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  • Tt Sa Pa
  • tt. Sa Pa, Vietnam

    Top Spots in and near tt. Sa Pa

    • tt. Sa Pa, Vietnam

      Watch the Sunset from Ham Rong Mountain

      This relatively short hike up Ham Rong starts from the city center. You'll have to pay about 70,000 VND ($3.25) for access to the mountain park, but it's worth doing it once while you're in Sapa. The path winds past many shops and park-like areas. It feels a bit manufactured, almost like Disneyl...
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    • QL 4D, Lào Cai, Vietnam, Vietnam

      Mt. Fansipan

      17.4 mi / 6561.7 ft gain
      If you like mountains and challenging hikes, then this is a must-do while in Sapa. Most tourists will opt for the 2 day tour, with one night spent on the mountain (there is a 3 day tour, but that seems completely unnecessary). However, for someone in relatively good shape, a 1 day hike is totally...
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