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Chile Refugio Las Torres

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Probably the most iconic hike in all of Chile. Incredible views of the Towers, and if you get nice weather, some of the most beautiful alpenglow I have ever witnessed.

This hike is truly awesome, but get ready to climb! You can park at the Hotel Las Torres, then you will see the trailhead right past the hotel, clearly marked. The hike is 11.2miles round trip with 3,000 ft of elevation gain, much of it at the end over rocks.

About halfway through the hike, you will arrive at Refugio Chileno, where if you are lucky and they are open, you can grab a coffee, beer, or snack. The hike evens out for awhile after the refugio, going through a lovely forest. There are plenty of streams at this point to refill your water bottle, and all the water is still safe to drink right out of the stream in Patagonia - nothing better than that. Right around the 3.5 mile mark, you will see the Torres campground off to your right. This is a great place to overnight if you want to get to the lookout for sunrise and not leave the hotel at 3am. The campsite is free and no reservations are needed, just be mindful there can be mice and foxes, so hang all your food in a dry bag.The last part of the hike is the toughest bit, but you can see the towers for most of it, so it's a pretty climb up there. Bring a lunch (or breakfast!) and enjoy the park's namesake three towers from the shores of the glacial-fed lake. When you're done taking it in, just head back the way you came.

At the end, the Torres hotel has a great bar/restaurant to reward yourself after this awesome day. The hike typically takes people 7-8 hours, less if you are very fit.

Pack List

  • Water bottle (you can refill as you go!)
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Hiking poles
  • Layers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain cover for bag
  • If you are camping: Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad, Cookwear, Dry bags for food, Food
  • Tripod for sunrise
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9 months ago

Simply top notch

Torres Del Paine National Park is filled with absolute world class beauty. The glaciers, valleys, granite peaks, and even wildlife make this park one of my favorites. With that said, the hike to Las Torres is the highlight of the whole thing, especially if you choose to take the hike in the dark to catch the sunrise. The alpenglow that Christin talks about in this adventure is definitely not overhyped. The sharp granite spires shine a bright rose color at first light and then transition into orange, yellow colors later in the morning. Since this hike is truly that magnificent and well known, you cannot expect yourself to be alone to watch the sunrise. In fact, you will surely see a steady trail of headlamps going straight up the valley. If you make this hike all the way from Hotel Las Torres, it will be a pretty challenging day because the elevation gain is serious. If you can figure out a way to do it with just a daypack, that is definitely the move, but if you are doing this section of the hike as part of the 'O' or 'W' circuit, then I would suggest setting up camp at Refugio Chileno so you can leave your pack there and then have a shorter hike early in the AM.

9 months ago

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