The Best Outdoor Activities in Canada

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike to the Johnston Canyon Cave

Canada / Johnston Canyon Trailhead

It’s amazing how much varied scenery you see over the course of the very short 1.7 mile hike. Follow the catwalks through the canyon as the stunning turquoise water flows below.

969 Saves

Dawn to Dusk in Banff National Park

Canada / Sulphur Mountain Trail

This is a micro adventure in one of the world’s most desired National Parks. The common excuse for those who tend to skip the great outdoors is lack of time.

864 Saves

Explore the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Canada / Capilano Suspension Bridge

This is a great place to visit to get a feeling for the outdoors of Canada. The bridge is a little scary when a lot of people are walking across, but it is well worth the look.

852 Saves

Cliff Jump at the Grotto

Canada / Horse Lake Trail, Bruce Peninsula National Park

What if you could free dive, cliff jump and embark on a hundred mile hiking journey, all in the same place? Well, you can! The Grotto is a small cave on the shores of the Georgian Bay.

668 Saves

Explore WhyteCliff Park, West Vancouver

Canada / Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver

Escape to the vanishing horizon of the Pacific Ocean, where time is measured by the rhythm of waves.

648 Saves

Explore Brandywine Falls

Canada / Brandywine Falls Lookout Trail

Brandywine Falls is a spectacular 70 metre waterfall. It is best seen from the viewpoint which also presents some marvelous views of Daisy Lake and the surrounding mountains.

627 Saves

Backpack to Lake Lovely Water

Canada / Watershed Grill Parking Area

This adventure is one of the best kept secrets in the Whistler area, let alone, British Columbia. The trailhead for Lake Lovely Water is located on the west side of the Squamish River.

611 Saves

Backpack to Panorama Ridge

Canada / Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park

Take the Sea to Sky Highway (HWY 99) north from Vancouver up towards Whistler. Turn off the highway about 30 minutes before Whistler Village onto Daisy Lake Road.

576 Saves

Hike to Sawblade Falls

Canada / Harper Road Car Park

To reach the trailhead, follow Harper Road until you reach the Port Coquitlam Gun Club, then park along the side of the road. Walk past the yellow gate and take the first trail to your left.

531 Saves

Explore Crescent Falls

Canada / Bighorn Gorge Viewing Area

Crescent Falls may not be as well-known as some of the other attractions found in Alberta, but this waterfall is easily one of the most impressive.

520 Saves

Photograph Moraine Lake

Canada / Moraine Lake

Showing up at Moraine Lake before dawn is a must as to avoid the multitude of tours busses. The morning sun is subtle and magical.

513 Saves

Explore Lighthouse Park

Canada / Lighthouse Park

To get to Lighthouse Park, head westbound along Marine Drive in West Vancouver.

510 Saves

Hike to NorVan Falls

Canada / Lynn Headwaters Park

The trail starts in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. This is a fantastic day hike that give you just enough of a challenge but isn't too long.

494 Saves

Hike to the Peyto Lake Overlook

Canada / Bow Pass

Peyto Lake is a scenic location on the Icefields Parkway about 40 km (25 miles) north of the town of Lake Louise.

494 Saves

Hike St Mark's Summit

Canada / Howe Sound Crest Trail

From the Cypress Mountain downhill parking lot, head north toward the nearby chairlift and look for the Howe Sound Crest Trail sign.

491 Saves

Hike and Climb the Chief

Canada / Shannon Falls Parking

If you are hiking this spot, you can do so even as a beginner so long as you have a good fitness level. I’ve seen people do this in jeans and dress shoes, although they are crazy.

476 Saves

Explore Maligne Canyon

Canada / Maligne Canyon Trailhead (Trail #7)

This canyon, although spectacular during the spring and summer as water thrashes through the canyons, should be explored in the off-season (mid-fall to late spring) to avoid masses of tourists.

476 Saves

Hike the Plain of Six Glaciers

Canada / Lake Louise

Starting from the parking lot on the east end of Lake Louise, there are a few options you can take to get to the Plain of Six Glaciers.

476 Saves

Relax at Keyhole Hot Springs

Canada / Keyhole Hot Springs Trail

We woke up and decided we wanted to sit in some hot springs! Packed a bag with water and beer and started driving.

467 Saves

Hike the Lynn Canyon Loop

Canada / End of the Line General Store

The Lynn Canyon Loop is a 5km trail that takes you up through the dense forest before looping back along the rushing water of the river.

453 Saves

Backpack to Berg Lake

Canada / Berg Lake Trail

Mount Robson Provincial Park is vast and surrounded by the Canadian Rockies with an area of 2,249 km².

423 Saves

Explore Sunwapta Falls

Canada / Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge

Located in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Sunwapta is a short drive along the Icefields Parkway to the Rocky Mountain Lodge. You can park at the lodge and take a short walk out to the falls.

419 Saves

Hike and Camp at Garibaldi Lake

Canada / Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park

Garibaldi Lake is a huge basin of beautiful turquoise water measuring almost 10 square kilometers (2460 acres), and located at nearly 5000ft above sea level.

413 Saves

Exploring Lake Louise

Canada / Lake Agnes Trailhead

Lake Louise is one of the most photographed lakes in Canada, with reason. Many tourist walk the paved path round and head home. They miss out though.

411 Saves

Trek the Valley of Ten Peaks to Eiffel Lake

Canada / Moraine Lake Parking Lot and Trailhead

From the lake, the trail is quite easy to follow, and clearly marked with signs and maps. Follow the lakeshore west 0.1 km (300 ft), then head up the Larch Valley Trail, which switchbacks 2.3 km (1.

410 Saves

Explore Lake O'Hara

Canada / Lake O'Hara Trailhead

Hidden deep in the Canadian Rockies is Lake O'Hara, a diamond among the rough peaks.

401 Saves

Kayak Two Jack Lake

Canada / Two Jack Lake Picnic Area

Of all the lakes in the Banff area, this was one of my favorites to get out on the water.

400 Saves

Hike the Dundas Escarpment

Canada / Dundas Parking Area

Starting at Webster's Falls, this hike continues down the trail to Tews Falls and then leads to the Dundas Peak, with panoramic views of the surrounding towns, Dundas & Hamilton.

386 Saves

Explore Wreck Beach

Canada / Wreck Beach

Located on UBC Vancouver campus, Wreck Beach is the only nude beach in Canada. It is a popular destination for students and the public, and is home to the best sunsets seen in Vancouver.

383 Saves

Hiking the Howe Sound Crest Trail

Canada / Howe Sound Crest Trail

Distance: 18 miles / 29 kms. Duration: 1 - 3 Days Elevation Gain: 6000 ft. / 1800 m. Magnesia Meadows: 49.483708, -123.

371 Saves

Explore Athabasca Falls

Canada / Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls is not the biggest waterfall in the area but it is one of the most powerful when it's at a full flow and attracts many visitors in the peak visiting months (late spring - early fall).

371 Saves

Hike the Jug Island Trail

Canada / Jug Island Trail

From the parking lot at Belcarra Regional Park, follow the Jug Island Trail.

370 Saves

Relaxing at Sloquet Hot Springs

Canada / Sloquet Hot Springs

Nestled between Harrison Hot Springs and Pemberton, the Sloquet Hot Springs are a great place to unwind.

365 Saves

Hike Panorama Ridge

Canada / Panorama Ridge

It's pretty much impossible to declare one place around Whistler BC 'the best scenic hike' but this one has got to be in the top five! If you want to get a look at some of the most spectacular and un.

362 Saves

Hike Lake Buntzen

Canada / Buntzen Lake Trailhead

Buntzen Lake is located in a beautiful recreation area just north of Port Moody.

360 Saves

Explore Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Canada / Naiset Huts

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site sequestered 27 km from the nearest road. We took a helicopter in, and hiked out .

360 Saves

Camp at Maligne Lake

Canada / Maligne Lake Lodge

Maligne Lake is one of those crystal clear unforgettable places Canada has to offer. It is the largest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies.

360 Saves

Swim at Jasper National Park's Horseshoe Lake

Canada / Horseshoe Lake

Best explored on a sunny summer day, this horseshoe shaped lake has crystal clear water that is green turquoise in colour and is surrounded by cliffs.

350 Saves

Explore Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park

Canada / Vermillion Lakes

Vermillion Lakes is one of the best spot's in Banff to catch a sunrise or sunset depending on the season.

348 Saves

Hike Mt. Brunswick

Canada / Mt. Brunswick Trail

Driving north from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway (HWY 99) turn off at Lions Bay exit and park at the end of Sunset Dr. N 49.470653225392105, -123.

