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Can be a good spot to learn to surf. Fun spot and good for beach days

Cliff jumping here is worth it. Incredible spot if you have the guts

Iconic stop when in Vancouver. It can get crowded but it's similar to seeing the other landmarks

Easy way to get great views. Don't miss it if you are looking for an easy adventure

Wish we had paddled here. The water is so calm and the lake is beautiful. Would recommend coming back

We went on a tour and got to walk on top of the glacier. Very pretty and an epic adventure for sure.

Would not stop here again. There are other hikes nearby in Henry Cowell that are amazing. Would recommend checking those out instead.

Path down to the beach is pretty steep. Be careful when going down. Really cool beach with tide pools

Road to Hana was not the best thing on Maui but these pools were amazing. Worth the drive

Really cool spot to visit in Oregon. Has amazing scenery. Can get slippery

A standard beach, but is cool cause it has a lighthouse.

Had a couple beach days here. It is dog friendly and great for picnics

Stopped here on the way back from Zion. Nice place to stop and stretch your legs. You can take a little swim too

Took many pictures while on the way to Zion. The desert has many interesting landscapes to see

We've stopped her a bunch of times. It's on the way to the north of Tahoe, truckee area where a lot of campsites are. Nice place to stope to break up a long drive

Have done this in the snow as well. It's a cool hike but can get very crowded.

Very crowded, especially on weekends. Fun hike, but also try going down to the lake where there are less people

Really great place to stop during roadtrips. The lake is beautiful and not as crowded as you would expect. There is a popular hiking trail nearby.

Walked more than ran, but was still beautiful. Also a good place to bike

Great place to ski. It's a pretty big resort and is so much fun

Great trail that follows the river. It's nice to always here the water as you hike

Beautiful spot to camp. It's near the cove so there are great views of the sunset.

Did not realize this lake was mostly for fishing. Hiked around it and had great views.

Starts at the top, goes down to the creek, and you end with a hard uphill. Fun but the end is tough.