Photograph Sunrise at Pinnacles Provincial Park

1.2 Miles Round Trip - Out-and-Back Trail

Pinnacles Provincial Park - Search Nearby - Added by Kaila Walton

A short walk to some steep cliffs and 12 million year old hoodoos.

Located just west of Quesnel, Pinnacles Provincial Park is a great place to go for a short walk to a beautiful viewpoint. Park at the entrance of the park and follow the path towards the view points. The park overlooks Baker Creek and the town of Quesnel. 

Excerpt from BC Parks site: "Pinnacles Provincial Park protects a very unique formation of hoodoos. These hoodoos began their formation 12 million years ago, when molten lava flowing over the earth’s surface cooled in flat basalt layers over older layers of ash and rock. The Ice Age followed, and when the ice mass receded, melt-water streams eroded the valley below Pinnacles Park. The hoodoos are formed from the effects of this natural erosion and weathering. The basalt is eroded away, revealing the more resistant ash layer, and often producing vivid bands of color as individual basalt layers are removed."

The 12 million year old hoodoos at Pinnacles Provincial park are very fragile, so do not climb on them and obey all posted signs in the park.


Easy Parking
Family Friendly


1.2 Miles
Out-and-Back Trail

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Nice Walk

It's a great place for Locals to go for a trail run or watch the sun rise, but I wouldn't recommend driving from out of town specifically to come see these pinnacles. The view is beautiful, and it's a great walk.