Explore Valle de Arcoiris in San Pedro De Atacama

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See outerworldly formations and color combinations so intriguing you can spend an entire day in complete awe. 

This is truly the definition of an adult playground. Although it requires a four wheel drive to get to, once you're there, the possibilities are endless. In true desert fashion, there really are no trails, just endless slot canyons to go through, and countess mountains to climb. The area is vast, so once you're done exploring an area, just drive a little further on the road and go explore another area. 

The great thing is it's almost impossible to take the same photo twice here and the possibilities to be creative with your photography are boundless. 

Camping is permitted anywhere in the park and I highly suggest it. Set up camp, watch the sun dip below the horizon and then spend the night staring up at the one of the clearest skies you will ever see. 

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Mars Landscape On Earth

It was absolutely amazing sight. We arrived there in the afternoon to be able to walk and climb around massive dunes and craters. Watching sunset is an absolute must as you can see the changing colours of the soil. It is brown to start with and as the suns goes down the colour is changing to a flamingo pink. The feeling is that you are on planet Mars rather than Earth

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