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    Looking for the best rock climbing in United States? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around United States. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near United States

    • Tuckasegee, North Carolina

      Paradise Falls

      1.5 mi
      To the north of Panthertown lies a chain of dammed lakes that are some of the most peaceful waters in Western North Carolina. These make up the headwaters of the East Fork of the Tuckasegee River. The gorges that run between the top lakes are wild, scenic, and adventurous to even the most experie...
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    • Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Climb and Hike in the Garden of the Gods

      If you are new to the area a stop by the visitor center can helpful to get a map of the trails and roads in the area as well as obtaining a climbing permit (one is needed to climb and is free).Once you have entered the area there are multiple trails and pull outs that you can explore. Many of the...
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    • Granby, Colorado

      Mirror and Crater Lakes via Cascade Creek Trail

      14.94 mi / 2421 ft gain
      Start at the Monarch Lake trailhead (where there is a $5 parking fee unless you have one of the national lands passes) and follow the cascade creek trail around the north side of the lake. After about 1.5 miles the trail splits with the Arapaho pass trail, follow the cascade trail to the left as ...
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    • Arco, Idaho

      Hike the Craters of the Moon's Lava Tubes

      1.6 mi
      Craters of the Moon National Monument in Southern Idaho is a vast ocean of lava flows, with scattered islands of cinder and splatter cones created by volcanic activity 15,000 years ago. Over 618 square miles, this surreal field displays the strange geography that can be caused by significant erup...
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    • Cleveland, Georgia

      Hike and Climb to Yonah Mountain

      4.53 mi / 1417 ft gain
      The trail starts at "Mt. Yonah Trailhead" and is 4.4 mile round-trip with elevation of 1,500' to 3,166'. The trail stays below moderate tree coverage until around the halfway point where you will come upon a clearing known as the first LZ (landing zone). The mountain is shared with hikers by Army...
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    • Seaside, Oregon

      Saddle Mountain Trail

      4.59 mi / 1644 ft gain
      Saddle Mountain is a pretty stellar spot if you are looking for a beginner/intermediate hike with incredible views close to Portland. The trail is a 5.2 mile round trip trail with an elevation gain of 1600 ft that starts at the Saddle Mountain Trailhead. You can actually camp right at the trail...
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    • Hagarville, Arkansas

      Backpack to the Natural Bridge

      8 mi
      After you drive across the one-lane bridge and take the dirt road immediately after it, follow that dirt road until it begins to bend to the left. Park your vehicle in the turnoff on the right, and be sure to lock it and take (or hide) any valuables in it. Even though it’s relatively remote, rand...
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    • San Diego, California

      Explore Sunset Cliffs Open Ceiling Cave

      0.5 mi
      Starting from you parking spot on the street you will see it right away. Then look to the right in the small bay--to the right of it you'll see a small place to climb down. There is no rope so be careful when scaling it. Walk south until you hit the reef wall and walk along it until you get aroun...
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    • Springdale, Utah

      Canyoneering Keyhole Canyon

      Keyhole Canyon is an experience for the adventurous, thrill seeking explorer. Hidden between the jagged mountains of Zion National Park, this canyon sits roadside, just two miles from the east entrance. Before we continue, please note that Canyoneering is a dangerous sport. This canyon is not for...
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    • Sequatchie, Tennessee

      Foster Falls Loop

      2.19 mi / 574 ft gain
      Foster Falls State Park is part of the South Cumberland State Park system. A short 45 minute drive from Chattanooga, Foster Falls boasts a stunning 60 foot waterfall that is worth visiting during any season of the year. The trailhead for this 2 mile hike starts from the Foster Falls parking lot a...
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    • Salt Lake County, Utah

      Hidden Falls

      0.16 mi / 138 ft gain
      Hidden Falls is a beautiful little waterfall with minimal crowds. When I say minimal, I mean I've only seen another person there 1 of the 5 or 6 times that I have been. Take it in. Stay a while. Scramble around the small canyon for different perspectives of the falls or the creek. If you don't ha...
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    • Aspen, Colorado

      Explore the Maroon Bells & Snowmass Wilderness

      The beautiful and iconic Maroon Bells-Snowmass wilderness is home to some of the most amazing scenery and adventures to be had in all of Colorado. It is world-famous for the Maroon Bells, two challenging 14ers just outside of Aspen, Colorado. The third 14er, Pyramid Peak is also considered a clas...
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    • Natural Bridge Station, Virginia

      Hike Devil's Marbleyard

      3.24 mi / 1421 ft gain
      Want to scale the side of a rock face? If you do, I highly suggest adding this adventure to your list. Hiking to the marbleyard and back to the parking lot will have you at a 3 mile journey. How many hours will it take to hike the trail and tackle Antietam Quartzite boulders larger than cars you ...
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    • Kanab, Utah

      Hike Buckskin Gulch, Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

      15 mi
      Buckskin Gulch is a natural wonder. At 15 miles long it is the longest slot canyon in the world. It sometimes is as narrow as 2ft. Because of the nature of this canyon and Utah topography this canyon is subject to deadly flash flood if it rains anywhere along the headwaters. Be sure to check in w...
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    • Detroit, Oregon

      Boca Cave & Triangulation Peak

      4.75 mi / 1053 ft gain
      Triangulation Peak, Spire Rock and Boca Cave TH #3372 The trail starts on level ground where you travel east along the top of the ridge. There are multiple trees that have fallen across the trail making the hike quite adventurous. Some trees you'll go over and some you will need to go under. Dep...
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    • Dillon, Colorado

      Mount Bierstadt

      7.18 mi / 2697 ft gain
      If you’re ready for your first 14er, Mount Bierstadt holds a reputation for a great “starter” 14er. Of course, experienced climbers will enjoy this (relatively speaking) easy mountain as well. Besides the joy of the hike itself, Bierstadt is a stunning wildflower hike in July and August. Thanks t...
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