Spelunking in the Golden Dome Cave, Lava Beds National Monument

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What better outing than exploring some underground lava tubes? 

Once you reach the Lava Beds National Monument stop by the visitors center to pay your fees, grab a map, and empty your bladder. From there you will drive your car to each cave entrance.

Golden Dome Cave is the third cave on the cave loop. The entrance is about 25m from where you park. You will enter the cave on a steep ladder. This is one of the moderate level of difficulty caves. In certain areas you will have to lean or crouch to continue exploring.

Inside the cave it is its own ecosystem so please be respectful, don't leave any trash, use it as a bathroom, or damage the cave's structures. 

If you see any bats do not disturb them. They may be hibernating and can die if awakened to often. If you do seem them, leave as quickly and quietly as possible. Also notify a park ranger to they can make sure the bats aren't disturbed any further. At certain times Golden Dome Cave may be closed to protect the bat populations that inhabit it. 

The overall length of the Golden Dome Cave is 679m. It is called Golden Dome for water droplets reflecting on the hydrophobic bacteria that grows on the ceilings. You will see it in other caves as well. The main sections or Golden Dome rooms are down the lava stream in the cave. If you go up stream when you enter the cave you will have to crouch most of the time. Also inside the caves it is relatively cold so wear a jacket and pants. 

So grab bring a friend, go underground, and watch your head.  


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Amazing Experience!

Went with a few friends over the weekend. Golden Dome was one of our stops on cave loop and it happened to be the best one we did. Highly recommend checking it out!

Figure 8 shape deep inside the cave, don't run around in circles!

Again, GREAT pictures! The first time my family and I went in this cave when I was a little kid, we kept going around in circles through the figure 8 structure in the back. The way out looks like a pile of rubble from that side!

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