Visit the Vanderbilt Mansion

New York Vanderbilt Mansion Parking

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    Chillin, Photography, Hiking

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    Year Round

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    3 Miles

Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Picnic Area

Visit this National Historic Site. View its grand Mansion and grounds! You will enjoy a variety of terrain and sites. 

Once you are at the parking area you can choose to start the loop in either direction.  I like the idea of leaving the Mansion for last so that is what I did.  

Therefore, heading past the parking lot away from the mansion you will soon reach an open area high over the Hudson River.  You will also see the Catskill Mountains in the distance.  This is a "millionaire's view".  Continuing along the road you will soon want to head left at the fork. Most likely there will be a chain here as its only open to the public to drive at certain times.  Walk around the chain and head down hill.  You will continue until you reach a junction.  There will be a sign, head to Bard Rock along the Hudson River first.  You will walk across a railroad bridge.  This a beautiful and perfect picnic spot along the Hudson River.  Now back to the junction and head right.  You will be following the Hyde Park trail through the woods.  The river will be on your right.  After a beautiful stroll through the woods the trail will reach a paved road.  Take a right here to the gate and turn left.  You will then notice a waterfall on your left.  Follow the stone wall toward W Market Street.  Shortly you will turn left on Coach House Drive.  Here you will pass an old barn and walk over a stone bridge.  Soon you will reach an intersection, turn right.  As you head up the road the Garden grounds will come into view.  You will see a path along the hill where you can venture off to view the gardens.  I can only imagine what they are like in full bloom!  Once you explore the gardens exit at the top of the hill.  There will be a trail to the Mansion.  Once you enjoy the exterior views you can continue to the Visitor Center before returning to the parking area.

You can choose to purchase tickets for a guided tour of the Mansion.  For additional info on the park hours, tours etc.....visit :

Pack List

  • Sneakers
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Camera
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Great family spot looking for less adventure. Picnics, yard games, or taking in the architecture and seasonal gardens it can be a nice spot in the spring and summer for some low key outdoor fun.

11 months ago
11 months ago

Rebecca NicholsExplorer

I hike to push my limits both mentally and physically, take in the beauty of the great outdoors, and just to get away from it all. Every chance I get you will find me in the mountains, on a kayak or ending my day by the campfire!

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