Catch a Sunset at Gray Whale Cove

San Francisco / Gray Whale Cove

Starting at the parking lot adjacent to Gray Whale Cove State Beach, proceed to the start sign indicating "Grey Whale Cove Trail".

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Hike Gray Whale Cove Trail

San Francisco / Gray Whale Cove Trailhead

Gray whale cove trail is a splendid, short, and easy hike for the entire family with beautiful ocean views.

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Hike Ring Mountain

San Francisco / Phyllis Ellman Trailhead

Ring Mountain Open Space is an easy but uphill trail that take you to the top where you can explore more trails.

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Camp at Steep Ravine Environmental Campground

San Francisco / Steep Ravine Campground

Gain access through a private locked gate, and descend about 1 mile down to the bluff's edge. There is only parking for 1 car per site and also several cabins that can be rented.

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Camp Out in the Steep Ravine Cabins

San Francisco / Steep Ravine Campground

Although these cabins are bare bones, lacking both water and electricity, they couldn't put you in a better spot for views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Hike or Run Mt. Tam via Temelpa Trail

San Francisco / Temelpa Trail

The Mt.

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Rock Climbing The Egg

San Francisco / The Egg Trail

Once you've seen The Egg, you'll understand where it gets its name. This giant, egg shaped boulder near Stinson Beach provides about a dozen routes ranging from 5.6-5.12c.

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Hike the Steep Ravine Trail via Pantoll Station

San Francisco / Steep Ravine Trail from Pantoll Station, Marin

The trailhead Pantoll Station is easy to find on GPS and there are friendly rangers there as well to answer questions.Maps: Paper map are available at the trailhead Pantoll Station in Marin, CA.

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Camp at Mt. Tam's Pantoll Campground

San Francisco / Pantoll Campground

Need an escape from SF, but can't seem to find an available campground, then head to Pantoll Campground in Mount Tamalpais State Park.

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Rock Climbing Mickey's Beach

San Francisco / Mickey's Beach

Mickey's Beach is a great spot for experienced climbers to challenge themselves.

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Hike the Steep Ravine and Bootjack Trails Loop

San Francisco / Bootjack Campground

This hike is best done in the winter and spring in order for the creeks and waterfalls to be flowing. Park at the Bootjack Campground in Mount Tamalpais State Park.

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Camp at Bootjack Campground in Mount Tamalpais State Park

San Francisco / Bootjack Campground

Bootjack Campground is located within California's Mount Tamalpais State Park.

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Hike the Dawn Falls Loop

San Francisco / Dawn Falls Loop

Hike down into the Baltimore Canyon for an in-depth exploration into California nature.

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Picnic at Point Molate Beach Park

San Francisco / Point Molate Beach Park

The beach park is very small but has sand along the shore for water access. Along the small cliffs of the beach there are picnic tables and grills for a nice cookout and family picnic.

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Photograph Trojan Point on Mount Tamalpais

San Francisco / Trojan Point

The endlessly scenic Trojan Point can be reached by taking the Panoramic Highway to Pantoll road from Stinson Beach to the west, or Mill Valley / Highway 1 to the east.

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Picturesque Views from Mt. Tam's East Ridge

San Francisco / East Ridgecrest

This road provides one of the most scenic views of the pacific from north of the Golden Gate.

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Hike the Cataract Trail Loop

San Francisco / Rock Springs Parking Area

Duration: 3.5-4 hour hike at a moderate to quick pace with a short break for lunch.

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Hike to the Summit of Mt. Tamalpais

San Francisco / Verna Dunshee Trail

Mt. Tam is a large park with plenty of amazing viewpoints, but the East routes and the East Peak are best for sunsets.

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Trail Run Claremont Canyon Regional Park in the Berkeley Hills

San Francisco / Claremont Canyon Regional Park

From the trailhead at Stonewall Road, the 1.5-2 mile trail makes for an excellent before or after-work run. But the steep hills and loose ground aren’t for those looking to find an easy nature walk.

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Bouldering at Indian Rock

San Francisco / Indian Rock Park

Indian Rock is one of the most popular outdoor bouldering spots in Berkeley. With over 80 problems, there's plenty of routes for beginners to the most advanced climbers.

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