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Stunning 360 degree view of Vung Tau, a beautiful beach town. See Asia’s version of Christ the Redeemer Statue

This 777 step trek to the gigantic Christ the King statue (118 ft tall, 60 ft wide) will truly transform you into a StairMaster – but with a far better view than you'll find at the gym. Stairs lead up through the statue, itself, offering beautiful views of the city.

Vung Tau is a beach resort about 2.5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. Take a bus from the Backpacker's district (about $7 USD) to get to this charming fishing village.

Once you arrive at the foot of the statue, it is another 177 steps up a narrow, windy staircase to the top. The statue is treated as a church, which means you must abide to a dress code – no shorts, tank tops, or shoes inside the statue, so dress accordingly!

To avoid crowds, make sure to visit in the very early morning, or late afternoon, and also plan for clear days in order to get the best view. Finally, be aware that these stairs are made for small-sized feet.

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