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Standard hike in the bay area, but one of the better ones in san jose.

Not my favorite hike, but nice view and a great place to quickly hike duing the day

Almost skipped this part of the trail since it is in the opposite direction of the rest of the trail. Lighthouse is cool, and one of the best hikes in tahoe


An amazing place to paddle. Everyone wants to paddle here when they visit tahoe. There are rentals right on the water

Not sure if there is too much light pollution or if the clouds were in the way. Might need more research on when to see the milkway

Did this as a stop while driving back to the bay. It's a fun hike and is scenic

One of my favorite campgrounds. It overlooks emerald bay and has crazy views. Is very popular though

One of the best camping spots! Being by the lake is always amazing

Tried swimming to the falls, but the water is very chilly. Fun camping trip!

Saw a bear cross the trail right in front of us at Lassen. There have been more and more bear sightings. You can get great pics of lassen peak near Lake helen


Fun cliff jumping spot. It can take a while to park, so be prepared

Stop here when visiting the north shore. The north shore has so many great places to stop if you can't get parking at one just head on to another

Going to kaneohe or kailua is a great break from waikiki. This is a great paddle spot. Water is generally very calm

Don't know if I'd call it a hike. Lots of stairs. Super crowded, but a waikiki landmark

It's a famous place for pictures, but don't know if I'd go to SF just for this. It's a nice spot to hang out after getting food

Surfed here many mornings during my summer internship. Fun spot and good for beach days

Thought it was named because of jelly fish but it's just the power plant. Fun snorkel spot although the beach is tiny.

It's good to get out of honolulu and try some other spots. Less crowded than those in honolulu

Great place for paddling, though we just hung out on the beach. Was a nice beach day

It's a beautiful beach with an iconic landmark. I think it can also be seen from the road

Has great lefts. One of the best waves in honolulu.


One of the most popular hikes on oahu. Hike it on my first time to Hawaii and it was amazing

Saw otters and seals. Great place to paddle. Don't get stuck in the kelp though

Hiked here and discovered it's also good for mountain biking. Would love to bike here next time