The Best Outdoor Activities in Austria

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Explore the Hochschwab in Styria/Austria

Austria / Hochschwab

Start hiking at a tavern called “Bodenbauer” which is located at the very end of the little village St. Ilgen, which is in Styria, a state of Austria.

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Hike along Highline179

Austria / Highline 179

Hike to this amazing 376 foot high suspension bridge that spans 1329 feet across the a valley in the beautiful mountainous Tyrol region of the Austrian Alps.

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Backcountry Ski Pillsteinhöhe

Austria / Pillsteinhöhe Parking Lot

Right off the parking lot this trail starts with full immersion in Austria's beautiful country side. At roughly 2,800 ft the first challenge is crossing Weißenbach (creek) on a one person bridge.

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