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Popular beach that many Oregonians visit right next to the Yaquina head.

Mundaka is hands down one of the best left hand point breaks in the entire world. Also a fun word to say.

San Sebastian is a vibrant town with lots of good food, sightseeing and a sandy beaches for everyone to enjoy. Also a fun spot to surf even though it gets pretty crowded.

Came here in January and it was beautiful. The snow makes it look like a postcard.

Cool town in the Basque country of Spain. Fun surf and boardwalk.

Great beach to end a hike at. Nice spot to eat after hiking or to just relax.

This a cool spot on the southern end of Biarritz. It's a popular longboarding surf spot.

This is a large open beach in Newport Oregon. It's a fun place to just stroll on the beach when the weather is nice.

Cool beach north of Santa Cruz, if you want to avoid the crowds of santa cruz. Is known to be sharky.

This is the main beach in Biarritz France. Very crowded in the summer but a beautiful place to surf and have a beach day. Would recommend going here at least once!

Popular surf spot just outside of San Juan Puerto Rico, and fun place to spend the afternoon. Should only surf here if you know what you are doing.

It's a great spot to go to after/before a beach day. Fun place to watch the waves and see the lighthouse.

This walk has great views of the city and you can see great views of the rock as well. There can be large waves during the winter.

This is a tiny beach in Biarritz that gets crowded quick. Very picturesque.

Not too many people here. Great big beach, and fun surf at times.

Only came here once. Hike was good, and there a nice places near the water that are very relaxing. Parking can be very tough.

A pretty standard hike in the Santa Cruz mountains. Has everything you need - river, mountains, redwoods. Fun place to hike.

Great easy trail for new hikers. Saw lots of deer every time I went. Sometimes the deer get pretty close to the trail.

Came here for sunset many times and packed a dinner. Fun place, and not too overly crowded.

Kailua is great, but this spot has no waves. Can be good for paddleboarders though.

It's a popular place to go especially if you go to Oregon State. Great for running.

Great place to check out while driving on the Oregon coast. There are so many places to stop, and this place is one of the best.

This trail is a good alternative when you're not up to the 13ish miles to see all the waterfalls. This trail does pass one waterfall, but it is a little out of the way on the other side of the road, so you need to look for signs as it is not directly on the trail.

It's a popular spot for beach days north of SF. Would also recommend going farther north to Point Reyes or hiking the nearby Mt. Tamalpais.