The Best Swimming in Washington

Looking for the best swimming in Washington? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Washington. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top swimming spots in and near Washington

  • Ronald, Washington

    Backpack to Marmot and Jade Lakes

    18 mi
    The road in is passable with basically any vehicle, though there are some potholes to be avoided. Start at the Deception Pass Trailhead near the parking lot. There is a quick and easy 4.5 miles as you pass Hyas Lake, then you start climbing up to the trail junction for Tuck and Robin Lakes and th...
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  • Ashford, Washington

    Hike to Tolmie Peak's Fire Lookout

    7.5 mi / 1100 ft gain
    Mount Rainier is spectacular to look at, but sometimes the best views aren't from on its slopes, but just a little ways away. Tucked in the seldom-visited northwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park, the Tolmie Peak fire lookout frames the mountain's rugged slopes with a pristine alpine lake ...
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  • Granite Falls, Washington

    Hike to Heather Lake

    4.6 mi / 1034 ft gain
    The trail takes you on a gradual climb up to Heather Lake with beautiful second growth to admire along the way. The trail can be very wet and muddy with many tree roots to catch your toes, so make sure to wear a sturdy pair of tennis shoes or hiking shoes.When you reach the lake, the trail splits...
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  • Skykomish, Washington

    Backpack to Tank Lakes

    18 mi / 3400 ft gain
    Tucked high in the heart of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Tank Lakes has everything you could ask for out of a Washington hike. You start low at the Necklace Valley trailhead just south of Skykomish along Highway 2 and meander five miles to a giant log crossing of the East Fork Foss River.From her...
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  • Quincy, Washington

    Hike Ancient Lakes

    4 mi
    All around you, waterfalls pour over cliffs as you gaze upon colorful lakes. If you're lucky, a coyote scampers by through a patch of wildflowers – it's just another beautiful day in the Ancient Lakes basin, a gem tucked along the Columbia River Gorge in Central Washington.From the parking lot, m...
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  • North Bend, Washington

    Backpack to Gem Lake, WA

    10 mi / 4850 ft gain
    This hike shares the trailhead for Snow lake at the Alpental Ski area in Snoqualmie Pass. You'll start out with a great warm up, walking through dense green underbrush and a brief wooded area. Before too long the trail increases in inclination slightly and begins to offer up some small rocky sect...
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  • Woodland, Washington

    Explore the Cedar Grist Mill

    After parking in the lot near the mill, walk across the bridge. This is the first good viewpoint for photography. Next, I recommend walking under the bridge, this is my favorite spot for taking photos. The whole area is free to walk around, you can even walk in the mill and then walk up stream do...
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  • Amboy, Washington

    Backpack the Siouxon Trail

    12 mi / 500 ft gain
    When you park at the top of the trail, all you see is layers and layers of emerald trees and ground clear of any underbrush.Once on the trail, you start on a rapid decline that brings you to the first of the many streams along this hike. Cross the bridge made out of logs and head towards the main...
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  • Tumtum, Washington

    Cliff Jump and Swim at 'The Cove'

    With activities for everyone, The Cove at Long Lake is the perfect spot to go on a summer day!If you are driving from downtown Spokane, drive towards Nine Mile Falls. Before entering Nine Mile Falls you will come to a dam. At the dam take a left over the bridge. Continue through the little town o...
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  • Bellingham, Washington

    Hangout at Pixie Falls

    Pixie Falls can be accessed during any season; however it’s most enjoyable during the spring and summer months. This waterfall and swimming hole combo is the perfect way to escape the heat and the crowds. On any given day, there will typically be less than 10 people who access the falls. Pixie is...
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  • Mason County, Washington

    Backpack to Upper Lena Lake

    14 mi / 3900 ft gain
    The hike to Upper Lena Lake is a beautiful one. It first takes you past Lena Lake, which is a very popular weekend destination for families. Luckily you're pushing on to Upper Lena Lake that sits in a peaceful alpine meadow with Mt. Lena and Mt. Bretherton towering above.The first part of the tra...
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  • Packwood, Washington

    Backpack to Snow Lake

    2.6 mi
    Snow Lake is a beautiful lake in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. You can do the 2.6 mile roundtrip hike to the lake as either a day trip or as a backcountry camp. To camp at one of the two sites on the lake you must secure a permit from the permit office at Longmire.The hike to the sit...
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  • Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

    Backpack to Spectacle Lake

    20 mi / 1760 ft gain
    Depending on when you arrive at the Pete Lake Trailhead, expect to be traveling with company as it is one of the more popular locations on the eastside of Snoqualmie Pass. At an elevation of 2600 feet, the beginning route is a moderate 400 feet of elevation gain.Start on your way through the vall...
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  • Forks, Washington

    Backpack Along Rialto Beach

    2 mi / 0 ft gain
    Before you start this hike, you'll need to pick up a permit at the Wilderness Information Center in Port Angeles, WA - (360) 565-3100. The trail itself starts at Rialto Beach, which is at the end of Mora Road in La Push. There's a large parking lot for overnight campers so there shouldn't be any ...
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  • Concrete, Washington

    Backpack Anderson and Watson Lake

    4 mi / 1100 ft gain
    The drive up was easy, but at the end it gets a little tricky - the service road is sharp gravel and runs for about 10 miles to the trailhead. Some spots are steep and there are large potholes, but slow and steady wins the race. There's a lot of viewpoints on the way up as well, so make sure to s...
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  • Deming, Washington

    Hike to Racehorse Falls

    Racehorse Creek is broken up into four distinct waterfalls that drop a total of 140ft through a relatively shallow gorge. The first two waterfalls are punchbowl-type falls that have deep holes at their bases. Immediately below the second waterfall, the creek descends rapidly before it arrives at...
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