Why We Love the Desert

Karissa Frye / Destinations, lifestyle, and travel

While the desert covers more than one fifth of the earth's land, it has always seemed a foreign landscape that I am particularly drawn to. Each time I visit, I cherish it more and more.

Tip of the Tongue: Hike Trolltunga, One of Norway's Most Epic Hikes

Joanne Howard / Destinations, how-to, activities, and travel

Fast Facts 22 km (13.

An Autumn Roam in New Zealand's Fiordland

Crystal Brindle / Destinations, activities, and travel

The pace is slow but the morning is fine.

An Adventure around Iceland's Ring Road - A Short Film

How To Get There Hess / Destinations, activities, and travel

Iceland is absolutely incredible. Its landscapes are unworldly, its people friendly, and it is still vastly unexplored.

5 Lessons for Long-Distance Cycle Touring

Jonathon Reed / How-to, health, activities, and travel

I’m currently bicycling 15,000 km across Canada from the east coast to the Arctic to the west coast.

What It's Like to Spend 5 Weeks in New Zealand

Mel Chen / Destinations and travel

It took a lot of planning. I've never planned so much for a trip than I did for New Zealand. Five weeks is an awkward time period where you almost have enough time to sufficiently visit both islands.

10 Tips For Your Everest Base Camp Trek

Lauren Schusterman / Destinations, how-to, and travel

Everest Base Camp had always been high on my list of to-do's, I dreamt of actually climbing Everest but thought base camp might be a good first step.

Cali Bound: 9 Adventures from our Family Road Trip out West

Nick Garcia / Destinations, lifestyle, family, activities, and travel

Road trips have become our families #1 favorite past time, which is great because over the past 10 months we have been traveling the country while my wife takes different nursing assignments as a tra.

Behind the Lens: "Tamanawas Falls"

Jason Hatfield / How-to and travel

Why did you take this photo? I captured this image in early spring of 2014 at Tamanawas Falls just as the snow was starting to melt around the falls.

A Week in the Beautiful Idaho Pioneer Range

Will McKay / Destinations, activities, and travel

Until this past March, I had never ventured into the state of Idaho. I’d heard rumors of small towns and beautiful sweeping mountains.

11 Photos That Will Make You Want to Hike Channel Islands National Park

Katie Yarborough / Destinations, activities, and travel

If you're like many nature lovers, then you probably have on your bucket list to see all the national parks in the U.S., like I do.

Everything You Need to Know About Backpacking Tour Du Mont Blanc

Katie Yarborough / Destinations, activities, and travel

You're about to start a trek that has one of the most beautiful scenes that can be done in as little as 6-7 days and as many as 11-14 for most backpackers.

Exploring the Great Unknown in New Zealand

sofia aldinio / Family, activities, and travel

It's very easy to get lost in the South West of New Zealand. The lush rain forest, the lack of reception and access to places by car is limited.

Why You Should Wait at the Airport for an Extra 5 Hours

Breanne McNitt / Lifestyle and travel

It was the holiday season and all the airports were teaming with overwhelmed, panicked people running around trying to catch their next flight.

Lugging a Kayak to Alabama's DeSoto Falls Was Totally Worth It

Merritt McKinney / Destinations, how-to, activities, and travel

DeSoto Falls is a massive waterfall in North Alabama. The top of the waterfall is easily accessible with maintained paths and fenced overlooks.

There's Nothing Wrong with Living the Weekend Warrior Lifestyle

Katherine Haveman / Lifestyle and travel

Every college student knows the feeling: you live within a few miles of twenty of your closest friends, sure you can skip a few days of class, and that five hour drive out of town is a well deserved .

See the Best of Death Valley National Park in One Day

Leigh Maneri / Destinations and travel

Getting ready to nix Death Valley from your road trip because you only have one day? Don't! This National Park is well worth seeing even if 15 hours is all you've got.

7 Photos from The Best View in Malibu

Sabastian Lundgren / Destinations, activities, and travel

If I'm being honest with you, Malibu has got to be one of the most spectacular and awe inspiring places I'm lucky enough to call home. You see I grew up here, this is my home.

5 Adventures for One Epic Day in Banff National Park

Alyssa + Hannah ODYSEA / Destinations, activities, and travel

Spring in the Canadian mountains is unlike any other I’ve experienced.

Why I Love California's Northern Coast

Benjamin Canevari / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Backpacker Magazine put out a request for photos of the Sonoma Coast to their photographer call list. I didn't have any extra original photos to give them.

Road Trip Season is Here

John Entwistle / Lifestyle, activities, and travel

Last night I took the first road trip of this summer season. It was only two hours long, and required absolutely no planning, but it was a road trip. Driving has to be one of my favourite activities.

When You Live in Paradise, Why Would You Ever Want to Leave?

Cassie Kawamata / How-to and travel

As someone who has lived on the island of Oahu their whole life, the struggle to find cheap flights, plan trips, and maximize vacation time off work is real.

I Want to Use My Camera as an Instrument for Change: Here's How You Can Be a Part of It

Emily Hlaváč Green / Lifestyle and travel

It was not more than four months ago that I applied with Photographers Without Borders, an NGO set up to support grassroots initiatives by linking them with photographers for assignments in remote lo.

Life at Potrero Chico, Mexico's Awe-Inspiring Rock Climbing Destination

Carter Clark / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Our escapade to far off lands started like so many do: in a foreign customs office being told that we needed to exit the country immediately.