344 Saves

Hike Crown Mountain

Canada / Crown Mountain

You can take the gondola up Grouse Mountain and then hike from there which roughly takes around 5 hrs at a decent pace. The hike is a hard one that is a lot of up and down and a fair bit of climbing.

343 Saves

Backpack Mount Assiniboine: Sunshine Village to Mount Shark

Canada / Sunshine Village

This trek specifically covers the distance from Sunshine Village to Mount Shark. You will need a car at Mt. Shark, as there are no shuttles from that location to Canomre or any local areas.

336 Saves

Watch the Sunrise at Bow Lake, Banff NP

Canada / Bow Lake

Make sure check the sunrise time and to try to arrive 30 minutes to an hour before.

335 Saves

Hike to Nub Peak

Canada / The Nublet Trailhead

Starting right at Mt. Assiniboine Lodge, there is very clear signage for this hike.

322 Saves

Hike to Lower Falls in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Canada / Lower Falls Trail

Lower Falls is found within Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia. Easily accessible from the Gold Creek Parking lot, it is a relatively flat trail snaking along Gold Creek itself.

321 Saves

Hike to Joffre Lakes

Canada / Joffre Lakes Trail

Joffre Lakes is a well loved destination, and for good reason: it is absolutely stunning.

316 Saves

Hike Rice Lake

Canada / Rice Lake

Walk down Rice Lake Road, cross the bridge, and follow the pathway towards the park ranger buildings.

314 Saves

Hiking Upper Gold Creek Falls

Canada / East Canyon Trailhead

Once you arrive in Golden Ears Park, follow the road to the end and look for signs to the Gold Creek Day Area.

314 Saves

Hike to the Ahousat (Flores Island) Warm Springs

Canada / Ahousat (Flores Island) Warm Springs

A 1-hour boat ride north of Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, is one of the Clayoquot Sound region’s biggest attractions: Hot Springs Cove in Maquinna Marine Provincial Park.

307 Saves

Drive the Icefields Parkway

Canada / Icefields Parkway

Starting at Lake Louise, a friend and I decided to drive up the Icefields Parkway which goes through Banff National Park into Jasper National Park.

304 Saves

Hike Dog Mountain, BC

Canada / Mt Seymour Parking Area

The trail begins in the furthest northwest corner of the parking lot, by a big trail map. The start of the trail is gradual and meanders through the forest.

300 Saves

Cycle the Kettle Valley Rail-Trail

Canada / Kettle Valley Rail-Trail (Trans Canada Trail)

Top 10 Areas of Interest - from West to East (1) Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park (2) Red Ochre cliffs in the Tulameen (3) Trout Creek Trestle & The Kettle Valley Steam Train (4) Penticton's Munson.

293 Saves

Summit Golden Ears

Canada / W Canyon Trailhead

Day 1 Starting from the Golden Ears parking lot, your journey begins up a relatively small incline passing two bridges and entering the forest.

281 Saves

Explore Point Pelee

Canada / Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee is located in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

274 Saves

Hike to Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes

Canada / Lindeman Lake Trailhead

You start the trail in a newly created parking lot (outhouses as well). Follow along the trail, and within a short distance from the parking lot you will come to a fork.

274 Saves

Hiking Jura Creek

Canada / Jura Creek

From the parking lot find the trail head that leads away from the highway. This is an easy, but very interesting hike that will take you through a winding slot canyon.

271 Saves

Swim at the Lynn Canyon Swimming Hole

Canada / Inter River Park

From the last field at inter city park, continue walking down the road to the Lynn Canyon trail. Follow the trail up the wooden boardwalks and to the first open area on the trail.

270 Saves

Kayak Deep Cove

Canada / Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak

Only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Deep Cove is a great place to paddle in tranquil ocean waters. You can rent ocean kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards from Deep Cove Kayak.

270 Saves

Photograph Spirit Island and Maligne Lake

Canada / Maligne Lake Tours

Spirit Island in Maligne Lake, is only accessible via canoe, kayak, or boat tour. As it's a 14km paddle to the island with sometimes strong winds, most people opt for the boat tour.

260 Saves

Hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse

Canada / Lake Louise

Towering peaks, glaciated valleys and crystal clear water draws thousands of visitors a year to the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

260 Saves

Hike to Wapta Falls, Yoho National Park

Canada / Wapta Falls Trailhead

This short 1.

259 Saves

Hike Up Brothers Creek Loop

Canada / Brothers Creek Loop

The directions to get to this location are a bit scattered as you need to weave through the upper streets of the British Properties.

258 Saves

Explore Pyramid Lake

Canada / Pyramid Lake Outlet

A visit to Jasper National Park is not complete without a stop at Pyramid Lake to witness the spectacular sunrise.

256 Saves

Hike to Eagles Bluff

Canada / Cypress Mountain

Start your hike from the parking lot at Cypress Mountain, and follow the trail that is beside the closest ski lift on the left. The trail will say "Black Mountain".

256 Saves

Hike Alberta's Mount Baldy

Canada / Kananaskis Trail

Rated as moderate to difficult due to scrambling sections. Estimated round trip is 4-5 hours depending on experience. From highway #1, the trailhead is located 13 kms South on highway 40.

253 Saves

Hiking to Wedgemount Lake

Canada / Wedgemont Lake Trail

Just a little ways past Whistler BC Canada, you'll find a steep mountain trail leading to one of the true gems of Garibaldi Provincial Park and the Sea to Sky area: Wedgemount Lake.

251 Saves

Hike to the Ink Pots via Johnston Canyon

Canada / Johnston Canyon Trailhead

The hike through Johnston Canyon to its Upper and Lower falls is one of the most popular hikes to do in Banff - mostly due the little effort required for the great reward.

247 Saves

Hike to Bow Glacier Falls

Canada / Bow Glacier Trail

The trailhead begins directly behind the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge on km 37 of the Icefields Highway. The trail is well marked and winds along the shore of Bow Lake for the first 1.2km of the hike.

245 Saves

Summit Black Tusk in Garabaldi Provincial Park

Canada / Black Tusk Trailhead

If you are going to carry in a backpack for an overnight hike, you should have a good level of fitness. For a day hike, the trail is nearly 30km long, so still a good level of fitness is required.

244 Saves

Hike the Cheakamus Lake Trail

Canada / Cheakamus

Cheakamus Lake is tucked in behind Whistler Mountain. If you've hike the Musical Bumps trail, or any of the paths off the peak of Whistler, chances are you saw a huge turquoise lake below you.

244 Saves

Hike to Boom Lake

Canada / Boom Lake Trailhead

Boom Lake offers amazing views of Boom Mountain and the ridge separating Alberta and British Columbia.

241 Saves

Explore the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Canada / Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge spans Lynn Canyon and is located near the popular Lynn Headwaters Park.  To get there, exit the Trans Canada Highway onto Lynn Valley Road.

237 Saves

Hike to Elfin Lakes, BC

Canada / Diamond Head Trail

To access the trail head you will have to drive a few kilometres up a pretty beat up service road, so SUV's and 4x4 are a must but it can be done in a regular car if you take it easy.

227 Saves

Hike to Woodland Falls

Canada / Woodland Walk Trail

Important: if you are planning on bringing a dog, and they are skittish around loud noises make sure to keep them leashed. This trail is beside the gun club and can spook dogs.

226 Saves

Ha Ling Sunrise Hike

Canada / Goat Creek Parking Lot

Start at the Goat Creek parking lot and cross the road towards Ha Ling. There is an access road with a gate on the other side. Walk up the road and across the bridge.

225 Saves

Hike Mount Cheam

Canada / Mount Cheam Peak Trailhead

Even at the parking lot, there is a stunning view of Lady Peak and Mount Cheam. Walk towards the big pile of logs and towards the old logging road.

223 Saves

HIke to Barrier Lake Lookout

Canada / Barrier Lake Parking Lot, Kananaskis, Alberta

From the parking lot, cross the dam, heading west onto the trail, with the lake on your left. Once you reach the forest, you will come to a 'Y' intersection, from which point you have two options: 6.

222 Saves

Hike to Watersprite Lake

Canada / Watersprite Lake Trailhead

The trailhead starts at an old service road and follows it for around 3 km until the trail turns left, off the old service road. Watch for flagging tape as this turn is often missed.

220 Saves

Scramble Smutwood Peak

Canada / Smutwood Peak Trailhead

The trailhead is is located at the first left after the bridge past Engandine Lodge in Kananaskis. The trail forks after a while and you need to take a right which takes you into Smuts Pass.

220 Saves

Camp on Thunderbird Ridge

Canada / Grouse Mountain

If you're constantly inspired by our local mountains, it'll be an easy decision to pack up and spend a night on this easy-to-access, surprisingly stunning ridge, located in North Vancouver.

