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Probably the best beginner surf spot on the Oregon coast. It is also a great place to just hang out and relax on the beach with friends.

This is a fun activity that's different from most of my other adventures. You get to climb around on obstacle course like things in the trees and end with a couple zip lines.

Iconic place to walk in Paris. It's very tempting to keep buying pastries as you stroll along.

AllTrails calls this a hike, but its a walk with lots of people just wandering about. Could be good for jogging, but it gets crowded

Brought a lunch here, great place for picnics and relaxing.

It was pretty empty when we came here. Not sure if it was just cause it was a weekday or if its always uncrowded. It's a great place to cool off, especially after long drives. Very refreshing to see so much water after long drives in the desert.

We stopped here while we were waiting for our ferry to Granville Island. It's a cool park with benches and jogging paths. Not sure if I'd come back specifically for this park though.

We took a ferry here and passed the famous arch along the way. Great beach for families and kids, but keep them on the Lover's beach side because the other beach is generally a nude beach.

This is such an iconic part of Cabo, you wouldn't want to miss seeing the famous arch on your way to the beach. Locals can guide you around this landmark on a boat. It's worth the stop!

The view of the lake is really nice. The area is actually really big. There is so much to see here and the short hike makes it very easily accessible.

The photos here can get a bit cliche but they are still amazing. You need to get a tour to visit Antelope Canyon. It's a really popular spot and most likely you have seen photos from here on any Arizona ad.

This is just another incredibly scenic drive in Utah. The rocks can get so orange/red. You're going to want to keep your camera with you.

The views from this hike are amazing. You can see a lot of the Canyon from up top. Fairyland point is very picturesque.

This is a great drive with many overlooks to stop at. In spring, you can sometimes see prairie dogs? Not sure if that is accurate but we met a guide who told us those little guys were everywhere that time of year.

This trail is long but very worth it. There are amazing views of the hoodoos and the scenery changes all the time. It is a great hike to do in the snow.

This is probably the most talked about hike at Zion- although the Narrows and Emerald Pools are up there too. This hike starts out by climbing up switchbacks before you get to the iconic part of Angeles Landing. That flat area is a great place to regroup and refuel before starting the rope section.

Surf spot in Big Sur, lots of kelp - which is a shark deterrent.

Beautiful beach off of HWY 1 in central california. It's a popular beach and a cool place to stop.

A more low-key surf spot in the SLO area. Can be pretty fun!

This is a beach break in Anglet that can get heavy at times.

Fun wave in Anglet. Found on the northern end of the town, this wave can handle bigger swells due to the jetties.

The premiere wave in France. Walk over the sand dunes and find a peak and hopefully get some barrels. Very punchy beach break

Plan for this to take a couple hours especially if you want to take breaks, jump in the water, or climb on the rocks and don't forget to keep the wind in mind. It'll take longer coming back if you are paddling against the wind

This is a lake you'd mostly want to run or jog around. The water is gross but you can get nice views while working out