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Founder and CEO of 686, Michael Akira West on Community, the Outdoors, and Following Your Passion

By The Outbound Collective / Lifestyle

Everyone dreams of having a job that doesn't feel like work. To do that you have to take risks, work tirelessly, and immerse yourself in something that you're passionate about sharing.

How to Travel Through Europe on a Student's Budget

By Emmalie Keenan / How-to and lifestyle

It's been almost two months since my arrival in Germany, and I've done a lot of amazing things and have a lot more ahead of me.

Big Hikes in Montenegro: Durmitor National Park

By Jason Nugent / Destinations and activities

Getting to Durmitor involved a lot of winding backroads driving, starting out in Podgorica and eventually making my way to Žabljak.

Explore Jasper National Park's Athabasca Falls All Year Long

By Tourism Jasper / Destinations

If you have the chance to head to Jasper National Park this winter, you can explore this gorgeous canyon and water fall in solitude - the icy blue river and frozen falls are an amazing sight.

The Best Campsite Ever: Salmon Creek and Sardine Lakes

By Benjamin Canevari / Destinations and activities

Somehow I scored reservations for 11 of us up at Salmon Creek Campground for my girlfriend's birthday. Unfortunately, four had to bail last minute. But the seven of us had an amazing time.

Awesome Parks to Explore Around Melbourne

By Katie Kessel / Destinations and activities

There are so many great parks around Australia to choose from, including many in Victoria.

The Journey to Spirit Island

By Liam Costar / Activities and destinations

The adventure took place in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Jasper, Alberta.

My First Backpacking Trip: Before and After

By Katie Johnstone / Activities

BEFORE In less than an hour I will be getting in my car and starting my drive to West Virginia for my first backpacking trip.

8 Places in Idaho Every Photographer Should Visit

By Visit Idaho /

Idaho is home to an endless supply of wilderness and if you’re a photographer, it will be the greatest subject you’ve ever had.

How to Get Started Mountaineering

By Tam McTavish / How-to and activities

I've been asked in a lot lately "How do I start climbing mountains", "How do can I walk on glaciers" or strait up "How do I get into Mountaineering".

The American Traveller's Misconception: Learning the Art of Enjoying the View

By Cambrey Knapp / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

"You're coming out to California? Where are you planning on going?" I excitedly asked my friend over the phone.

Mt. Baker Adventures: Chasing Epic Sunsets at Artist Point

By John Wingfield / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Artist Point for the first time.  I had been hearing about this spot for years, seeing posts on social media and wishing I could see it for myself.

Feeling Columbia River Gorge-ous

By Andrew Hoang / Destinations and activities

One of my best friends who goes to UC Santa Cruz called me saying he'll be up in Oregon for a weekend and that my friends and I should drive down to visit him.

Explore 25 Gorgeous Lakes in Washington

By Chaco Footwear / Destinations and activities

Sure, adventure is all about the journey.

Lunar Landscapes at Sorapiss Lake in the Dolomites

By Exploring Diary / Destinations and activities

It’s Autumn, finally. And it had been a while since we last hiked. it’s kinda hard to decide where to go when you are in the city. So we just decided to meet at 8.

Road Trip to Mars: Moab, Utah

By Chris MacMurray / Destinations and lifestyle

Living in the Pacific Northwest is a luxury in many ways. Ironically, most people don't think of the PNW as a leisurely place to live.

How to Cook Skillet Pizza Under the Stars

By Emily Hlaváč Green / How-to and activities

When we planned this hike and camp we bounced around a few dinner ideas. Loving a good adventurous culinary challenge, pizza seemed naturally like a good one to test our skills.

Colorado is Officially Open for the 2016-2017 Winter Season

By Grant Whitty / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

This time of year is always exciting in the ski industry, more so in Colorado.

25 Must-Do Hikes in Southern Utah

By / Destinations

Ahh, the Utah desert. Giant walls of red rock, ancient sandstone formations, the open road, and lots of sunshine.

The Conflicting Two Faces of the Classic Road Trip

By Nate Luebbe / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Roadtrips have always been a bit of a double-edged sword for me.

Winding Southward: Shenandoah

By Jack Tumen / Destinations

As the Summer of '16 winded down, one thing from my to-do list had yet to be fulfilled - a road trip. To where, though? I had been north to Canada; I had been west to the mountains.

There Will Be Blood (and Other Warnings) Family Travel Part 1: Lake Tahoe

By Ryan Longnecker / Destinations, family, and activities

Nothing is in chronological order in these stories. Because nothing about traveling with children is in chronological order… or any other kind of order.

How to Plan a Spontaneous U.S. Road Trip - On the Cheap

By Hillary + Matt / How-to

Everybody loves the thought of making like Jack Kerouac and hitting the open road – but have you ever tried to do it without a reservation? Competition for campsites is fierce in many of the more.

Saying Goodbye: Layla's Final Adventure

By Shawn Grenninger / Family

Layla was a black labrador retriever mix that I had rescued from the pound when she was about six months on October 8, 2006.