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It's a nice garden but I always wonder how accurate these Japanese gardens are. Would love to go to Japan some day to find out.

Great place to photograph Portland. Some of my best photos here are at sunset.

Photos of this bridge are the best at night, so try to plan your trip accordingly.

This hike has a cool waterfall. It's not sure long so you should definitely work it in to your Oregon trip.

Fun place for a beach day. Take you friends and come here for sunset.

This place has great views of the south Bay. Not sure if it is the best place for stargazing.

Iconic waterfall in Oregon. Pretty much everyone comes here when they visit Oregon. It took me a while, but I eventually made the trek over.

Nice spot for photos. Both of the monarch grove and the beach. The rock formations are cool.

A fun spot to camp. The hikes around here are great and the park is very green.

A nice hike with ocean views. It's not too hard and is great for sunset.

Fun place for bonfires as the beach is very big. Can get cold at night.

Not sure why anyone would want to run on these steps. Ususally people stop to take pictures. There is another set of tiled steps in the city.

Walked it, did not run it. People who run it must have thighs of steel. Views are great though.

Can get very windy. There is some parking, but not much. View from the top is cool.


It's an easy place for kids to explore. You can see a lot of sea lions. Is very touristy.

Fun stop but ended up eating too much sugar in the form of a mega ice cream glass.

Would no go here unless I had family or friends visiting from far away who wanted to see it. It sounds famous, but is very crowded and hard to park. There are better places to explore. Maybe it would be different if I wasnt allergic to clams.

A very easy hike in Zion. Perfect for new hikers or kids. Views are great.

You want someone else to drive you so you take photos. It's incredible.

The waterfall at the end is amazing and well worth the easy hike.

Came here once and loved the icicles. This was the first time seeing icicles that big in real life. It's amazing to be able to see a frozen waterfall.

Did this many times during the summer. Paddling in the river is pretty fun with friends.

It's not on the cave loop, but it's a pretty cool place to visit. It can get cold down there.

Very fun, but can be difficult for the clausterphobic. It does get narrower as you go on.