217 Saves

Kayak Camp Indian Arm

Canada / Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak

Setting out from Deep Cove’s pebble shoreline, it only takes a few minutes before you are away from small village and paddling the calm waters of this gorgeous arm.

214 Saves

Hike the Kettle Valley Trail through the Othello Tunnels

Canada / Kettle Valley Trailhead

This 5.5km loop family-friendly hike is highly accessible and an easy jaunt into the beautiful Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park.

213 Saves

Hiking Golden Ears Trail

Canada / Golden Ears Trail

Golden Ears is well known to those in the Lower Mainland. After staring at the jagged 'ears' from all angle, I finally got to see them up close and in-person. The West Canyon Trail is a gentle 5.

211 Saves

East End of Rundle Scramble

Canada / East End of Rundle Trailhead, Alberta

This well marked, fun hike that has a bit of everything, from easy forest walking, to steep slabs, minor hands on scrambling, and a scree slope to the summit.

204 Saves

Hike to Elk Mountain

Canada / Elk Mountain

Elk Mountain is one of the not so hidden-hidden gems in Chilliwack, BC.

204 Saves

Hike to the Devils Thumb

Canada / Lake Agnes Trailhead

Park in the main Lake Louise parking lot. Be sure to have purchased your Park Pass. These can be purchased as you enter Banff National Park, or at the Banff and Lake Louise Information Centers.

200 Saves

Hike to Cascade Falls, British Columbia

Canada / Cascade Falls Regional Park

When you get to the parking lot go past the access gate and follow the very well maintained trail. The hike to the viewing platform is all uphill, but short.

197 Saves

Backpacking the West Coast Trail

Canada / West Coast Trail

The trail requires a permit from May 1 - September 16. All other dates have restrictions. Check Parks Canada website for more details. You can start from the north or south end of the trail.

196 Saves

Explore Cavell Lake In Jasper National Park

Canada / Cavell Lake, Jasper NP

The hike down to the lake is relatively short, less than .5km each way.

196 Saves

Photograph Niagara Falls

Canada / Niagara Falls, Ontario

Located on the Niagara River, which is the border of Canada and the USA, it dumps water from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario.

192 Saves

Camp in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Canada / Golden Ears Trail

Backcountry permits are required to camp on Panorama Ridge ($5) and can be paid online. The trailhead is located at the West Canyon Parking lot.

192 Saves

Paddle Pitt Lake to Widgeon Falls

Canada / Pitt Lake, BC

The 12km (7.5 mi) drive on Neaves Road to Pitt Lake from Pitt Meadows is one of BC's most scenic routes.

192 Saves

Hike to the Black Tusk Lookout Point

Canada / Black Tusk Trailhead

The Black Tusk is a distinctive landmark just south of Whistler (the remnants of an old volcano). There is nothing else like it, and it is visible from all over the Sea to Sky area.

192 Saves

Hike Windy Point Ridge

Canada / Windy Point Ridge Trailhead, Alberta

The trail is steep from the very beginning, which offers rewarding views from the get go.

191 Saves

Hike and Camp on Mt. Seymour

Canada / Mt. Seymour Trailhead

From the end of the parking lot next to the BC Parks sign board, walk towards the ski run and follow it uphill to a green sign on the left.

191 Saves

Hike Mont Royal

Canada / Parc Du Mont Royal

Starting at McGill University's campus, you will hike uphill, stopping at multiple lookouts along the way.

189 Saves

Explore the Athabasca Ice Caves

Canada / Athabasca Ice Cave Trailhead

The Icefields Parkway is without a doubt one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Just off the road, you’ll find one of Jasper’s hidden gems where you can explore this stunning ice cave.

187 Saves

Hiking the Goldmine Trail

Canada / Goldstream Provincial Park

Goldstream Provincial Park is just a short drive from Victoria. Within 20 minutes of leaving the city center, you can be immersed in an old growth temperate rain forest.

186 Saves

Hike Mount Seymour to First Peak

Canada / Mt. Seymour Trailhead

The elevation gain to first peak is approximately 451m and is about 9km. There are several ways to get to the top, each trail is marked well.

185 Saves

Hike Quarry Rock

Canada / Quarry Rock Trailhead

Deep Cove is a cozy little town located at the base of Mt. Seymour, lying on the shores of the Indian Arm which is a branch of the Burrard Inlet in North Vancouver.

184 Saves

Hiking in Marble Canyon

Canada / Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon is easily accessible off of the 93S in Kootenay National Park between Banff and Radium.

182 Saves

Scramble Up Mt. Garibaldi

Canada / Brohm Ridge Trail

Duration: 2 Days Closed Gate (described below): 49.831834, -123.088424 Camp Ground: 49.855926, -123.016797 Driving north from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway (HWY 99) pass through Squamish.

181 Saves

Backpack the Dilly Dally Loop

Canada / Halvor Lunden Trailhead

This hike begins near the parking lot of Buntzen Lake. The trailhead will read "Halvor Lunden Trail,” named after the man who made it.

181 Saves

Hike to Mystic Beach

Canada / Juan de Fuca - China Beach Trailhead

Head west from Victoria along Highway 14 past Sooke and Jordan River until you see the Juan De Fuca Marine Trail - China Creek trailhead about 5km past Jordan River on the West Coast Road.

180 Saves

Explore Lake Minnewanka

Canada / Lake Minnewanka Scenic Dr.

Head up to Lake Minnewanka on a high alert night to get the perfect view of the Canadian Northern Lights.

178 Saves

Camp at Upper Siffleur Falls

Canada / Siffleur Falls Trail

The trail begins at the Siffleur Falls staging area, off the David Thompson Hwy (11) 210km west of Rocky Mountain House. The trail consists of an upper, middle, and lower falls.

177 Saves

Hike to Little Diamond Head

Canada / Little Diamond Head Trail

Given the total distance and cumulative elevation gain of this hike, I would suggest a good level of fitness to reach the summit.

177 Saves

Backpack the Vision Quest Trail

Canada / Vision Quest Trailhead

This short, but steep hike includes a moderate scrambling section, leading to an open spine that becomes increasingly difficult.

176 Saves

Hike the Sulphur Skyline Trail

Canada / Sulphur Skyline Trail

Take Highway 16 to Pocahontas. Turn onto the Miette Hot Springs Road (Pocahontas). Drive to the Miette Hot Springs parking area. The trailhead is to the right and behind the hot springs building.

176 Saves

Hike to Big Beehive

Canada / Lake Agnes Trail

The hike to Big Beehive begins at the base of Lake Louise. From the parking lot, hike along the paved trail on the northeastern shore of Lake Louise.

175 Saves

Explore Kakwa Wildland Park

Canada / Kakwa Falls Trail

Kakwa Wildland Park is 160 kilometres southwest of Grande Prairie. For travel beyond Lick Creek (roughly 10 kilometres from the park’s northern boundary) a four-wheel drive vehicle is essential.

175 Saves

Hike to Jumbo Pass

Canada / Jumbo Pass Trail

From Invermere, British Columbia, head West towards Panorama Ski Area on Toby Creek Forest Service Road. At the turnoff for the bridge that heads towards Panorama, set your trip odometer to 0.

175 Saves

Hike and Swim at Sooke Potholes

Canada / Sooke Potholes

The Sooke Potholes seem to have something for everyone.

175 Saves

Soak at Lussier Hot Springs

Canada / Lussier Hot Springs

This Hot Spring is found on the Whiteswan Lake Forest Service Road in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, and is 35 minutes east of Canal Flats and Highway 93/95.

175 Saves

Hike to Mystery Lake

Canada / Mt Seymour Parking Area

From the Mt. Seymour ski area parking lot, head towards the Mystery Peak Express.

170 Saves

Hike Rawson Lake and Sarrail Ridge

Canada / Rawson Lake Trailhead

Getting There From Highway 1, Take Highway 40 South to Kananaskis Lakes Trail, and turn left at Upper kananaskis Lakes Drive.

170 Saves

Hike Little Qualicum River and Falls

Canada / Little Qualicum Falls Trailhead

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park is just off the #4 highway on your way out to Port Alberni.

170 Saves

Hiking the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

Canada / Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

This is no walk on the beach. There are many ascents and descents that range from not so steep to hold on for your life as the mud cliff crumbles steep.

169 Saves

Hike to Ammonite Falls

Canada / Ammonite Falls Trailhead

The falls cascades off of a sheet of rock that is filled with Ammonite fossils, thus the name Ammonite Falls! The trailhead is very distinct and has a parking lot close to the start of the trail.

164 Saves

Hike to Consolation Lakes

Canada / Moraine Lake Parking Lot and Trailhead

Once at Moraine Lake, the directions to Consolation Lakes are quite clear.

