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Drove all the way from Devil's Kitchen to see Lake Helen. It was well worth the drive because there were only a couple other people there and the lake was beautiful with Lassen Peak in the background. Parking was also super easy

Came here near sunset and there were plenty of people fishing off the pier. Would be fun to try sometime. Parking is luck based if you come later in the day

It's a cool view of an iconic landmark, but like the first review says the parking situation can be pretty bad

The worst part about this hike is going up to upper yosemite falls. The switchbacks are steep and have loose rock. But the view is worth it from the top

Great trail with lots of waterfalls to hike to. Make sure you dont take any detours especially near the beginning/end. Sad Big Basin got so burnt during the fires this year.

Pretty spot for a sunset and great for photos when the light is just right. If getting here for sunset you need to get here early because it'll fill up

The turtles are really fun to watch swim around, but you cant get too close to them

This is one of the most scenic hikes near monterey. The parking lot can fill up very fast