The Best Chillin in Chile

Looking for the best chillin in Chile? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Chile. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top chillin spots in and near Chile

  • Mercedes, Chile

    Hike and Camp in Cerro Castillo

    7.5 mi / 1640.4 ft gain
    Like most places in Patagonia, the adventure begins the moment you decide on your next destination (if you don't have a car). The start of the hike is in Villa Cerro Castillo. However, because the town is barely 2 streets and only one bus stop, you will have to ask the bus driver to stop at this ...
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  • Torres de Paine, Chile

    Camp at Lake Pehoé

    This campsite is great as you can be as adventurous or relaxed as you would like. You can choose to bring your own tent, or they offer rentals, as well as fully set-up domes. There is a restaurant on site, as well as a small camp store, and wifi available for purchase. The views from the campsite...
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  • Cisnes, Chile

    Hike to the Hanging Glacier in Parque Nacional Queulat

    2.1 mi / 656.2 ft gain
    Another day, another Patagonian gem waiting to be discovered! Backpacking along the Carretera Austral is perhaps the most magical experience of my life. After having done the trek through Torres Del Paine and Fitz Roy, I thought the best was behind me... until I reached Northern Patagonia. Parque...
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  • Torres de Paine, Chile

    Backpack the 'Q' Circuit in Torres Del Paine

    17.5 mi
    The 'Q' Circuit is simply the 'O' plus the 17.5km section between the Serano Visitors Center and Refugio Paine Grande. To reach Serano Visitors Center simply take the same bus used to do the 'W' or the 'O,' but stay on the bus until the third stop. It may feel strange as half of the people will g...
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  • Pucón, Chile

    Explore Salto del Claro

    0.3 mi / -196.9 ft gain
    Seven kilometers from Pucon, el Salto del Claro can mostly be reached by car.  From the parking lot, a poorly marked trail drops quickly to the base of the waterfall.  From the entrance of the parking lot, cross directly to the other side and follow the trail until you pass through a small wooden...
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  • San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

    Explore Valle de Arcoiris in San Pedro De Atacama

    This is truly the definition of an adult playground. Although it requires a four wheel drive to get to, once you're there, the possibilities are endless. In true desert fashion, there really are no trails, just endless slot canyons to go through, and countess mountains to climb. The area is vast,...
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  • Collentane, Chile

    Hike to the Top of Cerro San Sebastian

    8.1 mi / 4101.1 ft gain
    Technically the park does not open until 8:30.  This, however, only means that there is nobody in the office to collect the entrance fee (5,000 CLP for foreigners, 3,000 for Chileans).  Personally, starting after 8:30 is too late for my taste.  The forests of Lenga and Arrayan, with a ground cove...
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  • Natales, Chile

    Camp at Lago Sofia

    1.2 mi
    Lago Sofia is a small lake just about 20 minutes north of Puerto Natales off Route 9 on Y-280. The lake is surrounded by mountains and a horse farm fills the valley where you're able to camp. If you're heading into Torres Del Paine from Puerto Natales, this spot is awesome for camping at if you g...
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  • Refugio Villarrica, Chile

    Hike to the Top of Volcán Villarica

    / 4747.4 ft gain
    Upon arrival in Pucón, Volcán Villarica is an over powering presence, a permanent, snow covered background, showing off the way it reflects the sunset and hiding when the weather is bad.  The first three days that I was in Pucón, it was cloudy and raining and the volcano was covered by low hangin...
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  • Cabo de Hornos, Chile

    Explore Hache Island

    1.5 mi / 100 ft gain
    Hache Island, commonly known as “H” Island because of it’s shape, is only accessible through a tour with Tres Marias based in Ushuaia.  You should arrange your tour the day before you want to go although they do take last minute bookings if space is available.  They offer two option to the island...
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  • San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

    Explore Piedras Rojas (Red Rocks)

    This location is a hidden gem in the desert of the Atacama in Chile. If you are in this region, skipping this tour will be the biggest mistake you make. Be warned however, that the altitude reaches 4500 m and it is quite cold, so bundle up! The drive to get to piedras rojas is very beautiful as w...
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  • Collo, Chile

    Hike through Valle de la Luna

    There are many tours from San Pedro de Atacama that will take you around Valle de la Luna and Valle de la Muerta, or you can enter the park on your own. You are required to pay an entrance fee both on the tours and when you go alone, but it is 100% worth it! The whole area is strikingly strange a...
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  • Punta Arenas, Chile

    Walk with Penguins at Isla Magdalena (Natural Monument Los Pingüinos)

    In the Magellan Strait is Isla Magdalena, a small island which has the largest colony of penguins in south Chile. The island is a protected area (Natural Monument) hosting more than 60000 pairs of magellanic penguins and numerous seabirds. Being a protected area, it is uninhabited by humans and ...
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