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Exploring the caves is a must. It gets eery in a cool way and is a fun place to explore.

Pretty short hike, but you can still get cool photos here.

It's cool to hike on a volcano. Views are great and worth the climb.

Nice stop near LA but overly hyped.

Come here if you want to avoid the crowds of Zion. It has great views and the rocks are so orange.

Not sure which I liked better. Emerald Pools or Angeles Landing. Both are very popular, and well worth it.

Fun spot to mountain bike. It's pretty famous and can get slippery when wet.

By far the best place I have ever mountain biked. Incredibly fun and amazing views. Fun way to explore Utah.

A short but strenuous hike in Utah. Great place for catching the sunset.

You get the best views of the ocean here. Stairs a steep.


Another iconic spot in the world. This one is hard to miss and makes great photos.

Nice little beach for those staying in Princeville. A short hike gets you there and it is generally uncrowded.

It's a great place to take a walk during sunset. There were lots of people fishing on the pier. Parking can be tough at sunset.

Hikes that include a beach are just great. The beach is a nice place for a break during the hike, and a great spot for lunch.

Almost no hike on the Oregon Coast is dull. This is another scenic hike that is worth the stop.

One of the most popular beaches in Cabo. Nice place to relax but there will be a lot of people trying to sell stuff to you.

Huge beach with very little people. Tourists don't generally come here. It's located near the military base and is only open on certain days. Watch out for blue jellyfish.

This lake is a great place to bbq and picnic with family. There is a boat house that rents all kinds of boats.

This place is a must for any GoT fan. It's amazing to get so close to where they filmed it.

Great spot for beginners to learn how to ski or snowboard. The instructors are pretty good and nice as well.

Great for beach days! Very popular beach in the Dominican Republic. Would love to wind surf here in the future.

Did a hike then ended up eating lunch here. Pretty neat little spot. On the smaller side, but nice.

This is a right hand point break with camping opportunities on the cliff.

Great place for little snow hikes. You can stop and play in the snow or explore the area.