The Best Outdoor Activities in Switzerland

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Trek in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland / Schynige Platte, Switzerland

The Trek: Words cannot describe the unparalleled beauty and scenery you will experience on this trek.

Dan Loch
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Hike Oeschinensee Lake and Blumlisalp Hut

Switzerland / Chalet Felsenhaus, 3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland

Words and photos cannot accurately depict the beauty you will find in this area.

Dan Loch
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Explore The Matterhorn

Switzerland / Zermatt-Furi Lift

The Matterhorn straddles both Switzerland and Italy and is one of the most beautiful peaks you can shoot. The summit sits at 14,692 feet, making this one of the tallest peaks in Europe.

Eric Bennett
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Hike to Surenenpass in the Uri Alps

Switzerland / Attinghausen (Luftseilbahn) Gondola Lift Station

The hike begins in the town of Attinghausen, which can easily be reached by public transport, about 1.5 hours from Zürich. You should follow the yellow signs for the Brüsti Seilbahn.

Justin Dong
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Hike over Bunderchrinde Pass in the Bernese Alps

Switzerland / Bunderchrinde Trailhead

The hike starts in the town of Kandersteg and ends in the town of Adelboden. If you want to make it an out-and-back, you can hike from Kandersteg to Bunderchrinde Pass then back down.

Justin Dong
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Photograph the Matterhorn

Switzerland / Sunnegga Bahn

Take the underground cable car from Zermatt Sunnegga valley station. At Sunnegga, take the gondula to Blauherd. Stelli Lake (look out for Stellisee) is only about 15 minutes from Blauherd station.

Luan Baruti
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Hike and Camp at Majing Lake

Switzerland / Obere Maressen

If you want to get great night views on your hike out, start at 2 am in the village of Leukerbad. There's parking at "Obere Maressen", which is also the starting point. Follow the track to Majingsee.

Luan Baruti
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Backpack to Richetlipass in the Glarus Alps

Switzerland / Obererbs

This is a point-to-point hike in the Glarus Alps of Switzerland, beginning in the town of Elm and ending in the town of Linthal. Elm can be reached in 1.

Justin Dong
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Explore Dala Gorge

Switzerland / Obere Maressen

Start at "Obere Maressen" and follow the walkway through the forest. You'll find detailled informations at a clearing just before the gorge.

Luan Baruti
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Hike the Swiss Alps

Switzerland / Bettmersee Lake

This beautiful 4 mile hike takes you past several small lakes and ponds, and offers amazing views of the backside of the Matterhorn.

Eric Bennett
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Hike and Climb the Via Ferrata de la Tour D'Ai

Switzerland / Tour D'ai, Switzerland

A Via Ferrata is a protected climbing road created in the Alps made of steel.

Talia Touboul
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Hike Laps Around Lake Dauben

Switzerland / Gemmibahn

Lake Dauben (Daubensee in German) is located on Gemmi Pass, an ancient high mountain pass that has been walked since the Middle Ages – even Sherlock Holmes walks this route in "The Final Problem"! Th.

Luan Baruti
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Hike around Crestasee Lake

Switzerland / Crestasee

The hike isn't very intense or long. You just get out of the car walk through a forest, on a small path, go past a little waterfall, over a deep canyon with a river at the bottom of it.

Hiking Along The Great Aletsch Glacier

Switzerland / Bettmersee Lake

From Bettmersee Lake follow the trail northeast to "Biel".

Luan Baruti
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Hiking and Camping on Torrenthorn

Switzerland / Torrenthorn Valley Station

This trip can also be done during daytime without camping. Otherwise you start in the late afternoon by taking the cable way (either from Leukerbad or Flaschen valley station) to Rinderhütte.

Luan Baruti
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Hike to Lämmeren Cabin and Lake

Switzerland / Gemmibahn

Take the cable way from Leukerbad to Gemmi Pass. Facing away from the mountain station (north), head left (west) and follow the track to "Lämmerenhütte" (Lämmeren Cabin).

Luan Baruti
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Backpack the Creux du Van

Switzerland / Noiraigue Railway Station

The Creux du Van is found in the wilderness above the town of Noiraigue, a 20-min train ride from Neuchâtel in northwestern Switzerland.

Jonathon Reed
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Ski and Snowboard Chateau D'oex

Switzerland / Chateau D'oex

Chateau D'oex sits at 3,100 feet above sea level in the French-speaking Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

Josh Currie
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Canyoning in the Saxetenbach Gorge

Switzerland / Saxetenbach Gorge

Interlaken, Switzerland; a city known for its extreme sports and gorgeous scenery is a European city that is not to be missed.

Michael Gabbert
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Paraglide in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland / Grindelwald Gondola Lift Station

There are few places that are quite as magical as the Swiss Alps. Towering peaks, rich culture, iconic architecture, and rolling green pastures; it's a storybook setting.

Jeremy Meek
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Hike and Climb Daubenhorn

Switzerland / Gemmi Pass

There are many Via Ferratas in the European Alps. They provide a unique way to get to some impressive places with minimal equipment and climbing skills.

Dulkara Martig
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Hike the Fründenschnur Trail above Lake Oeschinsee

Switzerland / Gondola Parking Lot

This is a day hike accessed from the mountain town of Kandersteg. It's within walking distance from the train station. You can get to Kandersteg easily by train.

Dulkara Martig
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Hike and Climb the Via Ferrata de la Cascade

Switzerland / Col du Pillon

A Via Ferrata is a protected climbing road created in the Alps made of steel.

Talia Touboul
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Hike from Bristen to Sedrun via the Gotthard Tunnel

Switzerland / Bristen (Talstation Golzernbahn)

You start this hike at the Golzern-Talstation in the small town of Bristen in Canton Uri. As it is a point-to-point hike, I recommend to use public transportation.

Philipp Salzborn
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Hike the Spitzmeilen

Switzerland / Maschgenkamm

Maschgenkamm (2019m) is the starting point of this hike, which can easily be reached by cable car from Flumserberg.

Emilie Anne
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Hike to Grindjisee

Switzerland / Grindjisee Trailhead

Nestled at the end of a long valley, the village of Zermatt is constantly dwarfed by the tooth-shaped Matterhorn.

Chase Dekker
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Hike the Almageller Höhenweg

Switzerland / Kreuzboden

Getting ThereStart your tour in Saas-Grund at the bottom station of the Hohsaas cableway. In summer, it costs you only 7 Swiss Francs there to park your car for the day.

Patrick Zurfluh
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Hike to La Bâtiaz Castle in Martigny

Switzerland / La Bâtiaz Trailhead

Starting in the Martigny town center, the trailhead is easy to find.

Kelley Dodge
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Hike in the Laggintal

Switzerland / Simplon Dorf

The journey begins in the village of Simplon Dorf, crouched on soft hills and lush green meadows under the Fletschhorn.

Hike the Bisse du Ro to Lac de Tseuzier

Switzerland / Route du Pont du Diable

The trail along the Bisse du Ro has its origins in the 15th-century Swiss villagers who painstakingly carved water canals out of the mountainsides in order to irrigate the farmlands of the Valais.

Jonathon Reed
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Hike up Gemmi Pass

Switzerland / Gemmibahn

Gemmi Pass is an absolutely stunning place, with its secluded scenery and the amazing views over the Swiss Alps.

Luan Baruti
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