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Great place to surf. It's a fun beach break and also a great place to have a beach day

The hikes were on the easier side but the views were amazing. Caves are always cool

The parking lot fills up and can clog the road near the lot. Cars will do u-turns to go back down to the west point parking lot and walk back. There is a short trail from the parking lot to the beach. If going on hikes, the trail to the cliffs go to the right, before you start on the trail to the beach

Great way to explore the city. It's cool during the day, but would want to come back for a sunset paddle.

Great spot for sunset. Bring a picnic! Remember to bring a flashlight in case it gets dark for your walk back up.

Fun walk down to the beach. Not many people there on a thursday afternoon. Parking was also easy on a weekday.

The lakes are very scenic and the views are amazing. The trail is close enough to the campground. Start early because it can get crowded.

Nice little beach to hang out on and eat lunch. It's worth a stop if you're on the north eastern side of the lake. Entry fee is $10.

There doesn't look like there is much to do here after getting a photo of the ship. Nice views though

We saw so many elk and they got even closer to the trail on the way back. Got here at 9am and there weren't many people on the way out, but more on the way back. All the grass dried up over the summer

Another beautiful lake in Alberta. The water is an unreal blue.

This was one of the best lakes in alberta, and probably one of the most photographed and stopped at. It would be great to get a sunrise photo.

The trails are very nice. The surrounding area is one of my favorites. The coastal views are beautiful.

Mendocino is such a beautiful place! The views are amazing and are great for sunsets and ocean views.

Good hike, with great views. Not to much shade though.

Great spot in santa cruz for beginners to learn to surf. Lots of people out there.

Great beach on the north shore of kauai. Perfect if you are in the princeville area. Not too crowded.

The best drive on the Island of Hawaii. It's got so many spots to stop. Take a camera!

Fun beach on Maui. Theres a cool cliff jump area.

Scenic spot but very crowded. I'd find another place to picnic in SF. There are plenty of great parks.

This is a great park. The hike is a decent one and you get to feel immersed in nature.

Iconic place to take a photograph. It's pretty touristy but then again everyone does it. Gets very crowded.

Great place to run if you like city running. Nice views and cool people.

Friends were worried about bees, but its acutally not bad. Very beautiful garden, especially if you are into roses.