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Camped near here once and tried swimming to the falls. Water is very cold, but fun.

One of the most beautiful spots in Monterey. It can get very crowded. The water here is beautiful.

Most of the trail is around the reservoir. Went through a tunnel at the beginning. We camped near a river and had beautiful views in the morning

Gnarly hike to the top, but the views are worth it. Make sure to go to yosemite point too

Great location across from emerald bay and has its own lake. The camground is huge and there are trails to fallen leaf lake

Saw a bear on the trail in front of us. There have been more and more bear sightings recently. You can see the ground bubbling and steaming at the end

Cool to see. Short easy walk and was not crowded at all. Is a very classic big island stop. Be sure to visit the other spots in the park too

Amazing falls and fun to swim in. The hike here can be very muddy after rain. There are little pools of water around the main pool as well

Popular spot to snorkel on oahu. Gotta watch the video before you are allowed in. The parking lot will close when it fills up

Stopped here on the road to hana. Nice place to stretch your legs. Sand is completely black and there is a nice little beach to explore

Great place to snorkel. Would recommend if on the north shore. Didn't see any sea turtles here, but lots of fish. Would want to come back and free dive here

Great hike near surf. Lots of nice views and not too hard of a hike

There are signs for bees near the waterfall but I never saw any. Moderate hike with fun rocks to climb. Would like to learn to boulder outdoors here

The falls is off of the trail. Cross a road when you hear water and see the signs. If you make it to an uphill rock section you have passed it

Came here to check out the wave. Literally right under the bridge

Surf here in the mornings and hang out on the beach for lunch. Gets very crowded on the beach in summer

Iconic for anyone in the east bay. Popular among high school students and gets very crowded. Avoid the line at the top by going earlier in the morning

Surfed here a lot. Fall is very fun here

Popular surf spot. The beach is very long. Is also a great spot for sunset watching

One of the first hikes I went on. Follow the main road/trail then go down towards the water. We missed the entry to the water but found our way down

Mostly for locals. Wouldn't travel far to do this hike, but it's solid for getting in a workout during the week

Great hike in pinnacles. It's an underrated nation park. Lots of cool rock formation and condors to see

You can see the sutro baths at the start. It was popular on a weekend. Lots of people jogging and listening to music.

Did not run the whole way, but this park is amazing. Lots of stacked rocks along the ocean