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This hike goes down then up, so the end is rough. Lots of greenery and goes by the river or creek a lot.

Always love stopping at spots on the Oregon Coast. There is always so much to see and everything is beautiful. This is a great place for lunch.

I'd visit this if you were already in the area or walking by. Not worth it to take an uber just to go here. There are other steps to check out too.

Loved hiking along this lake. Had great views and saw lots of temples.

Fun spot to surf. It has some of the clearest waters on the California coast.

Stopped hear after leaving the airport. Had never been to the south of Kauai before so this was a great stop. The beach and town were both great.

Would not do this again. The cove itself is cool, but the small hike down is slippery with sandy rocks and pebbles. Watch out as other people can accidentally kick big rocks down at you.

Came here a couple times growing up. Iconic place to ski and take pictures from.

Popular spot for locals and tourists. The paddle out is long.

Conditions have to line up, but if you get the chance it's worth it to surf this novelty wave.

Great spot to catch the sunset. Waves get very big in the winter.

Trail gives you great views of the town below. Short but steep hike.

This experience is mostly to meet the goats. They jump on you and you get to feed them. Not many people doing yoga though.

Honestly not my favorite place to paddleboard. It is a good place to learn because its so calm, but the water quality could be better.

This is a great place to pull over and stretch your legs while driving on Hwy 1. Not as beautiful as some other stops, but still pretty.

It's a nude cove with lots of people sunning themselves. The water is incredible here. Short hike down to the cove, but pretty steep.

The hike is super muddy which can make it very fun for some and terrifying for others. Just try not to worry about slipping and you're less likely to slip. Waterfall is great.

There are multiple rooms with many different plant species in them. You gotta read all the little signs to learn the names.

Hanalei is hands down one of the best places in Kauai, and maybe even all of Hawaii. Hanalei Bay is a huge beach with a pier and is almost never too crowded.

Pleasure Point is one of the main attractions on the east side of Santa Cruz, CA. It's fun right hand point break, and is always very very crowded.

This is a historical surf spot in LA county. It's a great long boarding wave.

It's a very crowded surf spot in Santa Cruz, CA. Fun place to surf, but too crowded most of the time.

Only went mountain biking here once. There are some easier trails for beginners wanting to learn here.

This is a fun right hand reef break in Rincon with fun rippable waves. Town is also pretty cool and it's a great spot to catch the sunset