163 Saves

Prairie Mountain and Elbow Falls

Canada / Elbow Falls Parking Lot

22 km west of Bragg Creek, turn off Highway 66 at the Elbow Falls Parking Lot. Park on the North side of the road on the shoulder at the winter closure gates.

163 Saves

Hike Mount Bourgeau

Canada / Mount Bourgeau Trailhead

Taking Hwy 1 West of Banff for approximately 8 miles you'll come to the Bourgeau Lake Trailhead. This trail starts with a 4.5 mile, 2460ft elevation through the forest to the beautiful Bourgeau Lake.

163 Saves

Hike to the Larch Valley

Canada / Moraine Lake Parking Lot and Trailhead

Starting at the Moraine Lake parking lot take, take the main trail the leads down past the cafe and lodges on the lake shore. A short way down the trail splits, to the left is just the lakeside walk.

161 Saves

Hike to Mt. Strachan

Canada / Cypress Mountain Resort

On November 23, 1963, the world was faltered by the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination (the previous day).

159 Saves

Backpack to Russet Lake

Canada / Whistler Village Gondola

Russet Lake is a beautiful alpine lake at the base of Fissile Peak in the backcountry of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

159 Saves

Hike to Sentinel Pass

Canada / Larch Valley Trailhead

This popular hike starts out by the one the most iconic lakes in Banff National Park, Moraine Lake.

157 Saves

Hike to Hector Lake

Canada / Hector Lake Trailhead

Hector Lake is one of the larger lakes in Banff National Park. It is surrounded by the Waputik Range to the west, and offers pristine views of the mountains. Hector Lake is idyllic and peaceful.

156 Saves

Hike Vancouver Island's King's Peak

Canada / King's Peak Trail, Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island

Our trip, as pictured, was completed as a single-day trail run / hustle.

155 Saves

Hike to a Hidden Viewpoint of Seton Lake, British Columbia

Canada / Seton Lake Pull Out

On highway 99 (Duffy Lake Road) just outside of Lillooet there is Seton Lake which is so very picturesque in its own way.

152 Saves

Swim & Relax at Brohm Lake

Canada / Brohm Lake

This lake is popular with the locals for a reason - it's right off the highway and has lots to offer.

151 Saves

Hike Eiffel Peak

Canada / Moraine Lake Parking Lot and Trailhead

Starting from the parking lot at Moraine Lake follow the trail as it switchbacks up away from the lake.

151 Saves

Hiking MacGregor Point Provincial Park

Canada / Old Shore Rd Trail

MacGregor Point is a gorgeous spot year round, with different levels and lengths of trails for every hiker. In the summer, the park is filled with wildlife and the trails are well maintained.

149 Saves

Camp at Jones Lake

Canada / Jones Lake, BC

Southwest of Hope and just east of Chilliwack, Jones Lake is a recreation site at a reservoir lake in the coastal mountain range, managed by BC Hydro.

149 Saves

Explore Botanical Beach

Canada / Botanical Beach Trail

This is a gorgeous beach with so much going on. It's a quick walk from the parking lot (about .8 miles), or you can do the entire Botanical Beach Loop which is 2.8km.

149 Saves

Hike the Emerald Lake Circuit

Canada / Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake is without a doubt one of the most beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies and is the jewel (see what I did there...) of Yoho National Park.

148 Saves

Scramble Up Black Rock Mountain

Canada / Black Rock Mountain

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, getting to/finding the trailhead is the most difficult part of this hike! On top of Black Rock Mountain is an abandoned fire lookout tha.

147 Saves

Hike to Jocelyn Hill

Canada / McKenzie Bight Access Point

Gowlland Tod is a beautiful park, running along the Finlayson Arm fjord.

147 Saves

Hike to Lake of Hanging Glaciers

Canada / Lake of the Hanging Glacier Trailhead

Do you like rushing rivers, impressive waterfalls, serene forests and massive glaciers? How about glacier fed lakes, epic mountains and starry nights to boot? This is it, all of it in one place.

146 Saves

Snowshoe Mt. Seymour

Canada / Mt. Seymour Trailhead

This trip is best done in a 3-5 hour window. The trail meanders up past several peaks until you reach the summit and a panoramic view of Vancouver and the mountains.

143 Saves

Capture the Northern Lights at Patricia Lake

Canada / Patricia Lake

To get to Patricia Lake from Jasper, from highway 16A, turn onto Connaught Drive. Stay straight for 10 minutes and run right into Patricia and Pyramid Lakes! Drive the 4.

142 Saves

Hike Evans Peak in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Canada / West Canyon Parking Lot

Start on the West Canyon Trail and then take a left up the View Point Trail. Along the View Point trail you’ll cross a creek.

140 Saves

Hike the East Sooke Coast Trail

Canada / Aylard Farm

The East Sooke Coast Trail is a great way to get a taste of the rugged coastline on this part of Vancouver Island.

140 Saves

Hike to Nairn Falls

Canada / Nairn Falls Parking Area

From the turnoff of Highway 99, there is a parking lot specifically for Nairn Falls Provincial Park.

139 Saves

Hike the Rock Dunder Trail

Canada / Rock Dunder Hiking Trail

Rock Dunder is a 230-acre wilderness area that contains one of the hidden wonders of eastern Ontario. Officially open May 15-November 15 but accessible all year round.

137 Saves

Hike to Crypt Lake

Canada / Crypt Lake Trailhead

The hike begins with a gradual climb through shaded forest, which thins as you progress into the hanging valley. Along the way, you will pass by three amazing waterfalls: Twin Falls at 3.

137 Saves

Canoe Emerald Lake

Canada / Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park

Beat the crowd at Moraine Lake and paddle Emerald Lake instead! This lake is a must for any Banff/Yoho explorer. It's an easy drive off HWY 1 but stop at the Natural Bridge along the way.

137 Saves

Hike to Alder Flats in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Canada / W Canyon Trailhead

If you're looking for a challenge and hope to get into the mountains this is a great adventure to set out on.

134 Saves

Surf Tofino's Cox Bay

Canada / Cox Bay

Tofino, British Columbia, is magical. It sits on the most western coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island. It is a small surf town, with natural Pacific Northwest beauty everywhere.....

134 Saves

Hike to Cypress Falls in West Vancouver

Canada / Cypress Falls Parking Area

Drive the the end of Woodgreen Pl in West Vancouver, and you will pass the tennis courts on your right.

133 Saves

Hike to Gwillim Lakes

Canada / Gwillim Lakes Trailhead

The trail to Gwillum Lakes is a must do when in the West Kootenay. It's iconic with the locals for being one of the best day hike or overnight camp trips in the region.

133 Saves

Hiking Mt. Finlayson

Canada / Mt Finlayson Trail

Mount Finlayson in Goldstream Provincial Park is 19 km north of Victoria on Hwy 1. The trail takes you up to a scenic lookout of Victoria.

132 Saves

Explore the Kinsol Trestle

Canada / Kinsol

The Kinsol Trestle is a highlight of the Cowichan Valley Trail, which travels from Shawnigan Lake to Lake Cowichan and then onward to Duncan. The trestle is easily reached via a 1.

132 Saves

Hike to Canyon Falls

Canada / Canyon Falls Trail

Located on Bellevue Creek, the trailhead to find these falls is hidden in suburbia.

131 Saves

Hike to Grassi Lake

Canada / Grassi Lake Trailhead, Canmore

To get to the Grassi Lake trailhead, continue past the Nordic Center about 2km and take a small left when you reach a junction between a gravel road and a paved road.

130 Saves

Hike the Musical Bumps Trail

Canada / Singing Pass Trailhead

The Musical Bumps are a series of rolling summits starting from Whistler Mountain that stretch over to Fissile and the Spearhead Range.

128 Saves

Backpack to Alberta's Abbot Pass Hut

Canada / Lake O'Hara Trailhead

Built in 1922 with the stones from the pass, the Abbot Pass Hut and has served both as a base for mountaineers and as a destination for strong hikers ever since.

128 Saves

Visit the Ancient Cedars

Canada / Ancient Cedars Trail

The Sea to Sky area is covered in old growth forest, but few people would expect to find trees of this size in Whistler.

128 Saves

Hike the Rainforest Trails in Clayoquot Sound

Canada / Rainforest Trails

For an amazing jungle experience in Clayoquot Sound, the fantastic Rainforest Trails is the place to go. Located in the Pacific Rim National Park, the forest is deep, wet and massive.

128 Saves

Hike Lone Cone

Canada / Tofino Water Taxi

The trailhead for Lone Cone is located on Meares Island, accessible by water taxi ($40 return). Some choose to rent kayaks and paddle to the trailhead.

