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The Best Volunteering in United States

Looking for the best volunteering in United States? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around United States. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top volunteering spots in and near United States

  • Vale, South Dakota

    Hike the Sacred Steps of Bear Mountain

    3.5 mi / 1200 ft gain
    Bear Mountain or Mathó Pahá as it's called by the Lakota peoples, is the leftover remnants of an ancient volcanic plug. The mountain weathered away, to leave the harder igneous formation, for which plains tribes have been coming to for sacred communication with their Creator for 10,000 years. Thi...
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  • Ramah, New Mexico

    Explore the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

    1 mi
    Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is an incredible place that has 3 main focuses: rescue, sanctuary and care, and education. It's important to keep these in mind when visiting, but also when you're exploring elsewhere.As WSWS is a bit far from your typical town, I recommend preparing in advance if you a...
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  • Vallejo, California

    Camp at Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve

    1 mi / 20 ft gain
    This old Naval Base is now home to, well, almost nothing. As a weekend volunteer trip, myself and about 50 others got a little dirty creating 3 new campsites for you and your friends!During the day, the island has hikers exploring everywhere, but the preserve closes upon sunset and it's just you ...
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  • Bellevue, Idaho

    Hike Along Silver Creek

    3 mi
    From the intersection of Highways 75 and 20 drive east on Highway 20 for 7.3 miles. Turn right onto Kilpatrick Bridge Road and drive another 1.5 miles to the Silver Creek Preserve Visitor Center.Stop at the Visitor's Center to take in the desert landscape and snap a few pictures. Exit on the far ...
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  • Miami, Florida

    Mountain Bike or Kayak at the Virginia Key North Point Trails

    8.2 mi / 36.5 ft gain
    Virginia Key North Point Trails offers 8.2 of mountain bike trails ranging from novice to advanced and expert. There is a variety of cool features and bridges to ride on, overlooking the beach and Downtown Miami. The trails are constantly maintained as there are volunteers every weekend. Virginia...
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  • Saint Simons Island, Georgia

    Discover Fort Frederica National Monument

    Fort Frederica National Monument Fort Frederica National Monument is a beautiful place to visit and is key in teaching children about the history of the Golden Isles. This Georgia historical treasure is not only a place I visited on my travels along the east coast but also a place that made me ap...
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  • Ozark, Illinois

    Explore Camp Ondessonk

    10 mi
    In the heart of the Shawnee National Forest is an amazing camp that provides many adventures for those with all skill levels. When camp is out, anyone is allowed to visit Camp Ondessonk as a guest and explore. There are over 10 miles of trails through pristine forests,  sandstone canyons, and sev...
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  • Madison, Wisconsin

    Visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens

    Olbrich Gardens has 16 acres of gardens including a rose garden, sunken garden, Thai pavilion, rock garden, herb garden, and more.  Each one is unique with its own pathways and plant life as well as man made structures which include bridges, pools, the Thai pavilion, and more.   Adjoining the Bot...
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  • Springfield, Ohio

    Climb at Mad River Gorge

    1 mi
    Just a short hike down from the parking lot lies a half mile of cliffside full of climbing opportunities! Plenty of variety for different skill levels, although someone in your group will need to lead climb to set up the route first. There are hooks already in place on each route, and you are not...
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  • Orr, Minnesota

    Participate in the Old North Canoe Program in Voyageurs National Park

    Visiting Voyageurs National Park was the highlight of our summer last year. Full of history, beautiful scenery, and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, this park is a gem! Although its difficult to get to, the drive up to northern Minnesota is definitely worth it.We camped at the Wooden...
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  • Madison, Wisconsin

    Explore the University of Wisconsin Arboretum

    It is filled with effigy mounds, thousands of plant and animal species, and unlimited places to explore.  You can run, hike, bike, and even drive through the Arboretum.  There is a visitor center and you can host an event here.  Trail info  One of my favorite trails is in the Grady Tract area nea...
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  • Dayton, Ohio

    Explore The Carillon Historical Park Museum

    The Dayton area is home to many major technological advances, including the cash register, the Bombe code-breaking machine, plutonium triggers for early atomic bombs, car self-starters, self-cooled refrigerators, and so much more. Probably most well known is the Wright airplane, which was develop...
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  • Riverside, Ohio

    Discover the Complete History of US Aviation

    The best part about this adventure? It is FREE!  Free parking, free WiFi, and yes, you can see all sorts of planes from the SR-71 Blackbird to past Air Force Ones, all without paying a dime. Some planes you are even able to walk through to get a good look of the interiors! This is one of the best...
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  • Onamia, Minnesota

    Hike the Minnesota Hiking Club Trail in Mille Lacs Kathio

    3.2 mi
    Tucked away in the trees next to the popular Lake Mille Lacs and roughly 90 minutes from Minneapolis, MN, lies Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. Of great importance to the Native American tribes that originally inhabited the area, this park is a wooded oasis from the big city. With 35 miles of wood...
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  • Lewistown, Montana

    Take a Stroll through Labyrinth Garden

    This place is an example of finding beauty in the small places. Labyrinth Garden is not in the mountains, but right in the middle of Lewiston Montana. It is a beautiful garden located in Frank Day Park. The sign says it is a seven-circuit labyrinth. The paths are lined with celebration stones. It...
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