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Added by Tiffany Nguyen

Watching the water rush around the perfectly placed island and crash down the falls just downstream is an experience you'll never forget.

Located in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Sunwapta is a short drive along the Icefields Parkway to the Rocky Mountain Lodge. You can park at the lodge and take a short walk out to the falls. This stunning waterfall lunges about 18.5 meters (60 feet) to the water below.

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🥇Top Contributor

18 days ago

A Must Stop!

If you are driving the Icefields Parkway, this is an easy stop and well worth the time. Absolutely beautiful and an iconic location.

🥈 Contributor

over 3 years ago

Go a little further

When you get there you might see a bridge with a ton of people taking photos, but go a little further. You can get some isolation/different angles if you venture a little past that.


over 3 years ago


This is an easy walk to an amazing view. Definitely worth a stop along the Icefields Parkway. Just be aware that Tiffany is a pro, and it can be dangerous to get to where she is in these photos. The current is strong, and you're very close to the edge. Come in the early morning for some beautiful light.


🥇Top Contributor

over 4 years ago

One of my favourite easy falls to check out in Jasper

It is a super short walk to get to the bridge to check out these falls. They are stunning in spring, winter, summer and fall, just like all of Jasper is! Check it out if you get the chance.


🥇Top Contributor

almost 5 years ago

Depending on snow-melt a summer visit here can yield a muddy-brown falls with too much flow. The water level is usually lower and the color more blue in late summer/early fall.

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