127 Saves

Explore Sproule Creek Falls

Canada / Sproule Creek Falls

Sproule Creek Falls is a beautiful but relatively unknown waterfall just minutes from Nelson, BC.

125 Saves

Hike Iceline Trail

Canada / Iceline Trail

The trailhead is accessed at the Takakkaw Falls parking lot, and then you walk to the Whiskey Jack Hostel where the trail officially begins (you can not park here unless you are a guest).

125 Saves

Hiking the Lost Lake

Canada / Lost Lake Trail

The 6 km (3.7 mile) hike takes you to and around Lost Lake. Lost Lake is at the heart of the densely forested Lost Lake Park.

124 Saves

Hike to the Hoodoos, Banff

Canada / Bow River Trailhead (Banff Centre)

The beginning of this hike is easily accessed from the town center of Banff by the Bow river.

124 Saves

Snowshoe Hollyburn Mountain

Canada / Cypress Mountain Hollyburn Nordic Area

Park in the Hollyburn cross country parking lot and start your hike up the under the powerlines. After about 15 mins the trail will flatten out and you will arrive at the warming hut.

123 Saves

Hike to Gimli Ridge

Canada / Gimli Ridge Trailhead

The hike to Gimli Ridge is one of only two hikes in the Valhallas that reach up to the alpine area.

123 Saves

Camp at Cal-Cheak

Canada / Cal-Cheak

Where the beautiful Callaghan and Cheakamus Rivers converge, there is a great campsite aptly named after these two turquoise rivers.

123 Saves

Hike to Mt Rohr

Canada / Mt Rohr Trail

The Duffy Lake Road area is a scrambling paradise. If you love exploring the alpine off trail, this would be the place. Mt Rohr is a prominent peak, located just above Duffy Lake.

123 Saves

Catch a Sunset from Little Mountain Lookout

Canada / Little Mountain Parking Area

Amazing lookout just outside of Parksville, British Columbia. From Parksville, drive towards Coombs and turn left off of Bellevue Rd.

122 Saves

Hike Siffleur Falls

Canada / Siffleur Falls Trail

Approximately 93 miles (150kms) West of Rocky Mountain House along Highway 11, the trailhead begins at the Siffleur Falls Day Use Area.

122 Saves

Hike to Wilcox Pass

Canada / Wilcox Campground

Views of the Columbia Icefield from the Icefields Parkway pale in comparison with those achieved along this trail. Few trails anywhere are so instantly and extravagantly gratifying.

120 Saves

Paddle on Whistler's Green Lake

Canada / Green Lake, Whistler BC

The name Green Lake says it all: this is a beautiful glacier-fed lake right next to Whistler village.

120 Saves

Catch the Best Views of Jasper on the SkyTram

Canada / Jasper SkyTram

Take a ride up Whistler’s Mountain to an elevation of 2,277 metres (7,472 feet) for stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains stretching up to 80 kilometres away.

120 Saves

Icewalk in Grotto Canyon

Canada / Grotto Mountain

To get to the trailhead, take Highway 1 and take the Seebe exit (Highway 1X). Continue north on Highway 1X and take a left at Highway 1A.

120 Saves

Hike to Century Sam Lake

Canada / Comox Glacier Trailhead

The next time you have the opportunity, I recommend you pay Century Sam Lake a visit.

120 Saves

Hike to Hole in the Wall

Canada / Hole In The Wall Pull-Off

The Hole in The Wall is located just outside the city of Port Alberni, British Columbia.

119 Saves

Winter Hike Up Vent's Ridge

Canada / Powderface Hiking Trail

Whether it was the unseasonably warm weather; the forested, uneven, foot-wide, root-covered trail; limestone cliffs towering above me; the view of Myosotis Peak from the ridge; or exploring along Pow.

118 Saves

Camp and Surf at Sombrio Beach

Canada / Sombrio Beach Trailhead

Heading west from Victoria, take the TransCanada Highway to Hwy 14. Continue past Sooke towards Port Renfrew.

118 Saves

Explore Whistler Mtn in the Off-Season

Canada / Whistler Mtn

Whistler Mountain is a world class ski destination in winter and a biking paradise in summer, but if you happen to be here in spring or fall, there's a whole other world of magic to enjoy.

117 Saves

Hike Along Tent Ridge

Canada / Tent Ridge Trailhead

Starting off just past the Mt Engadine Lodge there is a make shift parking lot on your right hand side (usually filled with 10 or so cars depending when you go) This trail is a loop so there are two .

114 Saves

Hike Mount Indefatigable

Canada / Mount Indefatigable Trailhead

If you choose to do this hike, you'll find yourself at Kananaskis Lakes, one of my favourite spots in K-Country! Park your car at the Interlakes parking lot, have that one last bathroom break, and ma.

112 Saves

Hike to Bald Hills

Canada / Bald Hills Trailhead

Bald Hills is a destination that exudes what Jasper is all about. With views of Maligne Lake, the Queen Elizabeth Ranges, glaciers, forest and alpine meadowlands, it is a feast for the eyes.

111 Saves

Hike Mt. Yamnuska

Canada / Yamnuska Trailhead

This Alberta classic start just a few minutes off the Trans Canada.  The trail begins gently through forests of Aspen. In spring and fall these are particularly lovely.

110 Saves

Hike Tunnel Mountain, Banff

Canada / Tunnel Mountain Trailhead

The lower trailhead is only a short walk from Downtown Banff. Head east on Wolf street and up St. Julien Road and you will see the trailhead shortly after passing Wolverine street.

110 Saves

Hike to Rainbow Lake

Canada / Rainbow Lake Trail, BC

With a low elevation to start you'll be greeted with a mossy canopy of luscious wilderness.

110 Saves

Paddle Golden Ears Park's Alouette Lake

Canada / Golden Ears Provincial Park Boat Launch

About one hour outside of Vancouver, Golden Ears Provincial Park is a great escape for hiking and paddling opportunities.

107 Saves

Snowshoe Grouse Mountain

Canada / Grouse Mountain

A 25 minute drive outside of Vancouver, Grouse Mountain is a great escape from the city for a myriad of winter activities.

106 Saves

Hike Centennial Ridge

Canada / Ribbon Creek Trailhead

This hike can be done as a full traverse, starting at the Ribbon Creek Trailhead and taking you to Dead Man's Flats, just off of the Trans Canada Highway.

106 Saves

Explore Beauty Creek in Winter

Canada / Beauty Creek Trail

Hiking up Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls is a must do summer activity for all those who love waterfalls.

106 Saves

Scramble Mount Temple

Canada / Moraine Lake Parking Lot and Trailhead

Mount Temple is a stunning iconic mountain in Banff National Park located in the Canadian Rockies.

106 Saves

Run the Stanley Park Seawall

Canada / Stanley Park Run

Start at either end of Stanley Park, running directly along the pacific ocean on the seawall path.

105 Saves

Hike up Windtower Mountain

Canada / Windtower, Kananaskis, AB

Spray Lakes is one of my favorite areas in Kananaskis, and the view of Spray Lakes from the summit is absolutely breathtaking.

105 Saves

Hike up Galatea Creek to Lillian Lake

Canada / Galatea Trailhead

Located on Highway 40 (Kananaskis Trail) and marked by the "Galatea" sign, there's not much more to this hike other than putting one foot in front of the other, but the amount of traffic it sees is a.

104 Saves

Hike to Silver Spray Cabin

Canada / Silver Spray Trailhead

Silver Spray Cabin is a beautiful cabin nestled high in the Alpine of Kokanee Provincial Park - a perfect spot to spend a clear summer night.

104 Saves

Camp at Preachers Point

Canada / Preachers Point

Turn off of the David Thompson Highway at Preachers Point Staging Area, approximately 60km south west of Nordegg.

104 Saves

Hike East Sooke Park

Canada / East Sooke Park

Sitting very close to the southernmost point of Vancouver Island, facing west towards the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the open Pacific Ocean, East Sooke Park is a unique and magical place.

103 Saves

Hike Opal Ridge's South Summit

Canada / Fortress Gas Station, Kananaskis

Opal Ridge is located on the East side of highway 40 in Kananaskis. The trailhead starts at Fortress Gas Station. Park at the North end of the parking lot. The trailhead is easy to spot from here.

103 Saves

Hike the Mt. Currie Trail

Canada / Mt. Currie Trail

Mt Currie is the giant mountain that sits above the village of Pemberton BC. It soars 7800 vertical feet from the valley floor to the summit in sheer cliffs. (The mountain itself is 8517ft high.

102 Saves

Overnight in the Skoki Backcountry

Canada / Fish Creek Parking Lot

This area is best known for Skoki Lodge, a world class back country destination. Unfortunately Skoki Lodge is quite expensive, and very rarely has rooms available.

