15 Amazing Summer Hikes in Idaho

Visit Idaho / Destinations and activities

With wildflower meadows, refreshing alpine lakes, hot springs, and beautiful vistas it’s easy to find the perfect destination to relax in Idaho this summer.

10 Incredible Coastal Campsites in Washington

Chaco Footwear / Destinations and activities

Is there anything that says summer more than camping on the Washington coast? The Evergreen State is beautiful all year round, but it is next level magical when summer hits.

Why We Love the Desert

Karissa Frye / Destinations, lifestyle, and travel

While the desert covers more than one fifth of the earth's land, it has always seemed a foreign landscape that I am particularly drawn to. Each time I visit, I cherish it more and more.

5 Photos from a Solo Adventure in Escalante, Utah

Leo Xu / Destinations and activities

The first time I only spent maybe half a day to hike Zebra slot canyon in Escalante.

Drones: Changing Old Stereotypes

Matt Van Swol / Destinations and lifestyle

I'm not that great of a photographer, and I'm an even worse videographer, but a couple weeks ago I bought the DJI Mavic Pro and it has completely changed how I approach exploring new places.

Tip of the Tongue: Hike Trolltunga, One of Norway's Most Epic Hikes

Joanne Howard / Destinations, how-to, activities, and travel

Fast Facts 22 km (13.

An Autumn Roam in New Zealand's Fiordland

Crystal Brindle / Destinations, activities, and travel

The pace is slow but the morning is fine.

The 10 Best Hikes in Delaware

Abby Shepard / Destinations and activities

1. Gordons Pond Trail Cape Henlopen State Park Lewes, Delaware This trail is one of my favorite adventures in all of Delaware because it takes you through so many unique ecosystems. In just 3.

An Adventure around Iceland's Ring Road - A Short Film

How To Get There Hess / Destinations, activities, and travel

Iceland is absolutely incredible. Its landscapes are unworldly, its people friendly, and it is still vastly unexplored.

Why Hanging Lake is Worth the Hike

Haley Bissonnette / Destinations

The clouds hung in Glenwood Canyon, like the long branches of weeping willows dangling in the wind. We drove, the rain, rapidly hitting the windshield.

The 10 Best Hikes near Nashville, TN

Katie Yarborough / Destinations and activities

Welcome to Nashville! We are home to some of the greatest musicians, national sports teams, and some good ol' honky tonk bars.

What It's Like to Spend 5 Weeks in New Zealand

Mel Chen / Destinations and travel

It took a lot of planning. I've never planned so much for a trip than I did for New Zealand. Five weeks is an awkward time period where you almost have enough time to sufficiently visit both islands.

White Sands Adventures in the Land of Enchantment

Sage Robinson / Destinations and activities

I've spent a good part of my 30 years on this earth traveling and documenting adventures through a camera lens.

5 Hikes With Stunning Views in Arkansas

Nick Garcia / Destinations and activities

If you are anything like me and my family, you are constantly on the look out for the best scenic views.

10 Tips For Your Everest Base Camp Trek

Lauren Schusterman / Destinations, how-to, and travel

Everest Base Camp had always been high on my list of to-do's, I dreamt of actually climbing Everest but thought base camp might be a good first step.

A Mesmerizing Experience Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park

Mayson Algeyer / Destinations and activities

BACKSTORY I have been hiking and camping for as long as I can remember. The outdoors have always been a part of my life, but one national park has consistently seized my soul whenever I visit.

The 25 Best Hikes in North Carolina

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North Carolina is home to some of the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi and while they may be half the size of some of the peaks out west, they're just as much fun to hike.

These 8 Backpacking Trips in Montana Will Prepare You for Anything

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Montana is one of those places that still feels truly wild. Home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, it’s not exactly a beginner’s backcountry.

6 Great Beach Adventures in North Carolina to Explore This Summer

Robbie O'Donnell / Destinations and activities

When it comes to summer on the east coast, no state can boast to have the most natural and pristine beaches like North Carolina can.

10 Refreshing Swimming Holes in Georgia

Explore Georgia / Destinations and activities

It get's HOT in Georgia over the summer and since we know you aren't one to stay inside and cling to the A/C for 3 months, you better find a way to get outside without overheating.

How to Plan Your Thru-Hike on the John Muir Trail

Austin Trigg / Destinations, how-to, and activities

The John Muir Trail is 211 miles starting from Yosemite Valley and ending on the summit of Mt. Whitney traveling through the Sierra.

Cali Bound: 9 Adventures from our Family Road Trip out West

Nick Garcia / Destinations, lifestyle, family, activities, and travel

Road trips have become our families #1 favorite past time, which is great because over the past 10 months we have been traveling the country while my wife takes different nursing assignments as a tra.

12 Incredible Backpacking Trips in Idaho

Visit Idaho / Destinations and activities

The snow is melting, the days are getting longer, and the mountains of Idaho are calling.

A Week in the Beautiful Idaho Pioneer Range

Will McKay / Destinations, activities, and travel

Until this past March, I had never ventured into the state of Idaho. I’d heard rumors of small towns and beautiful sweeping mountains.