Kentucky is best known for it's rolling green grass hills that gave birth to Bluegrass music and bourbon distilling. The limestone karst topography that underlies the hills and knobs of this unique landscape hold a bigger secret found in Mammoth Caves National Park, the world's longest subterranean cave system. With a little over 400 miles currently surveyed, Mammoth Caves is one of the easiest caves systems to explore as the park features over 14 miles of established trails.

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Hike the Indian Staircase Loop and Cloudsplitter

Red River Gorge, Slade, Kentucky, United States

617 Saves

Explore the Lookout from Chained Rock

Chained Rock Parking Area, Pineville, Kentucky, United States

322 Saves

Hike to Natural Bridge and Battleship Rock

Natural Bridge Parking Area, Slade, Kentucky, United States

276 Saves

Hike the Pinnacles in Berea

The Pinnacles Hiking Trails, Berea, Kentucky, United States

264 Saves

Hike to Gray's Arch

Gray's Arch Trailhead, Stanton, Kentucky, United States

206 Saves

Hike to Courthouse Rock and Double Arch

Auxier Ridge Trailhead, Stanton, Kentucky, United States

202 Saves

Camp at Miguel's Pizza

Miguel's Pizza, Slade, Kentucky, United States

186 Saves

Hike to Whittleton Arch

Whittleton Campground, Pine Ridge, Kentucky, United States

183 Saves

Hike to Lick Falls

Lick Falls Trailhead, Olive Hill, Kentucky, United States

179 Saves

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