102 Saves

Hike the East-West Canyon Loop

Canada / W Canyon Trailhead

Park your car in the Gold Creek Parking lot ( at the end of the dirt road), and look for a yellow gate at the far end of the parking lot. This will be the East Canyon trail.

101 Saves

Exploring Myra Falls

Canada / Myra Falls

These beautiful falls are just a short and easy 500 metre stroll from the parking lot, making this one of the more family-friendly hikes in the area.

100 Saves

Hike to Decew Falls

Canada / Decew Falls Parking Area

This area is home to two main waterfalls - Upper DeCew Falls, a large 22 metre plunge waterfall, and Lower DeCew Falls, a smaller 25 foot steep cascade waterfall.

100 Saves

Hike Mount Manuel Quimper

Canada / Mt. Manuel Quimper Trailhead

The Sooke Hills is a geographic region of low hills with elevations between 350m (Mt. Wells) to a high of 682m (Mt.

99 Saves

Hike Pigeon Mountain

Canada / Pigeon Mountain Trailhead, Kananaskis Alberta

Important note: trail closure from December 1 - June 15th. Altitude: 2,394m (7,852 ft) Elevation gain: 990m (3,247 ft) Round trip: 6-6.

99 Saves

Hike to Helm Lake

Canada / Helm Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park

Helm Lake is a sparkly body of water tucked into one of the most scenic alpine meadows around.

98 Saves

Hike to Snowbird Pass, Mount Robson Provincial Park

Canada / Berg Lake Trailhead

This epic day hike to Reef Icefield can be done if you are staying at the Berg Lake Campground. Berg Lake is accessible from the Berg Lake Trailhead just off of Canada Highway 16.

98 Saves

Kayak Opeongo Lake to Big Trout Lake

Canada / Opeongo Lake - Algonquin Park

There are multiple canoe and kayak routes throughout Algonquin park. The Opeongo Lake to Big Trout Lake is easily done in 3 days and a favourite of mine. Begin at Lake Opeongo Access Point.

97 Saves

Hike to Bragg Creek Ice Cave

Canada / Canyon Creek Trail

Also known as Moose Mountain Ice Cave, Canyon Creek Ice Cave and Ing Mine. The cave is located on the west side of Moose Ridge andhas a huge entrance, it is approximately1,600 ft. in depth.

97 Saves

Hike To Mt. Myra's Summit

Canada / Mt. Myra Trailhead

Very few people know about this hidden gem which makes it less crowded and all the more special. The views and serenity that this place possess are what will really draw you in.

96 Saves

Hiking through the Avatar Grove

Canada / Avatar Grove

To get to the Avatar Grove, drive to Port Renfrew along West Coast highway 14. Turn right onto Deering Rd and cross the long bridge over the San Juan River.

96 Saves

Backpack the Rockwall Trail

Canada / Helmet Creek Falls Trailhead, Kootenay National Park

The Rockwall trail is a famous 3-5 day trek in Kootenay National Park. We started from the North and camped at Helmet Falls our first night, and then continued south and exited out Floe Lake.

95 Saves

Hike to the Opabin Prospect

Canada / Lake O'Hara Trailhead

Located in Yoho National Park, Lake O'Hara is said to be the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies (rightly so!).

94 Saves

Hike to the Whistler Train Wreck

Canada / Train Wreck Parking Area

The hike to the train wreck in Whistler changed significantly on September 1st, 2016.

93 Saves

Hike The Floe Lake Trail

Canada / Floe Lake Trailhead

Kootenay National Park is one of the lesser visited parks in a chain of spectacular parks in the Canadian Rockies between Banff and Jasper.

93 Saves

Hike the Saturday Night Loop

Canada / Saturday Night Loop

The trail is split up into three types of terrain: one-third uphill, one-third rugged, and one-third downhill. Begin at Cabin Creek Rd parking lot and follow Trailhead #3.

92 Saves

Hike to Eaton Lake

Canada / Eaton Lake Trail

From Exit 68, follow Silver Skagit Road 16km until you reach a sign for Eaton Lake Trail and Eaton Lake Forestry Campsite on the left.

92 Saves

Hike Grotto Mountain

Canada / Alpine Club of Canada

From Highway 1A take the exit to the Alpine Club of Canada. Park near the woodpile as the actual parking lot is for Alpine Club customers. The trailhead about 30 metres up the road from the woodpile.

91 Saves

Camp at Stormhaven Beach

Canada / Stormhaven Trailhead, Bruce Peninsula National Park

You need to plan ahead to make the most of this trip. Permits for backcountry camping in Canadian National Parks open up in mid-January and competition for popular places (such as this) can be fierce.

91 Saves

Hike to Little Arethusa

Canada / Little Arethusa Trailhead

Unfortunately, pictures of larches in autumn never actually do them justice. It's worth it to go out and experience them for yourself.

90 Saves

Hike Cascade Mountain, Banff NP

Canada / Cascade Mtn. TH (Mount Norquay Road)

From Banff, follow the Norquay Road (the west access road to Banff) up to Mt. Norquay Ski Area. The trail begins from the day lodge at the far end of the first parking lot on the right.

90 Saves

Photo Op at Spotted Lake Viewpoint

Canada / Spotted Lake, BC

The Okanagan Highlands is home to a myriad of unique natural phenomena but nothing quite as otherworldly as Spotted Lake.

90 Saves

Hike to the Top of the Wasootch Ridge

Canada / Wasootch Creek Day Use Area

The start to this hike is located about 45 minutes west of Calgary and about the same East of Banff.

89 Saves

Heart Mountain and Grant MacEwan Scramble

Canada / Heart Mountain Parking Area

A bit of a jaunt is required to get to the start of the scramble - follow the Heart Creek Trail, and after crossing the creek, look for a yellow sign that marks the scramble route.

89 Saves

Explore Bankhead Ghost Town

Canada / Bankhead Ghost Town Parking

Bankhead is a ghost town which flanks Cascade Mountain and lies just south of Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.

89 Saves

Mount Lady Macdonald Scramble in Winter

Canada / Mount Lady Macdonald

The Mount Lady Macdonald trail begins at Cougar Creek, starting out as a leg burner through the forest, then meandering through boulders, halfway up.

89 Saves

Kayak to Peche Island

Canada / Sand Point Beach

Peche Island, a 100-acre island was purchased by Hiram Walker in 1883. Walker used the island for a summer place, and his buildings included a stable, large home, greenhouse, and icehouse.

89 Saves

Mount Coleman Scramble

Canada / Sunset Pass/Pinto Lake Trailhead

This is an amazing hike takes you through the beautiful Sunset Meadows to a towering scramble of Mount Coleman.

89 Saves

Hike to Ribbon Falls

Canada / Ribbon Creek Trailhead

Ribbon Creek trail is accessible via Highway 40 at the turn off for Nakiska Mountain Resort. From there take a left at Centennial Drive and then a right onto Ribbon Creek Road.

88 Saves

Backpack the Alderson-Carthew Trail

Canada / Cameron Lake Trailhead

Take the Akamina Parkway in Wateron Lakes National Park to its terminus at Cameron Lake. Your hike will start from here.

88 Saves

Backpack Burgess Pass to the Iceline to Takakkaw Falls

Canada / Burgess Pass Trailhead

This hike begins at a trailhead 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from Field, B.C., Canada. When heading west on the Trans Canada Highway towards Field, turn right 1.5 km before Field onto a small dirt road.

88 Saves

Thru-Run the Juan de Fuca Trail

Canada / Juan de Fuca Trail, China Beach Trailhead

If you have your eye on Vancouver Island as an adventure destination - and we hope that you do - then you likely already know that our Island is not only home to a diverse and unique alpine hiking sc.

88 Saves

Hike Bear's Hump, Waterton Lakes NP

Canada / Bear's Hump Trailhead

The trailhead is located at the Visitor Center of Waterton Lakes National Park. The trail is very well maintained, but know that the elevation gain is quick - in less than a mile you gain 738 ft.

87 Saves

Hike to Flood Falls, British Columbia

Canada / Flood Falls Trailhead

You can see the waterfall up high cascading down to the ground from where you park. Once you get to the trailhead and park on the side of the road, follow the trail toward the waterfall.

87 Saves

Hike around Thetis Lake

Canada / Main Beach - Thetis Lake

Take Highway 1 west from Victoria. Turn onto Exit 10 (View Royal/Colwood) and continue on the Island Highway. Turn right at Six Mile Road, which leads straight to Thetis Lake Regional Park.

