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We were able to see it from our hotel room but also ventured down to get a photo up close

Love this drive. Coastal views are the best. It's nice that this is close to home and has amazing hikes along the way

Did this on the way to Zion. Rocks are even redder than in Zion. Was a fun (and hot) stop

Did this short hike after visiting the beach father down. Tunnels were cool, but the trail was closed after the 3rd one

Ate on the beach after a paddle session. It was windy on the lake, but not so much on the beach itself

Did this hike with some friends after the rain. Was very muddy but that made it more fun

Great hike with amazing views along the northern california coast. It can get chilly and overcast, but is still beautiful

Super popular beach in Kailua. It's knowsn for it's white sand and clear waters, but if you want to avoid the crowd, try going to kaneohe

This is what we came to Tofino for. Consistent wave and a great place for beach days

Short hike that has beautiful views. Good if you have a slight time crunch

Beautiful place to explore and experience Tofino. Wish we could have camped nearby

Tofino is one of my favorite places. Tide pools were fun to check out and the views are amazing

The trailhead wasnt marked but we found it. Nice easy hike. Cool to see the plane

Cool waterfall and pool. Makes you want to swim but is very cold

Fun spot to surf in Oregon. Good for beginners and learning to surf

Oregon's coast is incredible. This is one of the longest capes in oregon. Worth the stop

Brought some food to the beach and picnicked here with friends. Gets popular during the summer. You can walk to the other side of the rock at low tide

Rocks are amazing. We saw a condor and it was huge. The short cave crawl is also fun

There is a good ice cream shop nearby. Get some ice cream and bring it here during the summer.

Cool spot at the beginning of the lands end hike. Not much to see but has interesting history


Oregon hikes can get very rainy, but views are amazing and is popular hike for students

One of the best city parks. It's an amazing place to run/walk or play frisbee

I don't think you can paddle on the lake, but the walks are nice if you are nearby. Can also bring a quick picnic.

It's not a hike. It's a place to run and get in a quick workout. Very popular