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It's a fun point break. Can get crowded

Cool place to visit and catch the sunset. My dog would love it. Will bring him next time

Fun spot to paddle. Saw seals when we went

One of my favorite local spots to surf. There is also a little beach to hang out on

A great spot to take photos. Especially beautiful at sunset

Bring a snorkel and a wetsuit. It can get crowded though

Good spot to learn how to surf

One of the best beach breaks. Views are great as well

Hiked this trail to surf. Was fun but was hard to find

A great way to expereince the park, but would recommend going hiking as well! I know some people who only come here for the drive

Fun place to hang out with friends, especially at night. Great for kids as well

Can smell. Would recommend going to Shoreline instead if you want water views and to paddle. It can be beautiful for sunset, but the smell ruins it

Love surfing in central california. Pismo is always fun. Have always wanted to camp here as well

Good place to surf while others can hang out on the beach and take pictures of the rock. It's a popular spot in central california

Oceanside is always fun to visit. It's a consistent wave

Lots of great food nearby. One of my favorite spots to watch the sunset!

Iconic surf spot in California. Very popular for longboarders

Fun lefts and many peaks. Would like to find parking I dont have to pay for

Good for quick runs. I like it for the view. Better than running around the neighborhood.

Paddling here is nice. It's an easy paddle and the houses are nice

Tried to take photos. You can get some cool shots of the LA traffic

This wave is heavy. Make sure you know what you're doing

Nice place to bring a picnic and stay until dark. Not as crowded as HB


This beach is great for beginners. Also enjoyed the town