87 Saves

Hike Pocaterra Ridge

Canada / Pocaterra Trailhead

During the fall I find the biggest treat is the changing of the larch trees and the beautiful contrast they provide against the landscape with their intense golden yellow colors.

86 Saves

Hike Cape Split Trail

Canada / Cape Split Trailhead

This is a Nova Scotia classic and a well-known hike. The trailhead has been recently upgraded by the province so parking is no longer a major concern.

86 Saves

Backpack to Semaphore Lakes

Canada / Sephamore Lakes Trail

How does a series of sparkling blue alpine lakes, beautiful mountains, a huge waterfall, glacier and uncrowded camping sound to you? For me, the area around Semaphore Lakes has been one of my favorit.

86 Saves

Hike & Swim at Falls Lake, BC

Canada / Falls Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Usually the Coquihalla is a means of a way to get from Point A to Point B, but why drive past all that rugged B.C.

86 Saves

Rock Climb at Seal Cove

Canada / Seal Cove Parking Lot

From the Britannia Beach parking lot walk north. There is a well established trail along the West side of the highway.

85 Saves

Hike to Cream Lake, BC

Canada / Jim Mitchell Lake Road

The hike to Cream Lake starts at the trailhead for the Bedwell Lake trail, which you can find directions to here.

85 Saves

Watch the Northern Lights at Saskatoon Island

Canada / Saskatoon Island Provincial Park

Interested in watching the northern lights (aurora borealis) dance across the sky only minutes from Grande Prairie? Optimal viewing is from September through April, when solar activity is at its hig.

85 Saves

Hike Alberta's Grizzly Peak

Canada / Grizzly Peak, AB

The trailhead is located on the north side of Ripple Creek, the first creek you come across after passing the Grizzly Creek turnoff. There is an easy pull-off on the east side of the highway.

84 Saves

Backpack the Kananaskis Backcountry

Canada / Mt. Shark Trailhead

This moderate graded backcountry hike or ski in the winter can take 5-8 hours (one way). Most people hike or ski in from the Mt. Shark parking lot in Kananaskis Country, a 30 min.

84 Saves

Hike the Orchard Trail in Rouge Park

Canada / Twin River Parking Area

The Orchard Trail is the most diverse of the trails in Rouge Park.

84 Saves

Camp at Lower Lake

Canada / Triple Peak Trailhead

Lower Lake is a gorgeous alpine lake located on the Triple Peak Trail. The route to the lake is very steep and scrambling is involved, but is well worth the effort.

84 Saves

Hike Nihahi Ridge

Canada / Nihahi Ridge Parking Area

This year on the summer solstice, I was invited to go up Nihahi Ridge to celebrate.

83 Saves

Photograph the Lions Gate Bridge

Canada / Lions Gate Bridge

Park at the parking lot at Prospect point in Stanley Park to begin your photography adventure.

83 Saves

Hike Across the Spine of Vancouver Island

Canada / Paradise Meadows Trailhead

Let's go on an adventure, shall we? Vancouver Island is 460km/285mi in length and 100km/62mi in width at its widest point, with a coastline covering 3,400km/2,138mi.

83 Saves

Hike Eagle Bluffs

Canada / Cypress Mountain Parking

Start at the Cypress Mountain ski area and walk towards the first chairlift. You will see a giant sign showing the ski trails and you go to the right of that.

83 Saves

Hike to Schooner Cove

Canada / Schooner Cove Trail

Park at the well marked parking lot off of the Pacific Rim Highway (4) about 16 kilometres south of Tofino. Start off on a relatively easy two kilometre trail.

83 Saves

Hike from Headwall Lakes to Chester Lake

Canada / Chester Lake Trailhead

The hike starts at the Chester Lake trailhead along the Smith Dorian road in Kananaskis. The first few kilometers follow the old logging roads, now used as cross country skiing trails.

83 Saves

Scramble the Tower of Babel

Canada / Tower of Babel Parking Area

Starting at the Moraine Lake parking lot follow the trail East along behind the large pile of boulders along the lake shore.

83 Saves

Scramble up Mount Sparrowhawk for Sunrise

Canada / Mount Sparrowhawk

Mount Sparrowhawk was the first mountain I ever fell in love with -- I knew it well, and I knew that the summit would still be accessible with a bit of snow on it in October.

83 Saves

Explore the Ladner Creek Trestle

Canada / Ladner Creek Trestle Parking

Located just off the Coquihalla Hwy about 30km east of Hope, BC is Ladner Creek.  Use the Portia Exit #202 if you are coming from the West to do a u-turn just after crossing over the creek.

83 Saves

Backpack to Robson Pass

Canada / Kinney Lake Trailhead

This trail is one of the most popular in all of Canada, and so reservations must be made to stay at campgrounds quite a way in advance. Find more information here

82 Saves

Park Day at Beacon Hill Park

Canada / Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is the jewel of Victoria's crown.

82 Saves

Summit Door Jamb Mountain and Loder Peak

Canada / Door Jamb Mountain, AB

If you're looking for views, vistas, and great scrambles in the Rockies, this is a great place to start.

81 Saves

Take a Sunset Ride on the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay Ferry

Canada / Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal

You can walk on or take your car on the ferry. Either way gets you to the same views. Make sure you sit on the right side of the boat (and it sometimes turns around once leaving the dock).

81 Saves

Scramble up to Wasootch Peak

Canada / Wasootch, Kananaskis, Alberta

Wasootch Peak is for people who's inner scrambler is screaming to push on when they're on Wasootch Ridge.

81 Saves

Hike to Overlander Falls

Canada / Overlander Falls Trailhead

Once you get to the pull out and head down the trail it is a 500m downhill walk to the lookout point of Overlander Falls. The waterfall is 10m (33ft) tall and 30m (98ft) wide.

80 Saves

Hike to Takakkaw Falls and Twin Falls

Canada / Takakkaw Falls

An 18 km hike with approx 300 m elevation gain, with good variety, several waterfalls, Twin Falls themselves, Twin Falls Tea House (especially if it's open), a walk through a rock field with great vi.

80 Saves

Hike to High Falls Creek, BC

Canada / High Falls Creek Trailhead

This is a great hike with varied terrain. From a flat meandering path to steep, scramble sections with chains and braided ropes.

80 Saves

Exploring Red Willow Falls

Canada / Red Willow Falls Trail

Red Willow Falls is a waterfall on the Red Willow River near the Alberta/British Columbia border. There are no signs for directions and it’s located down several oil & gas dirt roads.

80 Saves

Explore Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Canada / Peggy's Cove Parking Area

Peggy's Cove is 43 kilometers (26 miles) southwest of Downtown Halifax and comprises one of the numerous small fishing communities located around the perimeter of the Chebucto Peninsula.

79 Saves

Hike to Bourgeau Lake

Canada / Mount Bourgeau Trailhead

The Bourgeau Lake trailhead offers easy parking and bathrooms before departing.

78 Saves

Backpack the Fortress Cirque

Canada / Chester Lake Trailhead

No better way to watch the stars with friends than huddled up in your sleeping bag on top of a 3000m summit. This describes the bivy at The Fortress.

78 Saves

Scramble to the Summit of the West Lion via the Binkert Trail

Canada / Soundview Dr. Parking Area

Find parking in a small gravel lot and be careful to park to the left of the sign, as cars do get towed in this area.

77 Saves

Hike the Cavell Meadows Trail

Canada / Edith Cavell Trailhead

Jasper National Park is an outdoor wonderland filled with vibrant glacial waters and an abundance of wildlife. My favorite hike to experience the beauty of this park is the Cavell Meadows trail.

77 Saves

Hiking Willowbrae to Halfmoon Bay and Florencia Bay

Canada / Willowbrae Trailhead

The Willowbrae trailhead is not marked along the Tofino Ucluelet highway and the turnoff is easy to miss.

76 Saves

Hike to Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass

Canada / Bourgeau Lake Trailhead

The trailhead for Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass is on the west side of Trans-Canada Highway approximately 5 miles west of Banff.  The turn-off is approximately 0.

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Hike through McGillivray Canyon

Canada / Mcgillivray Slabs Trailhead

Between Pigeon Mountain and Mount McGilliveray, pull off the road and slow down until you see a little dirt road turn off to the large parking area.

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Hike to Rosewall Creek Falls

Canada / Rosewall Creek Falls Trail

Starting at the Rosewall Creek Provincial Park parking lot you take the trail upstream of the creek passing under the inland island highway bridge.

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Hike the Cinder Flats in Garibaldi Park

Canada / The Cinder Flats Trailhead

Enter from the Cheakamus Lake side, which mean a steady climb up the Helm Creek Trail, but you won't battle the crowds coming up the Rubble Creek side.

