Hòa Hải, Vietnam

Explore the Marble Mountains

1.9 Miles Total - 328.1 ft gain - Loop Trail

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Explore unique stone marble mountains and their caves that have been made sacred by hundreds of Hindu and Buddhist shrines.

Located only a few minutes south of Danang stands 5 solid stone mountains that jut out of the coastal landscape. Surrounded by vendors and covered in shrines, these sacred hills each represent one of the elements and are filled with endless discoveries.

Head down Lê Văn Hiến road from Danang or take the coastal highway about 9 kilometers south. Huyền Trân Công Chúa road connects them both and is where the ticket booths for the various entrances into the mountains can be found. You can choose to hike up and hike back, take an elevator, or enter the caves. The cost to do everything is around $7 a person. Please dress appropriately within the shrines and temples. The caves do not connect to the top, so don't be surprised after climbing dozens of meters up from the belly on slippery stairs that seem to be more of a ladder, to find a scenic dead-end.

The caves are surprisingly warm thanks to being above ground in the mountain. Following the routes on a map seemed to be less helpful than just exploring them by wandering. Each shrine has a specific meaning and most are split between demons and buddhas. The trail up to the main mountain is on the eastern side. It leads up about 40 meters of stairs to a main pagoda before splitting off around the mountain. If you head to the left up and around behind the pagoda temple, the path will lead through a series of rock archways toward a temple complex. The theraveda monks here chant through out the day to the beat of a drum or gong. There are many little side trails that climb up to higher vista points. Give yourself 3 hours to see everything here.

Anh Tuyet Restaurant is on the way back out toward the coastal road. It's a great spot to grab wifi, a tall white coffee, or a cold beer with a bite before heading back to Danang.

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