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The ultimate list of road trip essentials

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Planning a road trip? Whether you’re going on a day trip or trekking across the country, reference this list for items you’ll thank yourself for bringing on your journey. From music/podcast recs to yummy snacks and travel apps, we've got you covered. Need lodgings? Be sure to check out KOA before you go!


Listening to podcasts can feel like having friends in the car. Some are entertaining, others informative - there's a genre for everyone! Here are some of our favorites.


    Music is critical for a road trip! It sets the mood, helps you fight through seemingly endless gray skies, and overall provides entertainment. Here are a few playlists to add to your must-listen list.

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    There will never be enough snacks. Add these ones to your pre-trip grocery list.

    • Trail Mix
    • Perfect Bar
    • Dried Fruit
    • Chips/Pretzels
    • Granola Bars
    • Reese’s Snack Mix
    • CraveBox Care Package (mix of 45 different salty and sweet snacks!)
    • Fruit Snacks
    • Green Pea Snack Crisps
    • Seaweed Snacks
    • Smart Sweets
    • Blue Diamond Almond On-the-Go Snack Packs
    • Clementines
    • Sea Salt Dry Roasted Edamame
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    There truly may be an app for everything. These four are especially useful on the road.

    • The Outbound App- For finding incredible local adventures (with GPX tracks) where you can stretch your legs
    • Waze- For getting to your destination with the fewest delays
    • GasBuddy- For finding the cheapest gas prices on the road
    • KOA- For finding great family-friendly camping locations along your trip
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      Hygge on the go!

      • Cozy Blanket
      • Neck Pillow
      • Memory Foam Seat Cushion
      • Car Mattress (for longer trips/potential overnight car sleeps)


      Make sure you have all the electronic things to charge your devices for navigation, safety, and entertainment.

      • USB/AUX cord
      • Portable Phone Charger
      • Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner
      • Headphones
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        Car Accessories

        These gadgets can make your road trip easier, keep your car cleaner, and help you bring the right stuff you need.

        • Cell Phone Mount
        • Roof Rack/Cargo Carriers (for extra storage)
        • Air Freshener/Diffuser
        • Car Seat Gap Filler
        • Back Seat Organizer
        • Waterproof Seat Cover (for pets!)
        • Mini Car Waste Bin (can fit right in your car’s cup holder!)
        • Folding Car Trunk Organizer
        • Portable Car Desk/Tray
        • Stick-on Window Shade


        An unofficial survey found that (insert high percentage here) of all road trip stories include some kind of a vehicle mishap. Be prepared.

        • First Aid Kit
        • Ice Scraper
        • Jumper Cables
        • Snacks
        • High power flashlight
        • Orange reflective safety cones

        Additional Handy Items

        Don't forget the extras!

        • Cooler
        • Reusable Coffee Cup/Thermos
        • Reusable Water Bottle
        • Picnic Blanket
        • Stain Remover
        • Wipes
        • Hand Sanitizer

        Find awesome lodgings across America with KOA!

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