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Explore Lillooet Lake

Canada / Lillooet Lake - Strawberry Point

Lillooet Lake sits at the bottom of the Duffey Lake Road, just past the village of Mt Currie.

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Hike the Panorama Trail

Canada / Sea to Sky Gondola

After taking the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish (or hiking up!), just off the Sea to Sky Highway (HWY99), you are brought to the main lodge area where straight ahead, there is a larger viewing platfo.

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Exploring Burstall Pass

Canada / Burstall Pass Trail

Head to the northwest corner of the parking lot to find the trail. For the first 5.5 km the trail is quite easy, with only modest elevation increase. At 5.

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Watch the Sunset Overlooking Cox Bay

Canada / Cox Bay

Cox Bay is best known for its surf, but for an incredible view with minimal effort, scramble your way through the forested hills on the southern end of beach to let sunset soak in.

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Hike the Ancient Forest Trail

Canada / Ancient Forest

The Ancient Forest Recreational Park 1 hour east of Prince George BC is a one of a kind forest and soon to be a BC Provincial Park. It is home to a unique inland wet-temperate rain forest.

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Backpack the Skyline Trail

Canada / Maligne Lake Lodge

This hike can be done from either end, but the most popular route is starting from south side (Malign Lake trailhead), and I would recommend starting it from this trailhead to avoid a long climb up t.

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Hike along the Athabasca Glacier

Canada / Athabasca Glacier Viewpoint Trailhead

This is not an advertisement for the guided tour, but you will see so much more of the glacier than if you do a bus tour or just visit the roped off visitor area.

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Hike Mount Albert Edward

Canada / Paradise Meadows Trailhead

Mount Albert Edward is hard to miss. If you have ever driven up to Mount Washington you will remember the unique profile of this mountain to the west of Raven Lodge.

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Ride the Sea to Sky Gondola

Canada / Tyaughton Lake, BC

Whether you're looking for a quick, scenic trip or a long hike then this is one for you. You get a lot of bang for your buck and the viewpoints are breathtaking.

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Photograph Great Falls

Canada / Great Falls, Ontario

The perfect little adventure in the city of Hamilton, this waterfall is along the iconic Bruce Trail and can easily be turned into a longer adventure along the Grindstone Creek.

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Hike the Limehouse Conservation Area Loop

Canada / Lime House Conservation Area

This CA is home to history and nature. When entering the trail and heading left at the first fork, you are later greated by "hole in the wall" where the trail descends into a lime stone crevace.

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Sunset at Chesterman Beach

Canada / Chesterman Beach

Just minutes from downtown Tofino, Chesterman Beach is a great spot to catch the sunset, go for a run, or just walk down the beach towards Frank Island. The parking lot is just seconds from the beach.

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Hike Pulpit Rock and Flagpole, BC

Canada / Pulpit Rock and Flag Pole

This local trail starting from Johnstone Road is locally famous and really well maintained.

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Scramble up Mount Niblock

Canada / Mount Niblock (Lake Agnes Trailhead)

Thousands of tourists flock to Lake Louise and Lake Agnes every year (maybe even every month) and by scrambling Mount Niblock you'll see the same magnificent sites while leaving the crowd behind and .

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Hiking Mt. Ernest Ross

Canada / Mt Ernest Ross Trailhead

Clearly visible from the highway, the Twin Peaks of Ernest Ross get their namesake from the man who first drove a 1930 Ford Roadster between Rocky Mountain House and Saskatchewan River Crossing.

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Hike to Miller and Eva Lakes in Mount Revelstoke NP

Canada / Eva Lake Trail, Revelstoke

Mount Revelstoke, located in the Columbian Range on the border of Alberta and British Columbia, is the only summit in the Canadian Rockies you can reach by car.

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Summit Mount Cokely

Canada / Mount Cokely Ski Resort

The starting point depends a lot on the time of year and snow level. On a bad snow year you can get all the way to the old ski area base.

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Hike L'Accropole-Des-Draveurs

Canada / Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie

L'Accropole-Des-Draveurs is the most popular trail at Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie national park.

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Hike to Keeha Beach

Canada / Keeha Beach Trailhead

Far on the west coast of Vancouver Island, accessed only by a harrowing dirt road, is a wild and rugged coast begging to be explored.

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Hike to Tews Falls

Canada / Tews Falls Parking

Tews Falls is 41 meters high - just a little less than Niagara Falls! It's an impressive sight that gains perspective from the base - as opposed to the viewing platforms you will notice way above you.

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Photograph Webster's Falls

Canada / Webster's Falls, Ontario

The waterfall is located in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, which is delightful enough by itself to explore and have a picnic or lounge around.

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Walk the 1001 Steps Trail

Canada / 1001 Steps

One of Surrey's hidden gems, head down to this short trail down a set of stairs that will take you to an uninhabited beach.

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Mountain Bike Maple Mountain

Canada / Maple Mountain

The Maple Mountain trail network has been enjoyed for countless years by hikers, but not until recently did the mountain receive the attention it deserved for mountain biking.

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Hiking Burstall Pass

Canada / Burstall Pass Trail

The trail begins along the berm beside Mud Lake.

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Take in the View at the Mount Norquay Green Spot

Canada / Green Spot

The "Green Spot" is a beautiful grassy slope that opens up to sweeping views of downtown Banff and the surrounding area.  It's a great spot for photography, especially capturing the peak of Mt.

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Backpack the Watchtower Basin

Canada / Watchtower Basin Trailhead

The beginning of the trailhead descends down to the Maligne river where hikers have to rock hop due to the bridge being washed away in 2012.

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Hike to Landslide Lake

Canada / Elk River Trailhead

The Elk River Trail is one of the most popular destinations in Strathcona Provincial Park and for good reason.

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Summit Mt. Cokely via the Historic CPR Trail

Canada / Mount Cokely via CPR Trail

The trail from Cameron Lake to the top of Mount Cokely (5302') provides the most ready access to the alpine on Southern Vancouver Island.

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Mist Mountain Scramble

Canada / Mist Creek Parking Area

This is a pretty big objective, but doesn't feature any technical climbing, so anyone who keeps a clear head and can put one foot in front of the other can do it.

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Night Photography at Windy Point

Canada / Windy Point Ridge Trailhead, Alberta

On the side of Highway 11 (The David Thompson Highway) approximately 36km southwest of Nordegg, windy point area offers the perfect view for taking pictures at night.

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Hike to Crawford Falls

Canada / Crawford Falls Trailhead

Park in the cul-de-sac at Canyon Falls Court - Make sure you park in a spot you are allowed to park in, and don't block any driveways! Hike out to the sign for crawford falls, and head down into the .

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Explore Jasper Lake

Canada / Jasper Lake

This is a great photography destination because it's not unusual to have this whole place to yourself.

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Hike and Camp at Mt. Arrowsmith

Canada / Mt. Arrowsmith Saddle Route Parking Area

Mt. Arrowmsith's claim to fame is the tallest mountain on "southern" Vancouver Island.

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Raft the Kananaskis River

Canada / Kananaskis River

The river is perfect for first time rafters and families, but the Kananaskis River also provides enough thrills for even a seasoned whitewater enthusiast.

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Backpack the Tonquin Valley

Canada / Tonquin Valley Trailhead, Jasper National Park

The Tonquin Valley is well known for its strong grizzly bear population. If you plan on tackling this hike check bear warnings prior to leaving and always keep a can of bear spray easily accessible.

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Hike to Baby Bedwell & Bedwell Lake

Canada / Jim Mitchell Lake Road

Driving: From Campbell River, take Highway 28 West to the bridge over Upper Campbell Lake/Buttle Lake. Do not cross the bridge, but take the road down the East side of Buttle Lake.

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Camp at Takakkaw Falls

Canada / Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw is the third highest waterfall in Canada. Mountain vistas, rushing glacial fed rivers, and waterfalls galore make Yoho a prime destination.

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Hike to the top of Teapot Mountain, British Columbia

Canada / Teapot Mountain Trailhead

Starting in Prince George BC, head North on the Hart Highway for approximately 40 minutes. You will see a sign saying Tallus Road ahead, turn left onto it.

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Paddle on Jones Lake, BC

Canada / Jones Lake, BC

Jones Lake Reservoir is approximately 25 km southwest of the town of Hope, British Columbia. Directly off of BC Highway #1 at the community of Laidlaw.

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Hike Mount Becher

Canada / Mount Becher Trailhead

Trail access begins at the end of Forbidden Plateau Road, at the site of the old abandoned ski lodge. It is an ugly place to begin a hike to such a beautiful summit, but do not let that deter you.

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Scramble the Fortress

Canada / The Fortress Parking Area

Have you ever done a hike where you just don't want the day to end? Scramble the Fortress and you'll know the feeling.

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