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Calling an Audible to Yosemite

By Chris MacMurray / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Way back in February of 2016, me and a couple of close friends had elaborately planned a week-long backpacking trip to the Canadian Rockies for late September.

Gearing Up: How to Beg, Borrow and Rent Gear Before You Commit to Buying

By Jo Stein / How-to

So getting outside and camping for the first time can be expensive if you buy all of your own gear. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Local Exploration: A Cure for Wanderlust

By Matt Van Swol / Lifestyle

It’s been almost a year since I left college in Chattanooga TN for a small Georgia town nicknamed “Dis-gusta” (Augusta, GA).

10 Images from Our Fall Adventure in Magical Yosemite

By Christin Healey / Destinations and lifestyle

This was my second backpacking trip in Yosemite, with one of my favorite ladies, Meredith, to one of my favorite parks and most breathtaking landscape that one could dream up.

Transforming a Deadly Routine into a Passionate One: Commence

By Zach Leon / Lifestyle

I'll be honest, I don't really know what to say here. I'm sitting in a Starbucks between Mt. Rushmore and Badlands Natl. Park, in a place called Rapid City.

Leaving "Home" for the Mountains

By Maddy Elrick / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

It was just over a year ago when I took my first trip to the Canadian Rockies. I planned a trip for the end of summer and instantly fell in love with the landscape.

Iceland: A 3 Hour Tour

By Ryan Longnecker / Destinations and how-to

Iceland is a moody lass.

You Shouldn't Let the Rain Stop You from Hiking. Here's Why.

By Tanner Thompson / Lifestyle and activities

When we moved to Vancouver Island about a month ago it was still summer. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of sunshine we were getting and the number of days that were "shorts weather".

Colorado: A Living Landscape 4K

By Jason Hatfield / Destinations

For the 8 years I've lived in Colorado, I've been most enthralled by the short but incredible fall foliage season in the high country.

5 Breathtaking Scenic Drives in Idaho

By Visit Idaho / Destinations

In Idaho, taking the road less traveled is a wonderful way to explore the state.

What I Learned when I Gave up the Perfect Shot to Live in the Moment

By Sarah Giek / Lifestyle

It was 4:30 on a Sunday morning. My alarm had just woken me up for a full day of adventure.

20 Amazing Backpacking Trips in Oregon

By Garmin / Destinations and activities

There's no better way to get to know the wilderness in Oregon than spending a few days exploring the backcountry.

Storm Watching: Vancouver Island

By John Entwistle / Destinations

We had no idea what to expect when we booked a weekend in Tofino, British Columbia for the middle of October.

Get Away to Shenandoah National Park

By Matt Van Swol / Destinations

Shenandoah is considered the most beautiful national park east of the Mississippi.

Calming the Fear: A Hiking Meditation

By Sara Sheehy / Health and lifestyle

Adventures scare me. The fear isn't born of inexperience; I’ve been exploring the outdoors since I was a kid.

7 Nights Under the Stars, Sleeping Around Golden

By Tourism Golden / Destinations and activities

The idea of camping during the week while I was working came from…….well…..why not? The idea of camping in seven different spots in seven consecutive days around Golden came from….well….

13 Lucky Tips for Your Winter Camping Itinerary

By Alex Anderson / How-to and activities

Camping in the snow adds a mountain of challenges and fun, to what would normally be a routine camping trip. Obviously the colder and more serious the winter weather, the more gear you have to pack.

Catch a Sunset at the Highest Point in Georgia

By Explore Georgia / Destinations and activities

When fall makes its much-anticipated appearance in North Georgia, in-the-know leaf peepers head to one spot: Brasstown Bald near Blairsville.

The Best Way to Hike Yosemite's Half Dome

By The Traveling Professionals / How-to

Soooo, Half Dome. You’ve heard of it. You’ve probably seen pictures.

Explore Echos of the Past in Kolmanskop

By Adrien Patané /

Kolmanskop was a once bustling diamond town built on the fringe of the vast and never-ending Namib desert & Skeleton Coast of Namibia, what remains is a stunning, unique & temporal photographic world.

The Perfect Fall Highway - Kancamagus Hwy, New Hampshire

By Anaïs N. / Destinations

I have been to New England a couple of times but never during Fall. I was blown away by the beauty of the landscapes at this time of the year.

Stehekin, Washington: The Place I Lived Next to and Never Knew About

By Kennedy Nicholas / Destinations and activities

The trip started late August back home in Kirkland, Washington. Our last backpacking trip before we all left for school again in the fall.

Why You Should Try Cross-Country Skiing This Winter

By Michelle Olmstead / Health, lifestyle, family, and activities

Exercise! Cross-Country skiing torches more calories per hour than almost any other sport, including running and cycling (hundreds to thousands depending on intensity) and it is a full-body worko.

Explorer Spotlight: Jacob Sells

By The Outbound Collective / Lifestyle

Name: Jacob Sells | Age: 21 | Location: Blacksburg, VA.