Hike to Chieu Cave in Mai Chau

0.9 Miles Round Trip - 1200 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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A steep, really nice hike to a neat stalactite cave just out of the town of Mai Chau.

The town of Mai Chau is in the Hòa Banh Province of Vietnam, about 3 hours outside of the capital, Hanoi. Everyone in town can point you in the direction of the cave. Finding directions online beforehand would be less helpful since the roads don't have great signage. But when pointed in the right direction, you can find your way to the trailhead no more than 300m from the main road in town. The ascent to the Chieu Cave is almost entirely lined with concrete steps. There are a more than 1,000 stairs, but the climb up is not difficult. 

Once at the top, there is a large cave entrance, 10 meters across, slightly covered by an impressive Xa Pung tree. Once inside the cool floors, the caves paths naturally split between the stalactite forest. With many different nooks to crawl and climb around to, the varying shapes, textures, and colors are all impressive. One of the more impressive features is a "tree" that was made from water droplets dripping from ceiling. From millions of years, this tree-like structure has formed, showing off the history inside these walls.

As you wander around, you will find a set of steps towards the back that opens up into a whole other room. Things get much darker back here, with vast openings beneath you. 

After wandering the cave, on the hike back down you will have full view of the town of Mai Chau, a great spot to wander the colorful streets, find out of this world food at local markets, or take bikes into the rolling hills of rice fields.

Great hike and a must do if you're in the area.


Dog Friendly
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0.9 Miles
1200 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail


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