Hike Mt. Katahdin and Hamlin Peak via Roaring Brook Campground

Maine Katahdin & Hamlin Trailhead

Added by Rebecca Nichols

If you love exposure you will have it on this hike! An amazing ridge hike across Katahdin's Knifes Edge.

This trail is located in the beautiful Baxter State Park. Baxter Peak (Katahdin) is the northern most terminus of the Appalachian Trail and the state's highest point.

There is a fee to enter the park. The number of people allowed to climb at certain trailheads is limited on busy summer weekends, so plan ahead. You can make parking reservations here.

The trail begins from the parking area for the Roaring Brook Campground. A few hundred yards ahead you will want to head left up the Helen Taylor Trail. You hit treeline fairly soon and the views are breathtaking!

The first peak you will ascend en route to the Knifes Edge is Pamola Peak (4902 ft). There will be a sign to mark the summit. Shortly after you enter the Chimney. It’s approximately a 30-foot drop into a rock-walled crevice. Careful footing and hand placement is a must.

Once you are on the Knifes Edge it is exhilarating! This arete ridge is sometimes only a few feet wide in some places so those with a fear of heights might want to think twice about this trail. You are exposed the entire length.

Baxter Peak (Katahdin) is at 5,268 feet. The famous sign marks the summit. Many pose with the sign as they start or complete their Appalachian thru-hike!

From this point onward you'll descend and cross a large, flat alpine plateau on your way to Hamlin Peak at 4,756 feet. From the summit you can look back at your travels over Pamola, Knifes Edge, and Baxter (Katahdin).

You will then descend another ridge back to the treeline and head out via the Chimney Pond Trail back to the trailhead.

This can be done in winter, however, please note: hiking or mountain climbing may be restricted at the discretion of the Director. Park users must be reasonably prepared and equipped for the activity they are engaged in, and must take reasonable precautions against endangering themselves or others. Registration of technical rock/ice climbers is required. The Baxter State Park Authority may request reimbursement of search and rescue costs in cases of reckless hikers.

Pack List

  • Hiking Boots
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Snowshoes (Winter)
  • Crampons (Winter)
  • Ice Ax (Winter)
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10.8 Miles




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How to Get There

11 months ago

Knifes Edge Is Thrilling

This is one of my favorite hikes in the northeast!! The walk along the Knifes Edge is exhilarating and the views endless!

11 months ago

Added by Rebecca Nichols

I hike to push my limits both mentally and physically, take in the beauty of the great outdoors, and just to get away from it all. Every chance I get you will find me in the mountains, on a kayak or ending my day by the campfire!

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