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    No longer in the shadow of war, Vietnam has become a fast growing and vibrant travel destination. With over 3,300km of coastline stretching from the South China Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, there are dozens of diverse landscapes not found elsewhere in Indochina. From protected coral ringed islands, to ancient stepped rice terraces, to deep within the world's largest cave passage, this tropical Asian nation has an adventure for everyone.

    Top Spots in and near Vietnam

    • QL 4D, Lào Cai, Vietnam, Vietnam

      Mt. Fansipan

      17.4 mi / 6561.7 ft gain
      If you like mountains and challenging hikes, then this is a must-do while in Sapa. Most tourists will opt for the 2 day tour, with one night spent on the mountain (there is a 3 day tour, but that seems completely unnecessary). However, for someone in relatively good shape, a 1 day hike is totally...
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    • tp. Nha Trang, Vietnam

      Vietnam's 4 Islands Boat Tour

      If you're staying in Nha Trang, you can book the 4 islands tour from any hostel or travel agency on the street for around $8-10 USD.The tour starts at 8:30 am with a pickup from your hostel, and then heads to the docks. You'll head out to the islands with your first stop at an island for some swi...
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    • 1, Vietnam

      See Saigon From Above via the Bitexco Tower

      Bitexco Financial Tower is the tallest building in Saigon, and the Skydeck provides stunning views in every direction.It'll cost you $10 USD to go to the top, but the perspective on this sprawling city is worth it.
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    • tt. Sa Pa, Vietnam

      Watch the Sunset from Ham Rong Mountain

      This relatively short hike up Ham Rong starts from the city center. You'll have to pay about 70,000 VND ($3.25) for access to the mountain park, but it's worth doing it once while you're in Sapa. The path winds past many shops and park-like areas. It feels a bit manufactured, almost like Disneyl...
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    • Hòa Hải, Vietnam

      Explore the Marble Mountains

      1.9 mi / 328.1 ft gain
      Located only a few minutes south of Danang stands 5 solid stone mountains that jut out of the coastal landscape. Surrounded by vendors and covered in shrines, these sacred hills each represent one of the elements and are filled with endless discoveries.Head down Lê Văn Hiến road from Danang or ta...
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    • Thành phố Hạ Long, Vietnam

      Hike Bai Tho (Poem) Mountain

      3 mi
      This is one of the coolest, most scenic hikes I’ve ever done, up this gorgeous mountain through someone’s backyard, rocky slippery terrain, trees, shrubbery and barbed wire fence climbing.  It's not for your beginning hiker and you should be in pretty decent shape. This place is called Poem Mount...
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    • Côn Đảo, Vietnam

      Hike to Thác Hoài Dương Waterfall

      3.1 mi / 492.1 ft gain
      Take Võ Thị Sáu street north out of Côn Đảo for about 1 kilometer past the old park office on the left. The road will split to the right and fade to the left here. Continue on the left fork which is now Huỳnh Thúc Kháng street for about 50 meters. The road will split off to the right twice with a...
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    • Côn Đảo, Vietnam

      Explore the Hidden Lagoon at Đầm Trầu Beach

      0.6 mi / 32.8 ft gain
      There are only a handful of beaches in Vietnam worth visiting as most are found on the edges of river deltas and steeped in mud. Out of the two tropical islands that offer sandy beaches, Côn Sơn Island is undeveloped and mostly a national park. If timed just right you can spend a few hours or an ...
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    • tt. Mai Châu, Vietnam

      Hike to Chieu Cave in Mai Chau

      0.9 mi / 1200 ft gain
      The town of Mai Chau is in the Hòa Banh Province of Vietnam, about 3 hours outside of the capital, Hanoi. Everyone in town can point you in the direction of the cave. Finding directions online beforehand would be less helpful since the roads don't have great signage. But when pointed in the right...
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    • Côn Đảo, Vietnam

      Swim at Bãi Nhát Beach

      No visit to Côn Sơn Island is complete without watching a sunset behind the incredible cliffs of Little Côn Lôn Island. The best place to watch this go down is from a calm stretch of white sand called Bãi Nhát Beach.From town, head out along the coastal road south towards the end of the island an...
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    • tp. Vũng Tàu, Vietnam

      Hike to Christ the King

      This 777 step trek to the gigantic Christ the King statue (118 ft tall, 60 ft wide) will truly transform you into a StairMaster – but with a far better view than you'll find at the gym. Stairs lead up through the statue, itself, offering beautiful views of the city. Vung Tau is a beach resort abo...
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