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Eagle Falls

Sultan, Washington

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Added by Holly Singh

A beautiful waterfall a couple of hours outside of Seattle.

Eagle Falls is a stunning location year round! Please practice safety when visiting this location as the water and area close to the falls can be very treacherous. There have been deaths at the falls.    

It's located on the Skykomish River 2 miles east of Index. The drive down and back is beautiful as well, having a full view of Mt. Index. The coordinates are 47.79563 N -121.51414 W. Parking is a bit hazardous because it is on the side of Stevens Pass Highway, but it just takes caution.

The falls are on the right side of the highway. Depending on the year, the place is PACKED with people, so please drive slowly and keep an eye for people in the area. 

To the right of the river there is open water that leads to a rocky bank, and to the left are more amazing rock formations and eventually the falls. Please help this natural area maintain its beauty -- make sure to pack out your garbage! Due to the high volume of people (especially in summer season), a lot of trash can be left, so please consider packing out what others have left as well. 

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Life time local here, YOU PEOPLE FROM THE CITY, we like to call cidiots, you have ruined this spot for locals, we don't want you here, you idiots block off the entire sides of the road and over crowd this place, trash it, and lack the knowledge of swimming with currents, y'all keep dying, getting the place shut down, just stay the hell away, find another spot in your shitty city to ruin and leave the rest of us alone

This section of river is a known death trap. PLEASE do not listen to the notes of the author. it is an exceptionally beautiful area to view and maybe dip your toes in, but incredibly dangerous to swim (and I'm a strong swimmer) Hopefully once you arrive at the location you will take heed of the official "Danger/no swimming" signs posted in the area To the author, please remove this post, you're going to get some unsuspecting adventurer killed. MOST IMPORTANT - this is NOT a good place to "float the river on a tube" there are TWO large waterfalls not too far downriver from here that will instantly kill someone who decides to float down river from here. You are going to kill people with this advice. Unless you want people going over this in a damn inner tube https://www.google.com/maps/@47.8037794,-121.53495,3a,90y,298.2h,56.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAF1QipPiG3GNF1kyl0t0WJXqn5LfdUg9v3ow4bjczn6x!2e10!7i10240!8i5120 Or, in the unlikely event they survived that waterfall... the second waterfall downstream is sure to finish the job https://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/pictures/1341814371-Sunset-Falls-WA.jpg

If I could give 0 stars I would. You are literally going to get people killed by publishing this article. Please have a little human decency and delete this before someone else dies. Anyone that takes this advice and gets hurt has you to blame.

Dangerous undercurrent! Search and Rescue are up there several times a day on sunny days rescuing people from drowning. The lucky ones go to the hospital the rest, if they find the body, get buried!

Hey there is 20 $ parking east of falls car is safe 2 nice guys there always park there don't have to be worried about getting towed or any car damage let us park all day really cool place to park

This is a DANGEROUS rapids and each week this summer they have had to pull bodies out of the river from drowning. Last week a woman was removed paralyzed. this is a dangerous section of the Skykomish River, not a swimming hole. There is nowhere to park and those who do risk their lives as the narrow section has a speed limit of 60 MPH. it is a dangerous, stupid place to swim.

very simple adventure. easy to find and easy to get to the water. we had our little one with us and had no problem maneuvering.

This stop is Mile Post Marker 39. I stopped here with some friends and it is a fun place to jump in, and even has a rope swing up a little further.

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