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0.3 miles -196.9 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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A hidden gem, this powerful cascade is best viewed in the morning light.

Seven kilometers from Pucon, el Salto del Claro can mostly be reached by car.  From the parking lot, a poorly marked trail drops quickly to the base of the waterfall. 

From the entrance of the parking lot, cross directly to the other side and follow the trail until you pass through a small wooden gate.  Continue along the trail until you see a faint red arrow painted on a tree pointing to the right.  From here the trail begins to drop steeply and can be slippery.  The trail is not really marked but at this point the sound from the waterfall is strong and can be found easily.

El Salto del Claro is so powerful that it creates a water-filled wind soaking everything near it.

Even though it is poorly marked, this is a popular tourist destination.  I highly recommend visiting in the morning, before noon and before the crowds, when the morning light falls directly onto the cascade. 

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馃 Contributor

about 3 years ago

Peaceful and private

If you give this rip earlier in the day, chances are you'll have it all to yourself. Completely free too. If you don't have a car, hitchiking there is super easy, don't pass it up

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