castillo Trailhead

Like most places in Patagonia, the adventure begins the moment you decide on your next destination (if you don't have a car). The start of the trek is in Villa Cerro Castillo.

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Camp at Lake Pehoé

Chile / Camp Pehoe

This campsite is great as you can be as adventurous or relaxed as you would like. You can choose to bring your own tent, or they offer rentals, as well as fully set-up domes.

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Kayak the Marble Caves in Patagonia

Chile / Marble Caves Launch

Patagonia is known for its outer worldly mountain ranges, stunning blue lakes and unharmed forests, but the largest lake in Patagonia is also home to a geologic formation so incredible it'll make you.

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Hike in Bosque Encantado (Enchanted Forest) in Patagonia

Chile / Bosque Encantado, Parque Nacional Queulat

To get here: From the nearest town of Puyuhuapi, go to the Southern most point of town and hitchhike along the Carretera Austral.

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Hike to the Hanging Glacier in Parque Nacional Queulat

Chile / Hanging Glacier, Parque Nacional Queulat

Another day, another Patagonian gem waiting to be discovered! Backpacking along the Carretera Austral is perhaps the most magical experience of my life.

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Backpack the 'Q' Circuit in Torres Del Paine

Chile / Serrano Visitor Center

The 'Q' Circuit is simply the 'O' plus the 17.5km section between the Serano Visitors Center and Refugio Paine Grande.

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Explore Valle de Arcoiris in San Pedro De Atacama

Chile / Valle de Arcoiris

This is truly the definition of an adult playground. Although it requires a four wheel drive to get to, once you're there, the possibilities are endless.

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Explore Salto del Claro

Chile / Salto del Claro

Seven kilometers from Pucon, el Salto del Claro can mostly be reached by car.  From the parking lot, a poorly marked trail drops quickly to the base of the waterfall.

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Camp at Lago Sofia

Chile / Lago Sofia

Lago Sofia is a small lake just about 20 minutes north of Puerto Natales off Route 9 on Y-280. The lake is surrounded by mountains and a horse farm fills the valley where you're able to camp.

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Hike to the Top of Volcán Villarica

Chile / Volcán Villarica

Upon arrival in Pucón, Volcán Villarica is an over powering presence, a permanent, snow covered background, showing off the way it reflects the sunset and hiding when the weather is bad.

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Hike to the Top of Cerro San Sebastian

Chile / Entrada Parque Nacional Huerquehue

Technically the park does not open until 8:30.  This, however, only means that there is nobody in the office to collect the entrance fee (5,000 CLP for foreigners, 3,000 for Chileans).

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