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This National Geographic Top 10 European Train Ride winds you through Flåm fjord country from sea level to a small mountain village, Myrdal, 836 meters above sea level. As you travel you see countless waterfalls and mountain vistas that make this arguably the most beautiful train ride in the world.

This train station starts in Flåm and travels to Myrdal and back. You can purchase a one way ticket and either hike up to or down from Myrdal, or a round trip. There are also opportunities to ride a mountain bike back down as well. If you're traveling from Bergen to Oslo by train, you can also take a stop as the Myrdal station is a connection between the two railways. The Flåmsdalsvegen follows a good portion of the way that the tracks do, but the train takes you to prettier view points and special waterfalls, including Rjoandefossen and Kjofossen, the latter of which the train makes a special stop by during the summer months for photo opportunities. Fall in love with the small villages and settlements along the way. The trip is about one hour one-way. For a round trip, it takes about two and a half hours with a pause at Myrdal station before heading back. If visiting in the summer months (or if you're not afraid to brave the cold), get a seat with an opening window for ideal photo opportunities. 


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Rode the rail, it was a beautiful view! Unfortunately it was after sundown, and there wasn’t much light out at all. Definitely a breathtaking view, though!