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The Best Kiteboarding in California

Looking for the best kiteboarding in California? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around California. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top kiteboarding spots in and near California

  • Morro Bay, California

    Explore The Rock at Morro Bay

    Morro Bay is located west about 13 miles of San Luis Obispo. Typically Pismo Beach and San Luis are the go to spots when traveling to that area, but after spending the day there I would highly recommend giving it a visit!The first thing you'll see when pulling into downtown Morro Bay is the massi...
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  • Emma Wood State Beach, California

    Surf Emma Wood State Beach

    Park your car along the famous Pacific Coast Highway and watch the waves roll in. Go out surfing, kiteboarding, swimming, or kayaking. Emma Wood State Beach is a fairly exposed beach and reef break that has reliable surf. Summer offers the most-favored conditions for surfing.  Both breaks get cro...
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  • Ventura, California

    Surf Ventura Point

    Surfer’s Point, off Figueroa Street, includes one of California’s premier surfing and windsurfing spots. A landscaped promenade and the Omer Rains Bike Trail connect this sandy beach to the Ventura Pier. Promenade Park, next to the beach commemorates the site of an ancient Chumash village. Beach ...
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  • Ventura, California

    Kiteboard Surfer's Point

    Surfer's Point aka Ventura Point is a well-known kite boarding/surfing (and surfing) spot due to its (when conditions are right) great wave quality, favorable wind direction (sideshore with occasional side-off), friendly locals, rider capacity, and a nearby point break with. When conditions are e...
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  • Davenport, California

    Kitesurf Waddell Beach

    Just north of Santa Cruz at the far west end of Big Basin State Park, Waddell Beach offers one of California's top spots for kiteboarding.  Each spring and summer, you'll find consistent northwesterly afternoon sea breezes.  With the added bonus of consistent waves from wind and ground swell, Wad...
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