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15 Bucket List Road Trips

Need a little inspiration to get on the road? We got you.​

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Road trips never get old, do they? There's just something about a car full of your favorite people, good music, and nothing but adventure ahead that puts you in that special state of completely carefree and stoked. Here are some of our favorite road trips that our community has shared on The Outbound. Check them out and hit the road ASAP! Need to find camping nearby? Check out KOA to find awesome lodgings across the U.S.

Five people wearing masks on top of their heads are laughing and sitting on a stone bench with an orange wall behind them.
Photo by Holly Mandarich

1. The long road to Baja: Colorado to Ensenada and everything in between

A sun is setting or rising over a body of water surrounded by mountains. The sky is blue and orange and yellow.
Photo by Austin Jackson.

2. The ultimate 10-day Oregon road trip

Mountains reflecting on a calm lake with blue sky and white clouds.
Story by Cat Ekkelboom-White

3. Road tripping through the Dolomites - Italy

Photo by Mike Fennell

4. A perfectly planned road trip to every national park in the contiguous U.S. 

A person is far away and standing on striated red rocks.
Photo by Will Cebron

5. A road trip through Utah's Mighty 5 and Beyond

Mountains with grassy green coverings and blue sky with fluffy white clouds.
Photo by Nick Palastro

6. A one-week itinerary for road tripping New Zealand's South Island

A person sits in an orange tent amid snow-covered mountain.
Photo by Ty Merkel

7. The ultimate adventure guide to California's Highway 395

A calm, clear lake with snowy mountains behind it.
Photo by Geoffery Von Zastro

8. An incredible 10-day road trip in the Canadian Rockies

A wide, thin waterfall cascades down levels of rocks. Moss surrounds the falls and a person in a pink top and blue shorts stands, arms in the air, to the right.
Photo by Jess Fischer

9. The ultimate road trip through Eastern Tennessee's Waterfall Haven

A road curves to the right and a rounded mountain towers on the left. Foggy clouds fill the valley between.
Photo by Mike Fennell

10. 12 Photos from my road trip across South Africa

A calm lake reflects a snowy mountain and fall trees in the background. The sky and lake are a vibrant pink and purple.
Photo by Josh Packer

11. A scenic Fall road trip through Grant Teton National Park

A white Jeep Rubicon is parked on the right with a person peering out of a rooftop tent. The coast and the setting sun are on the left.
Photo by Meghan Young

12. From the sea to the sky: Road tripping California's Central Coast

An empty, calm hot springs reflects teal green sky. A person in black pants and a light blue jacket walks to the right of the pool. The structure is surrounded by green sloping mountains with white snowy peaks.
Photo by Brian Fulda

13. A comprehensive guide to planning a trip around Iceland's Ring Road

A road curves into the frame on the right with one vehicle driving on it. It's lights are on. The road winds through deep green forest. A misty cloud fills have the frame.
Photo by Jack Tumen

14. Winding Southward: Road tripping through Shenandoah National Park

A rocky, moss-covered coast surrounds a rippling lake. Snowy mountains fill the background and the blue sky has white puffy clouds.
Photo by Alex E.

15. 6 Reasons why you should road trip across Scotland

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Cover photo: Holly Mandarich

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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