The Best Outdoor Activities in Ecuador

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Hike around Cuicocha Lake

Ecuador / Cuicocha Lake

Not very far from the touristy Ecuadorian town of Otavalo and the retirement paradise of Cotacachi is the Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve.

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Hike the San Luis Trail in Cajas National Park

Ecuador / San Luis Trail, Laguna Toreadora Ranger Station

From the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador’s third largest city and a Unesco World Heritage Site, it’s an easy bus or taxi ride to Parque Nacional Cajas (Cajas National Park).

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Explore La Chimosa in Podocarpus National Park

Ecuador / Bombuscaro Entrance

At 970m above sea level in one of the most bio diverse places on earth one entrance to Podocarpus National Park can be reached by way of the small city of Zamora.

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Hike Mandango "The Sleeping Inca"

Ecuador / Hostal Izhcayluma

In the very south of the Ecuadorian Andes lies a mountain that appears in the form of a giant, sleeping, Inca god.

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Hike along Playa de Los Frailes, Machalilla NP

Ecuador / Playa de los Frailes

The 4km loop trail winds along steep bluffs and descends into several other "hidden" beaches before reaching Playa de Los Frailes -- a no brainer for this crowd.

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Catch a Sunset from Parque Eólica Villonaco

Ecuador / Parque Eólica Villonaco

In the southern Andes of Ecuador, at an elevation of 2,800 m above sea level, on the road joining Catamayo and Loja, a park containing 12 wind turbines provides amazing views of the city of Loja.

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