Nestled at the base of Mount Humphrey's, Flagstaff offers that ski town feel in Northern Arizona. It's a perfect escape from the desert on those hot summer days, or a bustling winter sport get away during those colder months. One visit to Flagstaff and your preconcieved notion that Arizona is just a desert will quickly be wiped away.

Popular Activities


Top Adventures near Flagstaff


Frisbee Golf at McPherson's

18 Saves

Hike the Soldier's Trail

23 Saves

Hike Fatman's Loop

203 Saves

Hike and Camp at Arizona's A1 Mountain

207 Saves

Bike along the San Francisco Peaks on Waterline Road

132 Saves

Camp at Red Rock

538 Saves

Hike the Two-Spot Loop Trail

13 Saves

Hike the Island Trail, Walnut Canyon

58 Saves

Camp at Marshall Lake

230 Saves

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